4 Reasons to Prefer Dedicated Developers over Freelancers

If you are someone in need of hiring remote mobile app developers but are not well-versed in what kind of developer suits which type of project, then you have come to the right place; this blog post will map out the differences between freelancers and dedicated developers and tell you which one best suits
your project. But, before we dive into that, let’s talk about your project first.
You should have detailed knowledge about your project before hiring any developers whether they are
freelancers or dedicated developers. Is your project short-term or long-term? Is your project high
complexity and on various platforms or is it low complexity? Will you need further technical assistance
after the project is complete or will you not? These are just some of the questions that you need to
answer before making any decisions on developers.
Now, let’s talk about freelancers and dedicated developers and what they do:
Dedicated Developers are ordinarily full-time employees at a software company where they are paid
either by the hour or a salary at the end of the month. The company decides which developer works on
which project based on the client’s requirements, and the developer’s skills and expertise. A great perk
for you is that the company already vets the developer(s) so you can rest assured that you are acquiring
the services of highly professional and skilled developers who will dedicate their time solely to your
project at a competitive price.
Freelancers may be working on numerous different projects for multiple different clients at any given
time and will not be able to give your project their full undivided attention. Freelancers are not
professionals and are mostly just doing it to make some quick money. Despite that, remember to always
vet them beforehand by checking their rating and reviews if you are considering hiring a freelancer
because more often than not a lot of them may be lying about their skills and are a liability to the
Now, that we have provided a bit of an overview of what the two types of developers are and how they
do what they do, let’s dive deep into their differences and which one will ultimately be suitable for your

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When hiring, you need to know what kind of specific skills the developer who will be working on your
project needs. When considering freelancers, you need to do a complete check of whether or not the
freelancer possesses the expertise and skills required to work with you. However, if you opt for
dedicated developers, we at MobInspire will select the ideal developer(s) with the skills and experience
your project needs. Moreover, you can also interview the developer(s) if you so, please.
Furthermore, unlike most freelancers, dedicated developers exhibit high levels of professionalism within
their code. You can also rest assured that dedicated developer(s) write original code which has not been
plagiarized from an external source(s); this is an ongoing concern with freelancers with whom you can
never be sure if the work is original or not.


Freelancers generally work on multiple projects for multiple clients at any given time; adding your
project on top of all that may get chaotic for the freelancer which, in turn, can put all the freelancer’s
pending project’s quality at risk. If you want a freelancer’s full dedication, you may want to discuss their
availability with them, but usually, they never commit to a single project unless the pay is high enough
to hire an actual professional dedicated developer. Our dedicated developer(s), however, represent our
best interests which are to provide you with high-quality software, make a strong portfolio and have you
as a long-term client. None of those would be possible if the developer(s) does not fully commit to your

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At MobInspire, protecting your intellectual property’s confidentiality is of utmost importance. As such,
we take strict security measures and sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure that your data remains
secure on our end. However, with freelancers, you can never be sure whether they will respect your
data’s security or not.
It is common for freelancers to quit in the middle of the project with no replacements, which can set
your project back. Furthermore, most freelancers outsource the task you have assigned them to another
freelancer for an even cheaper rate and still take his/her commission from you. The issue here is that
this is a complete breach of trust and you will be entirely in the dark about this whole situation seeing as
how you have no idea about the secondary freelancer. Moreover, when a freelancer outsources his/her
assigned task to another cheaper freelancer, it is a guarantee that the quality of the work is completely
However, if the particular developer(s) we have assigned to you cannot continue with your project for
any specific reason (health issues, etc.), then we will provide a replacement with a similar skill set so that
your project does not face any setbacks and there are no quality compromises.


We charge per resource (in this case developer) per month, and given all the advantages that dedicated
developers bring to the table, the charges are fair. Freelancers, in contrast, tend to charge less, but with
all the risks that come with hiring a freelancer, the trade-off is not exactly something one would call a
fair trade.


As you can see, there are numerous differences between freelancers and dedicated developers, and
overall, dedicated developers offer the better package. Ultimately, the decision rests on how much
budget you have, so if you have a reasonable budget, then opting for the dedicated developer(s) would
be the wisest decision.