There are often a lot of questions regarding using the Agile methodologies for startup applications. Many people wonder if it is needed or is the right step to take. Simply put, this methodology works in the best possible manner for a start up.

Agile Methodology

The Agile methodology was created to help in management the progress of any given project. Under this, the team is able to create software through certain phases, known as sprints. Each sprint completes a different phase of development. As a result, mobile and web applications can also be created with this method.
To begin with, the Agile methodology requires the creation of a road map and product vision. We work closely with out clients at this point to understand what they need and how they wish to achieve it. Once the purpose of the application is decided, then it becomes easier to bring it to life. We then move on to the release plan of the app, and then delve in the sprint and sprint review. Overall, the stages boil down to the brainstorm, the design, the development, the quality control and the deployment. Once these five work smoothly, the application is then released into the market.
After the sprints are completed, the retrospective part of the Agile methodology can begin. This is quite important for startups, as they can improve with each session. In this, the entire team rates the ability of other members as well. These are then shown on a spider graph, after which the overall result is discussed. In doing so, a stronger team can be built.
For startup to become Agile, they must follow some basic principles. Customer satisfaction is the most important, which means that changing requirements and fast paced delivery systems become top priority. After that, all teams must cooperate on all projects, have a face-to-face conversation when needed and motivate each other. An Agile team creates timelines, pace of development, and believes in simplicity.
That is how Agile methodologies for startup applications can come to life.