4 Best Trending Business Mobile Apps You Need to Pay Attention Now

Mobility is affecting businesses over a large extent. Today, Apps have become the critical interface platform to interact and perform every business function that might include employee management, data management, customer management, and business management. Many companies are using mobile enterprise apps to perform various tasks and enhance productivity. The purpose is to involve effectively with employees, customers, and partners, which is successfully achieving with mobile apps.

The Global Enterprise Mobility Market is inclined to reach 2.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. Four new trends currently drive the surging demand for Enterprise Mobile App.

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Blockchain

Preparing the workforce, marketing services, customer communications, and day-to-day business processes have become much more exciting and more comfortable with these latest trends.

Over the last two years, mobile app development platforms have increased front- and back-end capabilities for user-friendliness, and innovative services in the cloud.

The next step in mobile app development is a part of unique digital transformation goals for improved and enhanced mobile apps

Benefits of Mobile Apps with these 4 Trends:

  • Has the potential to launch a new source of growth
  • Manage every task with flexibility and scalability
  • Enable every task with real-time processing
  • Drives Productivity
  • Enables businesses to put intelligence, location, and even analytics directly into mobile business
  • Allows mobilization of business-critical processes
  • Drives personalization
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Reduces cost
  • Drives speed and precision
  • Master complex enterprise challenges
  • Blockchain makes it more safe and trustworthy

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence or AI is getting a lot of recognition in recent days. It is a machine capability that can interpret behaviors effectively, diffuse reform, expand workflows and automate efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence has broad applications, but in connection to mobile, AI can be a helpful, a sensor and a guide to the users. Today, mobile apps are using AI to improve user satisfaction significantly. Companies are encouraging artificial intelligence powered control.

Google newly announced Duplex, new power to Google Assistant. Duplex is artificial intelligence progress that allows users to communicate with technology more efficiently. It brings remarkable improvement in users’ experience. Artificial intelligence is arranging new possibilities with mobile apps, especially for businesses.

Machine Learning:

Machine learning can boost beyond a broader spectrum of business processes. Its growth is transforming up several industries.

Uber, the taxi hiring service app uses machine learning for quick ride management. It gives expected time of arrival, estimated cost, and other real-time features with the help of machine learning.

AR & VR:

AR stands for Augmented Reality while VR stands for Virtual Reality. These can support many applications in a range of industries.

Organizations need to provide multi-tasking features in real-time to be more productive. This requires employees to carry out workflows without any interference. By combining both the real world and the digital world, Augmented Reality models, technological innovation can bring remarkable changes to human interaction with machines and devices.

AR & VR deliver considerable advantages to the businesses.

  • It enables enterprises to carry out a hands-free workflow.
  • It eliminates complexity
  • It Improves outcomes
  • AR is an innovation in technology that perceives data based on a user’s real-world activities.
  • It boosts sales opportunities
  • It allows cross-geographic collaboration
  • It streamlines the work process

Mobile app developers in growing technology enterprises are developing new VR mobile apps that can offer smooth and efficient enterprise operations and boost business operations.


The blockchain is the latest among all of the trends listed in this article. Companies are finding blockchain technology for its possible benefits in day-to-day business operations that include retail, finance, insurance, automobiles business and more.

Transparency and security are the significant benefits of this technology.
Blockchain technology uses in an Enterprise Ecosystem:

  • It allows decentralized communication
  • It helps in authenticating Identity
  • It enables transparent workflow
  • It allows efficient supply chain management


  • It allows management of account easily
  • It sends, buys or exchanges currencies instantly
  • It keeps data secure
  • It enables multiple level authentications before every transaction
  • The app creates a cryptographic random number called “Seed” which acts as a private key used to sign every purchase.
  • There is no association of banks or other financial authorities
  • It allows real-time synchronization

    Blockchain Enhances Supply Chain Management:

    One of the critical challenges that majority of the businesses face today is the management of supply chain.

    Tracking freight, handling payment, place tracking, picking and delivery, and inventory management are some of the functions that can be managed well with the Blockchain technology.

    OpenXcell is a new app based on Blockchain, which allows transactions quickly. The app handles all issues in retail supply chain management quickly. Mobile applications are the best force to conduct any business today. Majority of the organizations are providing this power by incorporating mobile enterprise applications into their business necessities.

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