Analysis of iOS Development Trends and their Influence

The third quarter of 2018 generated $18.2 billion worth of mobile app revenue out of which 66% belongs to App Store. Statistics about the apps launched in 2018 exhibit interesting trends. The iOS development remained clear winners among the two top mobile app platforms. Generally, the cost to build an android app is twice more than that of iOS (Forbes). Moreover, the revenue of App Store – 93% more than Google Play – is greater by manifolds. The primary reason for these impressive App Store numbers is the shift in iOS development trends.

Consumers spent a total of $122 billion last year on gaming and subscription in mobile applications. Apple store is the major shareholder. The ongoing year is set to witness this gap widening due to the latest trends in iOS development. This piece shares some of the most noteworthy trends and their expected impact.

Swift 5 – Coming Soon!

Swift is one of the fastest growing languages for its comprehensive libraries and unparalleled compatibility with iOS and macOS. Launched in mid of 2014, the language managed to drift into the top 10 TIOBE Rating in last October. The rating shows sharp decline for May 2018 due to the significant modifications in its version 4. However, the community managed to restore the upsurge by revamping some features in subsequent releases.

Swift community leader revealed the plan to launch version 5 next month. The previous versions are already offering a remarkable efficiency with automatic memory management and fast development. Swift 5 is expected to address one of the major issues of Cocoa SDK integration. Apple will release iOS 13 by September 2019. Thus, Swift community wants to ensure that the new version yields exquisite performance with upcoming OS.

While comparing languages, Swift is demonstrating fastest growth in iOS app development trends. The gap with Objective-C, its primary competitor, is closing down. Since the development of Swift aimed at eliminating the shortcomings of Objective-C, the language is miles ahead of its rival in various domains. Considering these developments, experts rightly forecast Swift to bypass Objective-C in a couple of years.

Development with Xcode 10.2

With the latest release 10.2, the IDE adds support for SDKs including iOS 12.2, macOS 10.14.4 and watchOS 5.2. Besides, it resolves multiple issues which persisted in the previous releases. The most notable improvement is the compatibility of app with iOS 9.0+ while enterprise or local distribution. This problem does not remain anymore. The developers can seamlessly rebuild apps with 10.2.

New build system of Xcode 10 enables the developers to drop the build time and enhance stability substantially. Xcode also introduced dark theme – one of the most awaited appearance features – with version 10.

By enabling the memory graph captures, the debugger captures the graph if the error of memory resource exception occurs. Moreover, there are considerable improvements in Interface builder, Clang Static Analyzer, and localization.

Xcode should be the top choice of iOS developers regardless of the language they use. The fact that it is maintained by Apple’s community indicates that the IDE will keep flourishing.

Revitalizing Siri Intelligence

Siri is arguably the top virtual assistant as confirmed by multiple studies. Since Alexa – Siri’s primary rival – is improving drastically, Apple is also investing heavily to improve the results. The significant expansion in maintenance team of Siri highlights the fact that a major revamp is underway. iOS 13 update will reveal the exact details.

However, analysts at Mob Inspire believe that SiriKit is one of the areas where newly raised teams will be focusing. This Siri API provides a comprehensive set of codes to integrate Siri functionality with native apps. By using a combination of Sirikit and Intents framework, the developers at Mob Inspire have achieved amazing results. In the upcoming update, Apple might boost the usability of Sirikit by incorporating Intents in it.

Until now, Sirikit allows in-app integration up to a limited degree. Nevertheless, there is a strong belief in tech circles that iOS 13 will introduce integration of music module too.

The team of Mob Inspire’s iOS developers has experts of SiriKit as well as Swift.

Subscription Regulation

Research on app stores indicates that 70% of Apple store’s revenue comprises in-app purchases, subscription, and upgrades. The store grabbed a total of $890 million in 2018 Christmas week alone. This number is 74% more than the revenue in the same period of 2017.

However, Apple is introducing new regulation which may slightly influence revenue by subscription. This regulation is a step to discourage an unethical practice. Many critics alleged that the developers, and hence the Store, were earning big time by tricking users for subscription. Now, the developers have to ensure that subscription remains a choice for users unless it carries a significant feature.

Although some analysts believe that the updated rules for app development may decrease revenue, yet others forecast the otherwise. Many users avoided iOS apps due to unnecessary paid subscription and upgrades. The legislation from Apple will ensure that users stick to iOS instead of looking for alternative where apps remain free.

React Native

This cross-platform app development framework remains the essential choice of top development companies. React ensures seamless connectivity and impressive user experience. It provides platform-specific file extensions despite fundamental differences in iOS and Android deployment.

React nurtures a massive community of developers which improve the libraries and coding templates. The extensive research enables the developers to reuse these templates effectively.

React Native is a decent choice for companies which intend to launch an app over both major platforms without allocating separate budget for each. The framework enables developers to cut costs by up to 50% of what it costs to develop native apps.

To conclude, iOS app development trends 2019 project sharp inclination toward Swift language with Xcode IDE. The upcoming versions of SiriKit along with Swift and Xcode will revitalize the coding and user experience. The regulations on subscription will further purify the platform by discouraging scamming. Moreover, the developers facing intense financial crunch may still opt React Native if they intend to introduce app on Android too.

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