Once the app and startup economy was geared entirely towards providing service and products to people that needed it. Now, the culture has shifted towards startups that cater to the immediate demands of people. As of now, the 10 biggest on-demand startups in USA are:

Smart Wearables

The industry seems to have fallen in love with smart wearables and simply cannot get enough of them. There are new models coming out each week, with brand new features. Fitbit, Jawbone and Misfit are leading the march.

Business To Consumer Delivery

For those that wish to purchase goods directly from the manufacturer, these startups are focused on cutting out the middleman.

Smart Home Apps

There’s nothing better than a connected home and these apps will ensure that you get it sooner than later.


Whether it’s hailing a cab or just a ride, these startups are working hard to provide people with the best transportation options. Uber and Lyft are currently at the forefront.

Food Delivery

Delivery of restaurant orders can be quite infuriating. With the rise of on demand startups, this will become a much simpler task. Try out GrubHub and Seamless!

Cooking Aids

Delivery of semi-cooked or cooking ingredients has become one of the 10 biggest on demand startups in USA. People no longer have time to cook and they will lap up anything that makes it simpler. Blue Apron and Plated are especially popular.

Online Service Bookings

If you need a service and can’t afford to call or show up to book, these on demand startups will take care of you. Soon, people will be able to book just about any service to happen in their homes, with apps such as Pando and Zimmer.


No matter where the startup industry heads, the retail sector will not be far behind. Right from immediate clothes shopping to next day delivery, it is available like Doorman and Shyp.

Home Shares

haring your room or putting it on both short term and long-term rent is the millenial’s investment. Startups are catering to this need and creating different home share apps. AirBnB is the best known startup in this area.

Virtual Reality

Last of the 10 biggest on demand startups in USA, VR is set to take over the world as we know it. Samsung and Google are marching ahead, proving VR headsets to many.