Apple Event Fall 2019

Apple Event Fall 2019 Everything You Should Know

Apple announces a whole bunch of enthralling devices and updates to its inventory at Apple Special Event. Time Cook introduced iPhone 11 and its variants including iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, Seventh-generation iPad, and Watch Series 5. The Apple event 2019 also featured the trailers of original content for upcoming Apple TV+. Besides, a number of games were demonstrated which are set to be available with the launch of Apple Arcade.

Each of these new gadgets has exciting features that never appeared before in any smart device. Moreover, Apple further boosted the efficiency by integrating more performance intensive processors. Following are the devices launched at Apple September’19 Special Event. The salient features of each device are also shared.

iPhone 11

Apple integrated a number of features for the first time in its latest iPhone. These features provide a wide range of options to develop iOS apps. Following are the most notable takes from each of the iPhone 11 variants.

iPhone 11 Pro

Note: The additional features of iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are explicitly mentioned.


  1. Although the resolution of rear camera remains at 12MP, yet the introduction of ultra-wide snapper implies that you can cover much more area in a single shot. The availability of twin cameras ensures that pixels do not distort. Single wide angle camera with lens offering 120¬o coverage focuses on a single point as with the case in traditional smartphone cameras.
  2. Apple appears to have placed a strong emphasis toward improving picture quality in low light areas. The introduction of night mode serves this purpose. Photos taken in night mode demonstrate remarkable quality even in the considerably dark places like concerts. The camera turns into night mode by default in areas.
  3. Front camera attains a notable enhancement with 12MP 4K resolution as compared to 7MP in iPhone X. TrueDepth is retained while semantic rendering is added to improve photo processing.
  4. Another highly anticipated camera feature is the ability to take slow-motion selfies or “slofies” as labeled by the company’s officials. The camera is capable of capturing videos up to 120fps.
  5. Besides slofies, a number of other features are added for enriching experience in video making. For instance, you can zoom-in by transitioning between the two cameras. Another attraction is QuickTake. This feature allows taking videos without switching to video pane by long pressing the photo shutter.
  6. Apple also announced availability of Deep Fusion with fall update of iPhone. The camera would take multiple shots when in Deep Fusion mode. Neural Engine would compare each pixel in one picture with the corresponding pixels in every other shot. Eventually, it would select the best combination of pictures to compile the best photo.

Processing Speeds and Battery

The previous studies at Mob Inspire to compare the processors of Apple with those used in smartphones manufactured by other companies indicate that Apple is way ahead. Bionic A11 processor integrated in iPhone X was almost twice as fast as Samsung Galaxy S9 considering a wide-ranging variables.

This trend is likely to continue because iPhone 11, as claimed by Apple, outperforms iPhone X – its predecessor – by over 20% greater efficiency. A13 Bionic processor of iPhone 11 also outperforms A12 Bionic used in iPhone XS and XS Max.

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Apple claims that its Next Generation Neural Engine in A13 performs one trillion operations per second. Besides, This AI accelerator, according to company’s officials, performs matrix multiplication 6x faster than its predecessor.

The battery life is one of the most crucial factors for smartphone customers. Apple guarantees that battery lasts an hour more than iPhone X and its variants.

Durability and Audio

The durability is claimed to have increased with improved water and dust resistance. The phone would not take any impact 2m underwater for up to 30 minutes. Shock resistance is also enhanced to protect screen up to a remarkable degree.

iPhone 11 brings Dolby Atmos for providing an immersive and theatrical experience. Besides, a new visualizer ensures spatial audio. Max storage space available in iPhone 11 is 256GB with optional variants of 64GB and 128GB.

iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

A number of features distinguish iPhone 11 Pros from iPhone 11.

  1. iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max have an additional 12MP telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom. Although the demonstrative sample videos and photos were taken by professional photographers, yet the officials are certain that Pro cameras can be used as comfortably by average user.
  2. Screen sizes widely vary as with the case in previous generations. iPhone 11 has 6.1-inch display. iPhone 11 Pro has relatively smaller 5.8-inch display size, though it is powered by super retina XDR. Pro Max also offers super retina XDR display in a massive 6.5-inch screen. Same screen size as XR.
  3. Battery timing is one of the distinguishing features of iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max lasting 4 and 5 hours more than iPhone X series, respectively. This implies that Pro variants last 3 and 4 hours more than iPhone 11.
  4. Apart from 64GB and 256GB, the Pro models offer 512GB variant as well. Color variation also provides a slight difference with Pro models offering Midnight Green color scheme. Purple and green colors are debutants in all three models.

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Seventh-generation iPad 10.2

Apple introduced iPad air in March 2019 Special Event. However, a new generation of iPad kicks off with the release of Seventh- generation iPad. Although many features have been retained from preceding generations, yet some exciting new functions are added to enhance user experience and attractiveness.

iPad 7th gen

Previous versions were lacking a dedicated operating system. Earlier generations used iOS. However, iPadOS – as it is called – is the default OS for iPad 7th generation. This update would immensely improve the performance of iPad since iOS, at times, showed compatibility problems for a selection of apps.

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iPad 10.2 provides the first instance when a smart device is developed from 100% recycled aluminum. Following are the most distinctive features of Apple Seventh-generation iPad.


Bigger screens present an obvious reason to convince customers for spending on iPad. Thus, Apple pays strong emphasis to screen resolution and multitasking. Seventh-generation brings a number of remarkable updates as listed below.

  • You do not require an app for switching to dark mode. Instead, it is pre-built in iPadOS.
  • 10.2-inches retina display is aided with 3.5 million pixels.
  • Multitasking is more comfortable than ever with screen dividing into multiple sections. The section which is not in use shuts most of its associated processes, thereby saving power.

Processing Power

While multitasking is significant with iPad customers, the speed of applications with streamlined transitions between apps is crucial. Thus, Apple retained A10 Fusion Chip from Sixth-generation iPad. This chip also powered iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The executives are certain that A10 Fusion provides a processing speed twice as fast as the best PC. This is significant because Apple aims at completely replacing PC by providing the same experience on an iPad. Independent observations also confirm A10 outperforming any PC with a considerable margin.

User Experience

Apple emphasized big time on enhancing user experience. Seventh-generation brings desktop computing experience without losing the sight of tablet portability. The recent updates in Safari for iPadOS are also aimed at providing desktop class browsing. These updates even allow website development and direct edits as highlighted by Greg Joswiak.

Notes app brings some substantial updates. You can use the Notes app in combination with another app with screen split to accommodate the two apps. The app is highly integrated with Apple Pencil to draw and take notes while watching a video or reading a document.

Compatibility with external Devices

iPad Air introduced in March this year brought a range of flexibilities regarding connections with the external devices. These flexibilities were largely absent in 6th and all other preceding generations.

Floating keyboard can be connected almost effortlessly since it is already configured via smart connector. Keyboard connection is one giant leap toward adopting desktop computing experience.

Arguably, the most remarkable feature of Seventh-generation iPad is the interface to connect USB thumb-drive and SD card. The much anticipated support for USB drives was also long awaited. Although it featured in iPad Pro as well, yet this is the first time when a non-pro version offered such option. In fact, the high price of iPad Pro was justified with its ability to connect USBs.

iPad 7 is all set to provide remarkable gaming experience by pairing PlayStation Controller with iPad 7 via Bluetooth.


Camera is not a primary component that drives sales when it comes to tablets. This is why Apple does not market iPads for the efficiency of cameras – though it maintains a decent level of quality barely provided by competitors.

Seventh-generation iPad incorporates 8MP rear camera with five element lens and 1.2MP front camera. All other features are retained from previous generation of iPad.

Apple Watch Series 5

Watch Series 5

The launch of next generation iPhones and iPads is also accompanied with the launch of Watch Series 5. Like its sister products, Series 5 also brings a range of new features. Following are the prominent attributes associated with Series 5.

    1. Always on retina display is at the forefront of this machine. None of the previous Apple watches featured this ability. According to Apple officials, the innovative hardware allows the battery of watch to last for 18-hours once fully charged despite the display that never sleeps. This modification in hardware is intended at energy efficiency.
    2. Now, Compass comes built-in with Series 5 like iPhone. Apart from sharing real-time location and current direction of face, the watch also shares latitude, longitude, and altitude. The compass also facilitates in identifying constellations.

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  1. Watch 5 enables you to dial SOS calls in over 150 countries by simply long-pressing the side button. The device also suggests you to call medical support if it detects fall. It is notable that this ability does not require presence of an iPhone around since watch is capable of independently performing entire activity.
  2. Since smart watches are frequently used to monitor health and fitness, Apple announced to perform three groundbreaking studies including heart and movement, hearing, and women health. Users can contribute by performing indicated activities during their health and fitness chores. Apple claims that app has the ability to hide contributors’ identity. Thus, the contributor will have the choice to remain anonymous. Moreover, users can view the progress in these studies via Research app available later this year.
  3. Like iPhone 11 and 7th gen iPad, Watch Series 5 also composed of 100% recycled aluminum. Besides a stainless steel variant, Watch 5 is the first amongst Apple watches, or for that matter smartwatches from any company, to offer titanium casing.

Apple claims that Watch 5 is water resistant to 50 meters to facilitate swimmers and scuba divers. Along with other attributes, this series is set to revolutionize the smart device industry.

Apple Arcade

Smartphone game owners for years have been looking for ways to increase earnings through their games. Previous updates of iOS introduced in-app video ads and multiple subscription models. Fortunately, Apple Arcade brings this subscription model which enables users to get hands on the some of the most attractive games.

Apple Arcade

Subscribing to Apple Arcade would enable iPhone and iPad users to enjoy a range of benefits – a selection of which is shared below.

  1. Arcade subscription lets you play games right from the app store rather needing to download it. This feature is remarkable as it prevents users’ time in downloading the app incase if they do not want to play this game anymore.
  2. Subscribers and non-subscribers can access a new tab on App Store where every new game added to Arcade is distinctly visible.
  3. Each subscriber gets personalized recommendations based on their interests and previous activity. Moreover, Arcade also provides access to expert editorials and trailers of upcoming games.

Apple Arcade would initially feature around 100 games from top studios including Konami, Capcom, and Annapurna among others. However, it is going to add thousands of games in a couple of years to provide variety to subscribers. Thus, this subscription service is a notable opportunity for entrepreneurs as well who are aiming to build a business model based on gaming apps.

Apple TV+

Apple is setting its ground for the first time in releasing the original content. In essence, the company is going to become a competitor of Netflix and other video on-demand service providers with its new Apple TV+ platform.


Although TV+ was already announced in March Apple Event, yet this September event unveiled the trailers of the upcoming shows scheduled to start on November 01, 2019.

Users can access TV+ for a seven days free trial before subscribing for $4.99 per month. Moreover, the company also offers a year of free subscription with the purchase of new Apple products.

An Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

This new series of Apple products is pretty much a reflection of what Apple does the best. While the enthusiasts of Apple products are excited to get their feet wet into this sea of innovation, entrepreneurs have also gotten a huge opportunity to initiate and drive their businesses with attractive and addictive apps.

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