VR/AR App Development

Take the most out of our Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies to provide app users with a breathtaking experience.

Our areas of expertise cover multiple industries

Tourism and Traveling

Enable tourists to virtually observe hotels and restaurants, amusement parks, hiking terrains, and other public places before visiting it.

Real Estate

Are your potential customers too busy to physically visit a property for sale? Enable them to visit virtually through their smartphones with AR apps.

Gaming and Content Creation

Equip players with augmented experience which allows them to immerse in the game. The AR tools are powered to sync with headsets.

Product Marketing

Facilitate the customers to view product in a 3D space on their smartphones. AR can also assist in determining the appearance of a room after addition of an object.

Cinema and Theatre

Enhance the user experience of watching 3D movies with AR apps so that viewers feel as if they are the part of the scene.

Healthcare Enhancement

Enable doctors to test patients without being present on-site. Besides telemedicine and remote medical checkup, AR apps can also provide environment for meditation.

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