10 Project Management Hacks to Raise Productivity

Project managers always strive for productivity, which is connected with the effectiveness and efficiency of the system. It means the business is producing expected results and being efficient in providing the best possible way to manage business productivity without wasting time and energy.

The project managers’ roles and responsibilities are to produce the intended results using efficient methods. Project managers are expected to manage team resources and progress and know how to use project management tools to provide useful results. Here are project management hacks to increase the productivity of the overall business.

1. Hire the Right People

A professional and talented team is required to manage business tasks. Various factors are responsible for making a project successful that includes selecting the right employees, and utilizing optimal management skills. It is the responsibility to choose the best people to run your business smoothly.

According to the 2017 PMI report, top companies keep their team members on the highest priority. Hiring top-notch staff and encouraging training can lead to a collaborative and productive work environment. Without a good team, it would be difficult to run and deliver a project efficiently as inefficient members can cost your project time, money, and effort.

When hiring your team members, make sure you are fully aware of their qualifications, potentials, and weaknesses to verify and assess whether they are the right fit for the position in your organization.

2. Give Priority to Your Preferences:

When making a to-do list, start from the important tasks as they should not be delayed or missed at any cost. Most of the people prefer to start with easy or less critical tasks. To avoid losing any critical function, start your work with the essential and urgent tasks.

3. Arrange Useful Meetings:

It is the responsibility of a project manager to keep everyone updated regarding the project’s progress and troubleshoot issues. Conferences are a great way to round up everyone to brainstorm on a solution, but only set and attend meetings that are important and short.

Make sure that you set the appointment for an important task. Use you and your’s team valuable time to discuss the vital topic. During the meeting, ensure that everyone arrives on time and keep the discussion short and precise. At the same time, engage everyone in the conference.

4. Use Digital Project Management Tools to Get an Advantage:

It is vital for project managers to use tools effectively and efficiently. You can share and track progress within your team. New project management tools keep on introducing that bring efficiency and boost business productivity.

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5. Communicate Efficiently

The project manager should communicate with the team members and relevant staff to move forward. It is essential to understand the communication to achieve the right goals fully. Highly productive managers send a detailed email to communicate with the relevant staff in details efficiently. They focus on precise information and effective email writing.

6. Manage Work Effectively:

In a PMI report, 32% of the business owners consider leadership and technical skills as a high priority. It is essential for the project managers to make full use of your time to manage work efficiently, booking meetings, and scheduling interviews. Some project managers oversee the main tasks only ignoring the small responsibilities which can pile up and take too much time.

By managing tasks efficiently and assigning the right tasks to the right team members, you can:

  • Utilize your time efficiently
  • Prioritize the important tasks
  • Ensuring quality in completing the tasks

As long as project managers assign tasks to the right team members, they do not have to worry about it.

7. Write down a distraction list:

Noisy work environment, colleagues, and social media can distract your work. It is the part of the technique to make a distraction list. It is just as simple as checking your email. Whenever an opinion occurs, write down your ideas and look at them after you have completed your essential tasks.

8. Always keep track of numbers

Keeping the record of your project’s overall progress is essential to keep track of all business progress. Therefore, business managers should keep track of numbers. It allows you to readily send data when a client asks for specifics about the project.

Below are the few factors that can affect your project:

  • Budget spent so far
  • Time reports
  • Number of tasks left
  • Team velocity
  • Holidays, leaves, and resourcing until project launch

Managing time and budget reports are crucial to identifying and communicating issues as well as updating the project’s progress to the client. Moreover, team efficiency and velocity of work and task progress allow project managers to find problems that need to be considered.

Check the factors affecting the business, trends, and issues. It also lets you double-check the information that further eliminates the risks involved in it. After the project is finished, give a review to the data to see what went wrong on this project to avoid repeating these mistakes in your next project.

9. Don’t underestimate your time:

Sometimes, even after well-planned and organized management, there are some unforeseen that can ruin or pause your project.Highly productive individuals know about the planning misconception. It is when people underestimate the time to finish a task. People often forget to consider outside factors when estimating a job.

If you think a task may take one hour of work, it can prolong to four hours if you have not considered other factors like an urgent meeting, or any other. Considering breaks and emergency plans can help project managers adapt to situations and solve problems as they arise.

10. Take short breaks:

According to the Tony Schwartz research, founder of The Energy Project, humans naturally get physiological fatigue after full focus and energy and need to take a break after every 90 minutes. Our body sends signals, but we usually overcome it by drinking coffee, energy drinks, etc. until we don’t have energy left which is not a good sign.

The Draugiem Group in Latvia determined with the help of time tracking software that the most productive employees worked less than others and took more breaks. Productive individuals worked an average of 52 minutes and had breaks of 17 minutes long.

Nobody, not even the most productive person in the world can work for 8 hours. Learn to take short breaks. It is one of the project management hacks that is good for your brain, body, and mood. Set scheduled short and long breaks as they will keep your mind fresh throughout the day.