Workplace 3.0 – Mob Inspire Achieves Another Milestone

Mob Inspire relocates its Islamabad workplace as part of a larger plan to expand teams and improve culture

Islamabad, PakistanThe platform innovation and enterprise development company currently employs over 70 human resources for seven teams spread across two workplaces in Palo Alto, CA and Islamabad, Pakistan.

“We are striving to ensure that employees remain motivated to promote innovations. Each member of our teams put highest amount of effort toward client satisfaction. They are as passionate to assist businesses with tech solutions as individuals in the senior management.” – Ahmed Abdullah, CEO of Mob Inspire

The development is aimed at further improving organizational culture with interactive environment and opportunities for employees to enhance productivity.

“We are trying to put as much emphasis on building exemplary organizational culture as we put in instilling stability in software industry.” Ahmed added

Please note the updated location:

About Mob Inspire

Mob Inspire is an innovation platform and an enterprise development company based in Palo Alto, California. We are developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining industry leading software and mobile application products for over a decade. Our core services include enterprise mobility management, Cloud and mBaaS, big data analytics, IoT integration, extended reality development, and blockchain development.

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Clutch Names Mob Inspire Leading Software Developer in Pakistan

Mob Inspire also featured in Clutch ranking for emerging IT solutions providers in California two months back.

Islamabad, PakistanWe are honored to be recognized in Clutch’s 2019 report of top B2B developers in Pakistan! Our team’s expertise in delivering best mobile app development services and business tools to help clients run projects smoothly has helped us achieve this recognition.

“Being named a leading company of 2019 on Clutch for mobile app development services provides a huge source of motivation.” — Ahmed Abdullah, CEO of Mob Inspire

Using valuable interviews from our clients and our ability to deliver, Clutch selected us as a recipient for this recognition. In a recent project we accomplished for a beauty startup, we designed and developed a native mobile app, delivering the product ahead of schedule. Below is part of that project’s great 5-star review:

Clutch Award 2019 for the Best App Development Company

In addition to collecting and highlighting our client reviews, also has listed us on their sister-sites: The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest helps gather and verify data, expert insights, and actionable advice to help people grow their businesses. You can find us on The Manifest’s 2019 directory here! Visual Objects is a portfolio website, showcasing top creative firms, which you can see on our Visual Objects profile.

“Without positive feedback in these reviews from our clients, we would not have been able to achieve this honor”, Ahmed added, “We look forward to assisting businesses for sustainability in more regions of the world with our software solutions.”

About Mob Inspire

Mob Inspire is an innovation platform and an enterprise development company based in Palo Alto, California. We are developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining industry leading software and mobile application products for over a decade. Our core services include enterprise mobility management, Cloud and mBaaS, big data analytics, IoT integration, extended reality development, and blockchain development.

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Phone : +1 (650) 800-3640

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About Clutch

Clutch lists ranking, research output, and reviews of IT and B2B tech solutions providers and is renowned for its research intensive approach toward listing the top tech enterprises, leaders, and startups. The reputable firm issues ranking in a wide range of services and solutions including mobile app development, AR and VR, IoT, Blockchain development, Robotic Process automation, and among other categories. Clutch ranks companies operating worldwide scale as well as in specific countries and regions.

best mobile app development services

Mob Inspire: Top Technology Solutions Provider

Clutch recognizes Mob Inspire as one of the most emerging technology leaders.

PALO ALTO, CAClutch lists ratings, research output, and reviews of IT and B2B tech solutions providers is renowned for its research intensive approach toward listing the top tech enterprises, leaders, and startups. The reputable firm issues ranking in a wide range of services and solutions including mobile app development, AR and VR, IoT, Blockchain development, Robotic Process automation, and among other advanced technology solutions.

Mob Inspire is the leading technology solutions provider for Startups, entrepreneurs, and consumers employing the latest technologies.

We are playing a significant role in the IT market since 2009 by establishing a strong reputation as a technology solution providers that provide cutting edge solutions. We helped hundreds of enterprises in enhancing their business architecture with efficient software systems. Besides, our platform innovation services enabled over 20 startups to attain sustainability.

Technology experts and niche-specific skilled engineers manage complex and challenging tasks to transform businesses with digital solutions. As part of the leading service providers in the US, Clutch identified Mob Inspire as one of the top emerging IT experts in California. Today, Mob Inspire’ mission is to help businesses in the adoption of new technologies.

About Mob Inspire

Mob Inspire is an innovation platform and an enterprise development company based in Palo Alto, California. We are developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining industry leading software and mobile application products for over a decade. Our core services include enterprise mobility management, Cloud and mBaaS, big data analytics, IoT integration, extended reality development, and blockchain development.

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Phone : +1 (650) 800-3640

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How AI is Influencing Mobile Technology?

The term “Artificial Intelligence” is widespread these days. Once, It was considered fictional that robots will act like a human and eventually take human place. But, now we can see that technology is transforming this fiction into reality.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the domain of computer science which inaugurates the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like a human. AI technology involves making devices that can perform tasks and activities which could only be tough to accomplish through human intelligence.

Some of the technical fields in which AI plays a significant part include speech recognition, learning, planning, and problem-solving. The progress in the Articifical domain has produced several AI-based applications in different fields.

AI is also popular in the Mobile app technology. The mobile app development companies are taking a competitive edge by introducing AI features into their apps. The users can access the AI in daily lives through the AI-based applications. These applications make the user experience far more comfortable and enjoyable.

How is AI going to Benefit the App Technology?

The mobile apps are not limited to smartphones only. They are widespread to various devices like television, tablets, etc. AI Technology allows giving that “Personal Touch” to the different devices.

Here are the few ways through which AI is going to benefit the App technology

AI-Based Apps Provide Personalization Factor:

AI applications are designed to work according to user behavior. They offer a more personalized and requirement based solution. Through mobile application, AI technology helps to build a special relationship with the users.

AI Apps and Gadgets Turn your Home Smart:

AI helps in the development of the “Smart Appliances Build for Home.” Many appliances invented to facilitate us in our daily life tasks. Some of the significant AI gadgets in the market are Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.

AI is providing automated services through smart appliances to facilitate individuals. It gives a much relaxed and convenient experience for individuals. Due to the popularity of AI-based devices, their devices have become in high demand, and different electronic gadgets are introducing day by day.

Increase Business, and Customer Base through AI Apps:

There are a lot of businesses and startups emerging in the E-commerce industry, which generates a fierce competition in the market. To have a competitive edge, you must have some unique features or services to acquire more customers.

One of the unique implementations in your E-commerce business is AI Technology.
In E-Commerce website or mobile based app, the AI enabled apps can recognize the User’s voice and response patterns and give results accordingly.

AI-based applications also help you to retain customers. As customer interactions become more intelligent and fast through chatbots, the prompt response helps the business owner to keep loyal customers. Moreover, several marketing activities can be automated through AI technology.

Enables to solve Analytical Problems:

Several AI-based applications in the market are useful in addressing the complex analytical problem with high efficiency and accuracy. These AI based mobile apps are helpful as they are easily accessible at any time.

AI makes Data Analysis Easier:

AI technology is also used to perform data analysis and deduce useful results. From these result, you can develop future insights.

Will there be a prosperous future for AI in the field of mobile app industry?
To predict the future for AI in the field of mobile app industry, you must analyze that how mobile apps have revolutionized the way of living and navigation through our everyday lives. The results of these analyses mark the secure future of AI in the Mobile app technology.


In future, the Artifical technology will entirely dominate the mobile app Industry. It will assist in several fields. In businesses, the AI-based tools will help to carry out data analysis and facilitate in developing future strategies. In customer dealing, the AI based chatbots improve the user experience but also add value to your brand identity. Entrepreneurs who neglect the power of AI are likely to be left behind in the competitions. The companies who adopt the AI trend will grow competitive and more productive in the future. Hence, you must reach the leading mobile application development company to help you craft a mesmerizing app solution; you may contact us regarding this.

A Startup MVP Launch Strategy Guide

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a technique for building a basic version of the product. Making a minimum viable product can take multiple iterations to reach completion. Minimum Viable Product shows a business owner how well the product response is in the market and user expectations.

MVP is your basic idea wrapped up in the number of essential features. If customers like your MVP, you will get a lot of space for creativity and success. The approach of MVP product is that it should have a warm welcome in the market.

Define your Goal:

Once you set your criteria, you can define all the features that your app can contain to achieve your targeted goals. As you want everything to be perfect, therefore, keep in mind your target and make a list of primary features. You can add a bunch of useful functionalities to it.

Building MVP for Startups:

Every company starts with a basic working model with limited features. MVPs let startups understand the direction by realizing the problems and brings efficient solutions.

Below is the list of factors to successfully build Startup MVP:

  • Identify your success criteria
  • Make a long-term goal
  • Determine the end goals of the user

Discovery Sprint:

Before your team starts working on a Startup MVP, you need to make an overall scenario to ensure that the entire team is working on the same goal. It provides that every aspect of the system is going to be efficient.


Having wireframe/prototyping streamlines business processes and allows you to design UX and development procedure. Building a prototype is a critical phase to test, get feedback, refine, and repeat to make a reliable Startup MVP. Coding will come next to take Minimum viable product towards its targeted goals.

UX/UI Design:

The design is a vital part for your MVP in which each detail is important. MVP concept transformation into reality can quickly bring the primary results. Today, customers prefer having juicy design and smooth UX. Our plans meet the most recent industry standards to meet the users’ expectations.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Keep your product simple and understandable so that the user can navigate easily from the start to the intended point. A better way to go is to get it tested from your team and then from beta testers.

Minimum Viable Product vs. Prototype:

The prototype is the first draft of your actual product while the minimum viable product is the 1st version of your actual product with limited features.
Achieving success is the primary thing for any entrepreneur. New startups are introducing day by day and achieving business goals by using remarkable MVP. Building and launching a new product take ample time and requires considerable creativity. It is great to know that your idea is worth sharing and its features can be contained in an app to bring business success.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Transforming Your idea into Reality:

Finalizing the concept is all about testing an idea and making conclusions about its viability in the market. In the MVP, your primary focus is to focus your vision and target audience. The value of your product should meet the user’s expectations.

  • Your product should be useful for the target audience.
  • Check user response on your business idea.
  • Keep in mind the attractiveness of the user interface

All of this knowledge is precious to take necessary actions and perform activities in developing the product according to your business idea. MVP for a startup should include all the necessary information and features that can bring dramatic results to achieve business success.


App Development:

After choosing the right technology, the next phase is of app development. The process of building application consists of various stages. Each stage needs to be tested after completion to ensure efficiency and reliability. The features of your app should be appealing to your future customers. It should include all the elements essential for business success. The app should be flexible and adaptive according to the people’s changing demands.

We provide an excellent system for having an efficient Startup MVP, which is customizable. We can add the relevant features in the available system according to your business needs. If you want a reliable system for a Startup MVP, contact us today.

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Tools for Bootstrapping Your Startup

Launching a business requires a lot of finances and resources, which make it costly. Bootstrapping your startup is an adequate way to manage these costs. This guide will help you to know about bootstrapping and how it helps to cut down costs without compromising the quality when launching a business.

Bootstrapping your startup means sustaining the business using personal resources and the revenues generated from the new business model. Therefore, a business owner is bootstrapping when they are striving to establish and grow a company without taking outside capital. They would be using either personal finances or the operating revenue the new company would generate.

Why Should You Consider Bootstrapping?

The most significant benefit of bootstrapping is its practical and inexpensive way to ensure your new business has a positive cash flow. You will not need to borrowing money and therefore no interest cost deduction and down the line payments. The money that is generated with the business can be used directly as an investment or profit, not to pay back your borrowing.

Bootstrapping improves the cash flow and financial independence of your business to control your business further. In bootstrapping, you don’t lose control over your business. There is no need to ask investor’s permission and taking opinion to make decisions; you’ll be able to decide the spending of money at the right time and right place.

Bootstrapping your business is not easy, the limited resources at hand need to be utilized efficiently to generate more growth. Limited resources help in the decision-making process and prioritize your approach. The tools required to bootstrap a startup are available that can help you in making your business successful.

Bootstrapping Tools Assists to Define Your Ideas:

Before you initiate a business, you need to have proper ideas. Almost 90% of the companies fail due to insufficient planning and lacking ideas. Most of the startups fail due to inadequate business ideas. Launching a business involves much more than just a good product idea. You will need to understand the legal implications and make sound financial decisions.

Organizing Ideas Using Tools for Bootstrapping Your Startup:

1. Elevatr:

It is a fun app allowing you to arrange the ideas across your business. It will enable adding information regarding the concept, the market, the product, the business model, and collect data on your execution.

2. Mindmeister:

If you have many ideas but not sure what idea you should use, checkout Mindmeister, which makes more sense of the plans.

Define Your Business Model:

You can structure your business and represent the best model for your business. If you aim to start a startup by bootstrapping, you need to follow a model that enables quick cash generation.

1. Business Model Canvas:

The business model canvas is a stunning strategic management tool that is used to define your ideas and choose the solutions that work for you. The business model tool is free as it operates under the common creative model.

2. Experiment Board:

It is suitable for startups looking to validate their business model. You can analyze other startup ideas and models while getting verifications for your plans.

Find the Name of Your Business Idea Using the Apps:

Another significant aspect of launching a business is finding the perfect name for your company. Deciding the company name is essential before you spend lots of money on creating a branding business design for it. On the other hand, picking a name that’s already in use cannot be used, so use these tools for generating the suggested name ideas.

1. The Name App:

Use the Name App to monitor your business name ideas and see whether the domains for the name are free. It even checks the name’s availability on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

2. Namemesh:

This tool is designed explicitly for suggesting the most suitable domain name. If you were starting an online-focused business, then you should check out Namemesh. Use specific words showing your business idea or product to get suggested ideas for your business! The app is entirely free to use.


Bootstrapping Tools for Testing Your Ideas:

Once you’ve finalized your ideas, it’s the time to start testing them using the free available tools. First, you may conduct proper market research. While this can be costly for startups, there are smart ways to bootstrap your market testing.

1. Statista:

Statistics relating to your product can be vital in authenticating your idea. Statista is the popular portal for finding statistics on almost any topic possible. Statista is not free to use. Free basic membership is available to test the platform. If you find it useful, consider upgrading it at $49 per month.

2. Google Trends:

If you want to find out the current trends without paying any cost, you can also use Google Trends, which is excellent for figuring out whether the product has a market space out there, find out what competitors are doing and devise marketing strategies regarding search engine optimization.

The tools needed to bootstrap your startup are available that can help in making your business successful at low cost. If you intend to start a startup, do thorough market research, check the trends and use the tools that can help you in making your business successful.

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Mob Inspire Earns Top Spot in Clutch’s Ranking of IoT & App Developers in 2018

When it comes to mobile app development, the quality of mobile apps developed by Mob inspire is superb. Since our start in 2009, we’ve spent the last decade designing mobile apps for companies of all sizes and fields. The team at Mob Inspire works hard to help our clients keep up in an increasingly mobile world and adapt their businesses to meet the needs of today’s consumers. Though our work can speak for itself, we’re proud to have also received validation from the ratings and reviews platform, Clutch, which has accredited us as being a leading app development company and one of the best IoT companies in 2018.

Clutch is a third-party reviews site for B2B service providers that offers rankings and recommendations for companies on the look-out for a new business partner. When conducting reviews for the agencies listed on their site, Clutch actually calls and speaks with former clients to get their personal and verified feedback on their experiences working with our team. Mob Inspire’s high rating on Clutch is a direct result of our positive client relationships, many of whom have taken the time to speak with Clutch and promote Mob Inspire on our behalf. Our proven ability to deliver results for our clients has even earned us an honorable mention on their sister website, The Manifest, as one of the best mobile app developers in Pakistan in 2018.


On Clutch, you can see how we compare to similar mobile app developers and you can read the testimonials from our former clients. Check out the first few reviews we’ve collected so far:

  • “By working with [Mob Inspire], I got end-to-end services for design and mobile app development.” – CEO, Ride Sharing Company
  • “I was amazed by their performance.” – Founder, Plot Lo

When you choose Mob Inspire as your business partner, we will work directly with you to make sure we’re delivering the exact product you’ve envisioned. Our methodology starts with a consulting exercise to confirm we understand the project objective, vision, and deliverables before diving into a design phase that is sure to impress. No matter how big your business is or what field it operates in, having a functional and state-of-the-art mobile app is a critical part of competing in today’s business world. With the help of our team, you will have the tools necessary to engage with your customers, connect with them in a meaningful way, and ultimately boost your company’s growth. With our high position on Clutch and The Manifest, we’re confident we’ll be able to do the same.

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8 Tips for Better Mobile Application Security

Mobile devices enable us to do everything online from anywhere at any time. We can send and receive money via online banking, track your fitness, manage internet of things devices sitting at homes, shop, and even work remotely.

A multitude of mobile apps is available that drive mobile productivity. These are software programs that connect to APIs and servers around the world to deliver data, services, and finally value and convenience to users. However, all this has to happen under well-engineered mobile application security companies using their personal secured systems, customer’s information, and their reputations as hackers chase the thrives of digital activity.

According to Arxan Report, around 50% of organizations have not allocated any spending toward mobile app security. It is a significant discrepancy to ignore the risks of not securing a mobile app.

Apps and mobile devices can be used for the mischievous activity. Hackers with malicious purpose can inject malware into apps and onto devices to access data, store keystrokes, and steal screen lock codes.

  • Adding malware into apps and onto devices can obtain data, store keystrokes, and steal screen lock passcodes.
  • They copy your app’s code or tamper it or prevent sensitive information traveling over the set path.
  • Take customer data for identity theft or fraud plans
  • Get the grip of intellectual property and private business assets
  • Achieve your IP or compromise your company’s back-end network

Mobile apps and the APIs need to be appropriately secured to ensure systems and data protection. Customers expect apps to be secure and their trust can be taken for granted. Apps dealing with large amounts of data or have strict compliance requirements are required to keep safe.

How can you Secure your Mobile App?

If you are developing an app, there are chances that you have stopped considering the security of your app, and customer’s data.

Secure your App’s Code from the Initial Stage:

Software security needs to be at the priority from the very first day. However, native apps differ from web applications. Many security risks can exist in an app’s source code, but businesses do not focus on their security cost. Network and data security elements are important parts of overall security.

App weaknesses regarding security can be caused by developer error, failure to test the code, or your app may be hacked by the hacker. Secure app code should be transferable between devices and operating systems. Engineer code needs to be agile as you don’t want users stuck without an update. Test code for risks, or run source code scanning.

1. Secure App Code Should be Portable:

Keep in mind runtime memory, performance, data, and battery usage while adding security to an app. Everyone wants to make it secure without compromising on the cost of production and user experience.

Don’t rely on an app’s store approval regarding the app security proof. Apps need to be tested and approved, but app store approval is not 100% accurate. Many unsafe native apps have been supported in the past.

2. Protect Your Network Connections on the Backend:

Cloud servers and others that an app’s APIs are obtaining should have security measures in place to protect data and prevent illegal approach. Users should verify APIs to prevent leaking of any personal information passing from the client back to the app’s server and database.

Contact to a network security specialist to conduct penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to ensure that data is protected in the right way. Containerization is helpful for creating encrypted containers for securely storing your data and documents. Database encryption and encrypted connections with a virtual private network (VPN), secure sockets layer (SSL), or transport layer security (TLS) add extra protection.

Federation is a next-level security measure that expands resources across servers, places them at different places, and distributes key points from users, often with encryption measures.

3. Ensure Identification, Authentication, And Authorizations:

As with APIs, authentication and authorization technology enables users to prove and add another layer of security to the login process.

Make sure the APIs of your app only give access to the concerned persons that remain necessary to minimize vulnerability. If your app depends on anyone else’s API for functionality, use it carefully as their code must be secure.

For mobile security, JSON web tokens for encrypted data exchange are ideal. OpenID Connect is a federation protocol specially planned for mobile. It enables users to reuse their same credentials beyond multiple domains with an ID token, so they don’t need to register and sign in at each point.

4. Be Attentive about Customer Data Security and Implementing an Excellent Mobile Encryption Policy:

A mobile app’s code and data have to be stored on a device than with a traditional web app because you’re considering for the different performance, bandwidth, and quality of tools.

The data that’s stored locally on a device either permanently, or just temporarily is unsafe. Data that include age, location, equipment, usage habits, etc can be stolen from these apps without users acknowledging it.

File-level encryption defends data on a file-by-file basis and is a way to encrypt at-rest data so it cannot be read if blocked. Encrypt mobile databases offers an encrypted SQLite module to keep local data safe.

Apps that have sensitive customer data like passwords, credit card information, etc are not stored directly on a device. Take an example of iOS, which has an encrypted data storage in its keychain. Keep the record of data and analytics that have been collected, how, when, and where that data moves. Proper management and securing data is the key to success as even a robust algorithm can be negated if keys and certificates are exposed to hackers.

5. Have a Solid API Security Strategy:

Because mobile development connects so justly on APIs, a large share of securing mobile apps is protecting their APIs.

APIs flow data between applications, the cloud, and a multitude of different users, which need to be verified and authorized to obtain that data. APIs are the main channels for content, functionality, and data, so ensuring proper API security is an essential part of the chain. Three main security measures comprise a well-built secure API: identification, authentication, and authorization.

6. Test your App Software Twice or Thrice:

Testing app code is usually crucial in an app’s development process. When testing for functionality and usability, they should also be tested for security, whether your app is a native, hybrid, or web app. You’ll be able to detect vulnerabilities in the code so you can fix them before moving your app on the app store.

Penetration testing involves carefully examining a network or system for weaknesses.Test thoroughly for authentication and authorization, data security issues, and session management. Emulators for devices, operating systems, and browsers let you test how an app will perform in a simulated environment.

7. Users: Protect Your Devices

Users should keep devices, which are secure when they are downloading apps. However, here are a few tips for users who want to prevent fraud, identity theft, and security problems in case of a lost or stolen device.

Users should download apps only from trusted sources such as authorized app stores. Avoid using jailbroken or rooted device as it eliminates the built-in security measures that make it more unprotected.

8. Extra care is required for an Enterprise Organization that is using BYOD Policy:

Companies that allow employees to use their own devices, this can also expose the network to hacking vulnerabilities which make more difficult for the IT department to regulate access on their backend systems. Mobile device management (MDM) products are often a worthy investment, which gives employees convenience and provide peace of mind to companies when it comes to security.

Execute a VPN to build a secure connection that’s less likely to be exposed to hackers listening in over an unsecured interface. Block illegal devices, and secure cleared devices with firewall, antivirus, and anti-spam software.

Mobile users are increasing, and hackers are also overgrowing. Therefore, mobile application development companies cannot compromise on mobile application security. A reliable mobile security strategy helps to quickly respond to threats and bugs to make your app safe for users and ensure their loyalty for the future.

We offer safe, quality, and reliable mobile app development services all over the world. If you are looking for a reputable company having ample app development experience, contact us today.

10 Project Management Hacks to Raise Productivity

Project managers always strive for productivity, which is connected with the effectiveness and efficiency of the system. It means the business is producing expected results and being efficient in providing the best possible way to manage business productivity without wasting time and energy.

The project managers’ roles and responsibilities are to produce the intended results using efficient methods. Project managers are expected to manage team resources and progress and know how to use project management tools to provide useful results. Here are project management hacks to increase the productivity of the overall business.

1. Hire the Right People

A professional and talented team is required to manage business tasks. Various factors are responsible for making a project successful that includes selecting the right employees, and utilizing optimal management skills. It is the responsibility to choose the best people to run your business smoothly.

According to the 2017 PMI report, top companies keep their team members on the highest priority. Hiring top-notch staff and encouraging training can lead to a collaborative and productive work environment. Without a good team, it would be difficult to run and deliver a project efficiently as inefficient members can cost your project time, money, and effort.

When hiring your team members, make sure you are fully aware of their qualifications, potentials, and weaknesses to verify and assess whether they are the right fit for the position in your organization.

2. Give Priority to Your Preferences:

When making a to-do list, start from the important tasks as they should not be delayed or missed at any cost. Most of the people prefer to start with easy or less critical tasks. To avoid losing any critical function, start your work with the essential and urgent tasks.

3. Arrange Useful Meetings:

It is the responsibility of a project manager to keep everyone updated regarding the project’s progress and troubleshoot issues. Conferences are a great way to round up everyone to brainstorm on a solution, but only set and attend meetings that are important and short.

Make sure that you set the appointment for an important task. Use you and your’s team valuable time to discuss the vital topic. During the meeting, ensure that everyone arrives on time and keep the discussion short and precise. At the same time, engage everyone in the conference.

4. Use Digital Project Management Tools to Get an Advantage:

It is vital for project managers to use tools effectively and efficiently. You can share and track progress within your team. New project management tools keep on introducing that bring efficiency and boost business productivity.

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5. Communicate Efficiently

The project manager should communicate with the team members and relevant staff to move forward. It is essential to understand the communication to achieve the right goals fully. Highly productive managers send a detailed email to communicate with the relevant staff in details efficiently. They focus on precise information and effective email writing.

6. Manage Work Effectively:

In a PMI report, 32% of the business owners consider leadership and technical skills as a high priority. It is essential for the project managers to make full use of your time to manage work efficiently, booking meetings, and scheduling interviews. Some project managers oversee the main tasks only ignoring the small responsibilities which can pile up and take too much time.

By managing tasks efficiently and assigning the right tasks to the right team members, you can:

  • Utilize your time efficiently
  • Prioritize the important tasks
  • Ensuring quality in completing the tasks

As long as project managers assign tasks to the right team members, they do not have to worry about it.

7. Write down a distraction list:

Noisy work environment, colleagues, and social media can distract your work. It is the part of the technique to make a distraction list. It is just as simple as checking your email. Whenever an opinion occurs, write down your ideas and look at them after you have completed your essential tasks.

8. Always keep track of numbers

Keeping the record of your project’s overall progress is essential to keep track of all business progress. Therefore, business managers should keep track of numbers. It allows you to readily send data when a client asks for specifics about the project.

Below are the few factors that can affect your project:

  • Budget spent so far
  • Time reports
  • Number of tasks left
  • Team velocity
  • Holidays, leaves, and resourcing until project launch

Managing time and budget reports are crucial to identifying and communicating issues as well as updating the project’s progress to the client. Moreover, team efficiency and velocity of work and task progress allow project managers to find problems that need to be considered.

Check the factors affecting the business, trends, and issues. It also lets you double-check the information that further eliminates the risks involved in it. After the project is finished, give a review to the data to see what went wrong on this project to avoid repeating these mistakes in your next project.

9. Don’t underestimate your time:

Sometimes, even after well-planned and organized management, there are some unforeseen that can ruin or pause your project.Highly productive individuals know about the planning misconception. It is when people underestimate the time to finish a task. People often forget to consider outside factors when estimating a job.

If you think a task may take one hour of work, it can prolong to four hours if you have not considered other factors like an urgent meeting, or any other. Considering breaks and emergency plans can help project managers adapt to situations and solve problems as they arise.

10. Take short breaks:

According to the Tony Schwartz research, founder of The Energy Project, humans naturally get physiological fatigue after full focus and energy and need to take a break after every 90 minutes. Our body sends signals, but we usually overcome it by drinking coffee, energy drinks, etc. until we don’t have energy left which is not a good sign.

The Draugiem Group in Latvia determined with the help of time tracking software that the most productive employees worked less than others and took more breaks. Productive individuals worked an average of 52 minutes and had breaks of 17 minutes long.

Nobody, not even the most productive person in the world can work for 8 hours. Learn to take short breaks. It is one of the project management hacks that is good for your brain, body, and mood. Set scheduled short and long breaks as they will keep your mind fresh throughout the day.

Top Onboarding Mistakes Leading to High Costs for your New Hires

A well-designed and engaging onboarding process has a significantly greater effect on employee engagement and retention as compared to the one-day orientation. Every business owner should know their mistakes in staff augmentation and what they should do to retain their new hires. You may not be aware of it, but you may be committing some serious onboarding mistakes for new hires that are driving your new hires away.

It can be extremely frustrating to see most of your new hires leave within the first 6 months, some even after just a month. After days and weeks of hiring and training employees, you still see them resigning from the office.

The world’s largest HR professional society found that 25% organizations in the US lose new employees in a year primarily due to poor onboarding. Moreover, 20% of the staff turnover occurs within 45 days of employment. In this blog, we highlight few onboarding mistakes that often cause new hires to quit.

Here’s a common onboarding mistake you might be doing too:

1. Not Paying Attention to Your Job Post and Hiring Process:

It is a common onboarding mistake that business owners do not focus when writing a job post. It is the first point of interaction between you and the potential hire. When interested candidates see the job posting, he/she gains some preview of the company.

During the application and interview process, your company’s culture and values should be communicated effectively to your new resource.

2. Not Preparing for your New Hire’s First Day:

After your new recruit has taken the job offer, signed all necessary contracts and left your office, all communication is broken. No messages or emails are exchanged until your new recruit returns for his/her first day. After your new recruit has taken the job offer and signed all the necessary documents. You should keep in contact with the recruit.

Many business owners do not think it necessary to keep in contact with them after the hiring completion. You can use emails to keep in touch with your new hire before their first day.
Experts recommend sending emails containing detailed schedules to new recruits before they start.
One week before, you can email them saying that you are glad to have them as a new addition to the team. Add an overview of what they should expect.
Sending these emails will help avoid new recruits feeling clueless when they have to appear on their first day. Hiring managers can also make use of email reminders as well.

  • The role and responsibilities discussion.
  • Help your new hire build a social network.
  • Encourage open dialogue.

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3. Doing Paperwork on the First Day:

Paper works are good but they are not required to have on the very first day. Often, companies devote most of the new hire’s first day on filling out the tax forms and enrolling in benefits. These tasks can be completed at home.

A new hire’s first day should be spent building relationships with his/her colleagues and should be in direct contact with the supervisor and getting to know the office more.

4. Failing to Prepare a Designated Workspace:

Provide a designated equipment and workplace for your employees. Otherwise, they can assume that your company is disorganized and does not value its new hires.

5. Tell the Newly Hired Staff what is your Expectations from them?

It is important for your new hire to tell about your expectations, day to day responsibilities, tasks, and duties. It is also important to address ethics and accountability in the workplace. Throughout the onboarding process, your goal is to encourage your newly hired employees to engage them in the work.

6. Failure to Set clear Expectations from the start:

A survey revealed that 23% of people that receives clear guidelines about the responsibilities can help them to stay in the job. Only 2.2 million surveyed employees responded that they knew what was expected from them. Without clear goals and targets, it is difficult to acknowledge and recognize achievements. It is even more difficult to have a sense of direction. Set clear expectations and agree on the metrics that will be used to measure their performance.

7. Not Providing Training:

Providing employee training is an important task before giving responsibilities and duties to new hires. A survey shows that 2 out of 3 employees have changed jobs because of a lack of training and development opportunities.

8. Relying on Employee Shadowing:

It is a type of job training where employees follow a trained and experienced employee. It is an effective form of training that can train your employees to a greater extent. Your model team member can help the new hire to a certain extent. It can help to achieve your company’s overall goal.

If you want a highly engaged and productive new hire, you have to guide them until they become able to manage their work independently. Give your new hires a clear understanding of how and why your company is doing the same to keep their goals clear.

9. Not Introducing Co-Workers:

It’s a standard procedure to introduce the new hires to managers and even high-performing workers.

10. Underestimating the Importance of Feedback:

It is important to give performance feedback to someone who just joined you. Giving constant feedback about the tasks, let them know how their performance will be evaluated.

It is also important to encourage feedback from your new hire. It will help you in evaluating how onboarding is performing, enabling you to make necessary changes to get better results.

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