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8 Sustainable and Low Investment Startup ideas for 2019

The maturing digital technologies and industrial experiences are bringing down the rate of startup failure. One significant factor which contributes to success is the selection and execution of an appropriate idea.

Mob Inspire experts have compiled the following list of startup ideas for 2019 based on consumer needs and industrial capabilities.

1. Mini Drones for Delivery

The commercialization of mini-drones is not limited to photography and video-making anymore. These flying objects are also making their mark in entertainment and logistics industry.

Although very small number of companies is using drones for on-demand delivery, yet the number is likely to increase significantly. The fact which makes drones a successful medium for delivery is its cost of operations.

Flirtey is one of the few companies which employ drones for the purpose in Nevada. These services are thriving in urban as well as rural regions because of traffic congestion and long distances respectively.

Companies can create a comprehensive drone delivery management system with mobile apps and centralized admin panel.

2. Bike Taxi Apps

Vehicle traffic mess is a uniform challenge in every metropolitan of the world. Autonomous vehicles are slowly replacing the traditional ones which will reduce congestion.

However, self-driving cars will take a couple of DECADES more to solve traffic problems due to regulatory and technological challenges.

Bike Taxi will continue to be one of the top startup ideas for 2019 due to high demand from consumers. The business is cost-effective and sustainable for at least a decade in developed world. Despite the emergence of many startups, there is a considerable shortfall of bike taxi in the US and Western Europe.

3. Waste Management and Recycling

Waste recycling is one of those business ideas which can attract sizable funding from governments as well as private capitalists. The advent of smartphones and high-speed internet enables companies to ensure quick and effective waste collection.

An app for waste management should guide the drivers with various picking points. The companies can save operational costs by integrating route optimization software.

Moreover, the technology also allows the owners to monitor the recycling process and estimate efficacy. Interactive dashboards can visualize data about the percentage volume collected and recycled. The supporting IoT devices can perform a range of tasks and share the results on a smartphone app.

4. E-Commerce marketplace

The attraction for e-commerce is rapidly increasing due to a remarkable drop in home delivery costs. Business owners have less to care about because smart management systems are doing a decent job.

There are multiple business models for e-commerce. However, marketplace platform is one of the best tech startup ideas for 2019 for its impressive ROI. Marketplace websites have the capability to draw traffic quicker than other models. This C2C platform needs only an initial push to make it self-perpetual.

Nevertheless, subscription and retail e-commerce models are also significant if entrepreneurs are able to invest in store replenishing.

5. On-demand healthcare apps

On-demand startups have been slowly penetrating in healthcare systems for the past few years. However, the healthcare industry is likely to witness exponential growth in 2019 and beyond. This expectation follows from the fact that many startups are now earning a substantial amount.

Healthcare apps are successful because traditional doctor’s clinics charge highly to cover the renting costs. Besides, it is easier for patients to seek medical services at home instead of traveling to healthcare center.

There are multiple variants of healthcare apps including on-demand ambulance, doctor, and telemedicine. The selection rests upon you.

6. App for Cleaning and Repairing Services

Home and workplace owners want cleaning and repair services without moving out of their comfort zones. Therefore, facilitating them with the mobile app is a huge relief for them.

Like healthcare, home services can have multiple variants. Apart from cleaning and repairing facilities, laundry and lawn services are also gaining traction. An app may offer each or a number of these variants.

At-home babysitting service is also one of the unexplored yet impressive startup business ideas for 2019. Such a service is gaining public interest because families can save a considerable amount of time by having someone look after minors in families.

Research indicates that on-demand consumers pay 15% more on average relative to charges of traditional services. However, on-demand services are cost-effective when viewed as a way of saving time.

7. Remote Tutoring and Mentorship App

Tutoring apps are around for quite some time now. However, those traditional apps do not address each student individually. Instead, most of them broadcast videos and documents.

The trend of home tutor is gaining attraction for years. But home tutorship is inconvenient for teachers due to excessive time and cost consumption in traveling. The physical presence of tutor at home also irks family members.

On-demand tutorship is an appropriate alternative for traditional in-person meeting. Consumers can also access the services of a mentor and physical fitness trainer.

8. Stylists and Beautician at home

Accessing services at-home is not the only reason for beauty on-demand businesses. Top stylists from various companies are turning toward on-demand jobs. The primary reason is the fact that accepting at-home services ensures higher income without charging customers excessively.

The service providers can expand this business model by including massage therapists. The employees have the leverage of attaining flexible working hours.

Although there are many success stories, yet Soothe can serve as a role model for best startup ideas in 2019.

Over to You!

Now that you know about the small investment business ideas, it is time to act. Many aspirants fail to capitalize on an idea in fear of wasting the investment. Fortunately, contemporary technologies allow us to ensure that a startup becomes successful even with little investment.

Another set of individuals are reluctant to invest due to vague business model. Mob Inspire loves to assist startups. The startups which are powered by our technologies are on way to lead their respective industries.

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