Dedicated Development Teams

Resource Outsourcing with Dedicated teams and Staff Augmentation

In an undetermined and dynamically changing business environment, the demand for expert IT services is constantly rising. Globalization has made it possible for companies to lean more towards resource outsourcing using dedicated teams or staff augmentation services.

Fortunately, IT outsourcing is a remarkable option, offering its countless benefits – optimizing the time and costs of the project, tapping into the knowledge base of a skilled IT partner, and optimizing operational efficiency. Therefore, many companies pass IT responsibilities over to third parties. 

Resource Outsourcing companies provide access to a global talent pool via remote agencies, or by utilizing their own resources. Your resource can be anywhere in the world without a geographic constraint. 

Resource outsourcing agencies have a bench of engineers that are between projects and available to start immediately, which is more comfortable for resource outsourcing companies to add new technology and talent for a project rather than managing or hiring resources in-house.

Now, let’s talk about the most impactful factor behind outsourcing: the cost.

The resource outsourcing cost associated with running a project is far less than hiring an in-house team. Multiple factors contribute to this, including salary, employee benefits, and the company’s culture.

There are different models of outsourcing to choose from, where dedicated teams and staff augmentation are the most popular. Both carry benefits and suit in different circumstances.

An Outsourcing company can assist in scaling up your operations on a standard basis. Moreover, an outsourcing model can be applied to multiple places and situations to scale up operations in various circumstances.

1.   IT industry in the US is at #2 in remote work with 57%

2.   Outsourcing leads to 35% more productivity than otherwise because of team diversity

3.   Statistics show offshore app development teams to grow 31% by 2026.

4.   Highly cost-effective by saving in-house employee perks

5.   The In-house team can focus on core business

Let’s have a look at both models:

Staff Augmentation:

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing service, where the outsourcing company provides one or two of its resources depending on the requirement and not the entire team. Outsourcer hires specialists to work on the buyer project. This is a complete shift of responsibility, allows for minimizing HR and employment formalities that reduces the efforts of the outsourcer and enable it to focus more on the core business.

How does it help you?

1.   Save cost on employee benefits

2.   Save time on hiring

3.   Help you hire subject matter experts

4.   Access resources with proven a record

5.   Enhance outreach in tech circles

Employment Types:

Fulltime: Resources would be available to work with you fulltime according to the preset number of work hours per week.

Part-time: The work hours would be predefined as per the contract terms.

Mob Inspire Staff Augmentation Approach:

1.   Skill Gap Identification: Mob Inspire identify the pain points and suggest the skill gaps in your current team

2.   Resource Selection: Our outsourcing experts choose the most suitable candidate that can serve to fill the void.

3.   Interview Scheduling: This step involves finding a mutually agreed time when you can interview the candidate 

4.   Terms and Agreements: We proceed to sign the agreement after reaching a consensus on terms and conditions.

5.   Resource Onboarding: This dedicated resource is then made available to work as per the signed agreement.

Outsourcing a Dedicated team:

Outsourcing a dedicated team means handing over a complete project to a software development company. It is a broader partnership than staff augmentation as it covers a wide variety of services that include software, UI/UX design, quality assurance, project management, support, and maintenance. In this type of outsourcing, the vendor is fully responsible for delivering the complete project.

Hiring a dedicated team makes the software house a close and trusted partner than just a temporary service provider.

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Team Outsourcing in 4 Easy Steps:

1.   Expert Consultation

2.   Proposal Review

3.   Team Breakdown

4.   Project kickoff

Mob Inspire Dedicated Team Resource Range:

·         iOS App Developers

·         Android App Developers

·         Software QA Engineers

·         DevOps & Network Admins

·         Graphic Designers

·         UI and UX Designers

·         Mobile BaaS Engineers

·         Data Scientists

·         Project Managers

·         Software Architects

·         Business Intelligence Executives

·         Digital Marketing Specialists

Dedicated Team and Staff Augmentation:

Both models bring benefits to the outsourcing body.

Responsibilities and Costs:

Service Provider Company is responsible for the recruitment and employment of engineers. Nevertheless, when outsourcing a dedicated team, the vendor covers the costs of office spaces, employees’ training, and other benefits.

Many factors determine the total cost of ownership for these kinds of projects that the software house has to bear, which is beneficial and convenient for the outsourcer, who get skilled team for their project completion.

Organizational Working Culture:

Employees working in an organization as a dedicated team creates a unique environment of knowledge exchange and cooperation. Team bonding, the overall atmosphere, and team spirit keep employees motivated. Moreover, the software house strengthens the culture by providing the comfort of work, proper career development, and all necessary tools.

Project Management:

In the staff augmentation, project management is usually done by the outsourcer by utilizing a few of their resources and get one or two resources from the outsourcing service Provider Company, which the outsourcer lacks to develop the project. The one or two outsource resources can join the outsourcer company at their office, remotely using online services, or can provide services from a nearby location to deliver the best possible services.

On the other hand, hiring a dedicated team allows delivering a whole project to the outsource company who will manage the entire project, staff, and infrastructure.

An experienced software development company has many partnerships and completed different projects, therefore, capable of handling IT projects efficiently. 

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Staff augmentation is a way of dealing with IT talent shortage. It is suitable for handling small and unexpected projects. However, if the project is large, it is better to outsource it using a dedicated team to accomplish the project efficiently.

Mob Inspire offers resource outsourcing services, including staff augmentation and dedicated teams that are reliable, robust, and experienced in handling IT projects.

Resource outsourcing with dedicated teams or staff augmentation is more cost-effective and reliable. By getting these services from a reliable company, you can truly focus on the core of your business and achieve cutting-edge results.

Mob Inspire offers Resource outsourcing services comprises of staff augmentation and dedicated teams. Its core area of expertise includes Enterprise Mobility Management, Platform Innovation, and Startup Development. If you are looking for resource outsourcing services, contact us today. 

Artificial Intelligence Technology

How to Fight Coronavirus Pandemic with AI and IoT?

Since the first reported case of coronavirus in China, it has spread to more than 150 countries. China initiated its response to the virus by leaning on its strong technology sector and artificial intelligence to fight the pandemic while technology leaders including Alibaba, Huawei, Baidu and others accelerated their company’s healthcare initiatives. In this way, technology startups are integrally involved with the healthcare sector, education, and various other entities across the globe to activate technology as the virus continues to spread in other countries. 

Below are 10 ways to fight coronavirus using artificial intelligence and IoT:

1.         AI to indicate, Trace and Predict Epidemic:

Tracking the virus in a better way can enable us to fight with it successfully. AI carries the potential to detect an outbreak as analyzed by news reports and social media platforms. Various technology companies provide software to track infectious disease risks using AI. AI software warned of the threat several days before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and WHO issued their public warnings.

2.   AI to help Identify the Virus:

An artificial intelligence company in China launched a coronavirus AI solution to detect this disease efficiently. This solution improves CT diagnosis speed that helped imaging departments who are being taxed with the increased workload created by the virus.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba also developed an AI-powered diagnosis system that claims 96% accuracy in diagnosing the virus in seconds. 

3.   AI speeds up the Process of Healthcare:

Other than healthcare systems, business and administrative divisions are also being taxed as they deal with the surge of patients. A blockchain platform helps speed up claims processing and reduces the number of face-to-face interaction between patients and hospital staff.

4.   Drones Delivery:

Drone delivery is the safest and fastest way to get medical supplies during a disease outbreak like coronavirus. Drones are being used for various activities to manage coronavirus pandemic. They are used to monitor public spaces, track quarantine directions and for thermal imaging. Terra Drone is using its unmanned aerial vehicles to transport medical samples and quarantine material that has minimized risk between Xinchang County’s disease control centre and the People’s Hospital. 

5.   Robots Sterilize, Supply food, and Execute other duties:

Robotic process automation is quite helpful as Robots aren’t open to get affected by the virus, so they are being utilized to accomplish many tasks such as cleaning and sterilizing food, delivering medicine to reduce human-to-human contact. UVD robots from Blue Ocean Robotics use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses. Pudu Technology utilized its catering industry robots to more than 40 hospitals across China.

6.   Treatment Solution:

Using the AI algorithms and its computing power, Google’s DeepMind division published the findings to develop treatments. Benevolent AI uses  Artificial intelligence systems to build drugs for severe disease treatments and they are helping the efforts to treat coronavirus. Within weeks of the outbreak, it used its predictive capabilities to suggest existing medicines that might be helpful.

7.   Protection using Advanced Fabrics:

Companies like Sonovia, an Israeli Startup, hope to arm healthcare systems and facemasks made from anti-pathogen, anti-bacterial fabric for ensuring protection from the virus. 

8.   AI to Recognize Infected Individuals:

China’s sophisticated surveillance system used facial recognition technology and temperature detection software to check fever and virus carriers and similar technology powers “smart helmets” to recognize people’s fever. 

Chinese government has also developed a monitoring system that uses big data technology to assess the risk of presence of virus based on their travel history, exposure to virus hotspots, and potential exposure to virus carriers. They are using WeChat or Alipay apps to access people with the help of color (red. yellow, or green) as their citizens are assigned a color code that indicates if they should be quarantined or allowed in public.

9.   Chatbots:

People can access free online health consultation services through WeChat. Chatbots have also been the source between service providers in travel and tourism industry and travelers to keep them updated regarding latest travel procedures and disruptions.

10.   Cloud computing resources are working on a coronavirus vaccine:

The cloud computing resources and super computers of DiDi, Huawei, and Tencent are being used by researchers to quickly prepare a vaccine for the virus. These systems are much faster than standard computer processing.

In a global coronavirus pandemic, artificial intelligence, IoT, and data science technology have become crucial to effectively deal with the outbreak.

Mob Inspire provides technology solutions including telemedicine white label app, AI solutions, IoT, cloud computing, on-demand services, startup development, enterprise mobility, and more, Contact us today for more information. 


Advisory for Businesses to Effectively Tackle Coronavirus

The Global outbreak of Coronavirus is affecting each one of us. At Mob Inspire, we believe that technology can change lives. Companies are experimenting new ways to stay productive. We are all adapting and responding in our way, and we will continue to play our role in helping all emerge stronger.  

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, influencers and investors are guiding startup founders to look closely at every aspect of their business while staying safe by adopting precautionary measures, which is the key to stay safe from Coronavirus. In this article, we will highlight the ways to keep your Startup business functioning well while handling the COVID-19 situation. 

Turmoil can also offer opportunities, as changing market conditions and circumstances create new challenges to solve and opportunities for startups to grow their businesses. 

Hard times bring out the actual role of company leaders. Be realistic and human, but do your best to keep a level head under pressure. 

The biggest challenge is an extremely uncertain situation due to Covid-19, where different scenarios are almost equally possible. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every person just to adopt the right ways to overcome or prevent the worst situation. 

We urge you to avoid creating panicky as it stimulates unnecessary fears. However, stay ready if this downturn lasts for an extended period. Companies should re-examine hiring plans, think about how sales and marketing change in a work-from-home environment, and consider cash reserves. 

To protect ourselves from this virus, all of us need to participate. What we have learned together has enabled us to adopt the best practices to fight from Corona’s impact.  One of those lessons to minimize the risk of the virus’ transmission is to maximize social distance. 

How to Stay Safe from Coronavirus?

Covid-19 has spread across 167 countries around the world thus far. It is quickly spreading and the best time to control this disease is taking essential steps at stage 1. 

Italy reported its first two cases on January 30, 2020. The number of confirmed affected cases reached 15000 in just over a month. It is evident from these stats that the number of infected people has increased tremendously within a few days and is still continuing. However, taking precautionary measures at the initial stage can save thousands of lives. 

Adopting precautionary measures is very crucial and the key to preventing novel coronavirus. 

  1. Stay away from public gatherings as it is increasing through person-to-person transmission. 
  2. Wear masks to prevent spreading germs through sneezing or breathing.
  3. Wash hands frequently to keep germs away, especially before eating. 
  4. Use sanitizer and extensive deep cleaning should be at the top priority.
  5. Increase the use of Vitamin C to strengthen the immune system as the fatality rate is significantly high among people with a weak immune system. 
  6. Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables
  7. Stay at home as much as possible to avoid exposure to affected people. 
  8. Don’t panic if you are having symptoms of Coronavirus as patients can recover from this disease by strengthening their immune system. Taking stress is becoming a reason to increase the death rate. Fighting corona is possible, especially in countries where its spread is less or at the first stage and the number of reported cases are limited, i.e. under 200. 
  9. People who can work remotely should prefer it. Those who cannot work remotely should maximize interpersonal space.  

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Looking Ahead:

Being a responsible organization, we realize and consider spreading social awareness as one of our responsibilities to help people in this critical situation. That’s how Mob Inspire has tackled significant challenges. And it’s how we will rise to tackle this one.

MongoDB vs MySQL

MongoDB Vs MySQL: Which Database is preferable for your Business?

Most people google this query: MongoDB vs MySQL to find the difference and make right selection of database for the development of apps as selecting the database for latest apps has been a great challenge for businesses particularly after the arrival of different technologies that have been dominant in the recent past like PostgreSQL, MS SQL, and MySQL. 

Among these, MySQL has always been a preferable option for many companies that need a relational database. However, with a growing variety and massive volumes of data, MongoDB, the non-relational database has emerged as the right solution for many enterprises and startup development.

Now, there is increased competition between MongoDB and MySQL. After knowing the significance of both databases, one can easily choose the right one. In this article, I will compare both the databases based on several factors that will provide you insights to decide which database is better. 

What is MySQL?

It is an open-source relational database management system. Like other relational Database management systems, MySQL uses SQL (structured query language) to get the database’s access along with keeping data stored in tables. In MySQL,  the user can pre-define the database scheme based on the need to create rules to run the relationship among all the relevant fields in the tables. 

The transfer procedure is essential for making any changes in the schema which can negatively affect the performance of application significantly. Furthermore, it can push the database to the offline mode. 

Some of the big names that use MySQL are given below:

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Spotify 
  • PayPal
  • Pinterest
  • US Navy
  • Walmart
  • NASA

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a popular non-relational database that was developed by MongoDB Inc. In this database management system, data is stored in the form known as BSON. The MongoDB query language is used to store related data for query access. The fields are different for each document and there is no need to declare the document structure to the systems. 

It allows you to make changes to the required document without making any alterations to other documents. In MongoDB, there is no need to take the system to the offline mode. Moreover, data is controllable using schema validation. Check mongodb query examples for further details.

MongoDB’s document data model naturally maps the objects in the application mode that’s why developers find it simpler to master and utilize. It also allows people to store arrays without any hassles by representing the hierarchical associations. 

MongoDB benefits include on-board replication and auto-sharding embedding that enhances availability and scalability. 

MongoDB is used by many well-known organizations such as:

  • T-Mobile 
  • Klout
  • SurveyMonkey 
  • Citrix
  • Twitter 
  • Zendesk 
  • MuleSoft 
  • InVision
  • HootsuiteSony 
  • Foursquare

MongoDB vs MySQL: 

Database Structure

Let’s communicate the structure of both databases i.e., MongoDB and MySQL. In MySQL, the data value is stored in tables with MySQL database structure while SQL is used to access them. Schema is used to define the database structure. The prime requirement of the schema is that the rows have the same structure inside the table. It also requires specific data types to represent their values. 

On the other hand, in the MongoDB database, the data is stored in JSON-like documents that are available in varied structures. MongoDB query language is used to assess data sets. These data sets are stored together to boost the mongodb query speed. 

There is no need to define any document structure for creating the documents as the database is schema-free. 

Index Optimization:

Both the databases MySQL and MongoDB use indexes for finding data. However, when an index is not defined in MySQL index optimization, the database engines scan the entire table to find relevant rows while in MongoDB, when the index is not defined, then every document is scanned to find a match to the query statement for selection. 

Database Deployment:

Languages used for MongoDB database writing include C, C++, and JavaScript. It has binaries for Solaris, OS X, Windows, and Linux while MySQL is written in C and C++ language and contains binaries for Windows, AIX, FreeBSD, Linux, BSDi, IRIX, HP-US, NetBSD, OS X, etc. 


  1. MySQL database supports master-master duplication and master-slave duplication. 
  2. It allows duplication of multiple masters in parallel with the multi-source replication. 
  3. MongoDB supports auto-elections, built-in duplication, and sharding, that allows developers to set a secondary database using auto-elections while sharding allows horizontal scaling which is considered a bit tricky to implement with MySQL. 

MongoDB vs MySQL offers:

Oracle offers lifetime support at three primary levels for MySQL which are given below:

Premier: Suited for 1.5 years old 

Extended: Suited for 6-8 years old 

Sustain: Suited for 9+ years old

Each level offers 24*7 tech support along with access to updates, maintenance release, bug fixes, and patches. 

Whereas MongoDB provides enterprise-grade support, which is lifetime. This allows users to upgrade user-flexibility to a newer version at their own pace. 

Speed and Performance:

MongoDB is capable of controlling large volumes of unrestricted data as compared to that of MySQL. It stores the entity data on a single document. In addition, it allows users to read and write data in one place. 

If large volumes of data need to be used, MySQL is relatively slower as compared to MongoDB. MySQL is less efficient in dealing with high volumes of unstructured data as compared to MongoDB as the data is spread across multiple tables that need to be accessed for writing and reading the data. 

Security Model:

Security features in MongoDB include auditing & authentication. It is feasible for users to use transport layer security (TLS) and secure sockets layer (SSL) for encryption of ends. 

Moreover, it allows the documents to only be read by the intended clients. It is also capable of establishing control over variable sets of advantages. In MySQL, the security models used are based on advantage. 

Developer Productivity:

In terms of performance, MongoDB is more advantageous as compared to MySQL. MySQL uses a rigid table structure model which creates hurdles in app development

On the other hand, MongoDB speeds up the development cycle almost 4 to 5 times by using the data that has the flexibility of the JSON documents. 

Atomic Transactions:

MySQL, one of the most popular databases, supports atomic transactions, allowing you to perform various operations inside a transaction. 

Whereas, MongoDB support multi-document transactions in its 4.0 version. This step made MongoDB a robust open-source database in the unstructured space. Although, there are some limitations to unstoppable operations. Even after all this, the database is still a massive boon for MongoDB developers. 

Distributed System:

MongoDB architecture is entirely developed on the distributed structure while MySQL is not built on the distributed system architecture. Distributed systems offer data localization with the assistance of duplicate sets and automatic sharding which also maintains an “always-on” availability. It makes it possible to make the data available globally when they are placed locally for governance and latency access. 

When is MongoDB usage Appropriate?

There are various instances when the use of MongoDB is suitable. 

  1. When high data availability is your priority along with automatic, fast, and instant data recovery. 
  2. If you want to lower the cost of schema migration while working with an unstable schema. 
  3. If your services are mostly cloud-based, MongoDB would come handy for your business 

This architecture is powered by sharding, which goes with the horizontal scaling and agility offered via cloud computing. 

When to Use MySQL?

According to MySQL update scenario, it can be useful in the following conditions:

  1. If you are just starting your business and you don’t need an extensive database 
  2. If you have a data structure that is not going to change over the period. 
  3. In addition, if you have a fixed schema. 
  4. If your budget is low and you are looking for a top-notch performance
  5. If data security is your top priority. 


MongoDB is a preferred option as it allows you to build applications much quicker. In addition, it is suitable for dealing with various types of data. It enables companies to achieve efficiency in application management. 

MongoDB reduces the complexity and assists in the translation of objects in the relational tables. MongoDB allows adjusting the database schema as per your business needs. 

Its scalability is greater than MySQL. It can be scaled across platforms and within the multiple distributed data centers. 

In terms of data volume, MongoDB can be scaled efficiently. On the other hand, according to MySQL update statement, the user has to carry out custom engineering tasks to achieve scaling. That is why many companies have already shifted from MySQL to MongoDB. 

I hope this article will help you in making the right choice between MongoDB and MySQL. You can also check mongodb tutorials for more clarification.  If you still have queries, you can contact our MySQL and MongoDB developers team to get proper guidance for your project. 

How Blockchain Helps In Securing Internet Of Things?

A report by Fortune Business Insights indicates that the global market of IoT is forecasted to reach $ 1.11 trillion by 2026 at 24.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). IoT is getting a boom in the software industry and a lot of applications are introducing day by day that is helpful in our everyday life.

Internet of Things (IoT) is providing competitive advantage for businesses in current and new markets as a wide variety of advanced technologies are enabling the accomplishment of desired tasks. IoT has changed things and revolutionizing the tech industry by introducing advanced systems. Protecting data and privacy is equally important and is a big concern for companies that can be achieved using Blockchain technology. It is a great achievement for securing IoT devices.

Managing information at all levels is complex because data will flow across many boundaries but Blockchain technology advancement has played its role in managing this problem effectively. Various technological components truly make the IoT ecosystem and it is good to consider the internet of things as a system of systems.
The architecting of these systems provide business value to organizations that include applications, protocols, and analytics capabilities that make up a fully functioning IoT system. The complexity for ensuring security in the IoT industry has become possible using Blockchain technological advancement.

The Blockchain Approach:

Blockchain technology that underpins bitcoin has emerged as an object of intense interest in the tech industry and beyond. Blockchain technology offers a secure way of recording the transactions or any digital interaction with the help of their transparent, secure, and highly efficient system.

It carries the possibility of disrupting the industry by enabling new business models to achieve new heights of success. The technology is advancing rapidly and creating positive impacts by making businesses more secure and functional.


Blockchain is capable of maintaining the continuous growing set of data records. The nodes included in it have a copy of the chain that is ever-growing. Data records are added to the chain. A Blockchain consists of two types of elements. One is transaction and other is blocks record. Transactions are created by the participants and blocks record these transactions and make sure that they are in the correct sequence without any tampered data. Blocks also keep a record of the transactions.

Advantages of Blockchain:

The great benefit of Blockchain is that it is public and everyone participating can see the blocks and the transactions stored in them. However, actual content is protected by your private key.

In the Blockchain, there is no single authority that can approve the transactions or set specific rules to have transactions accepted showing a huge amount of trust in this technology as all the participants in the network have to reach a consensus to accept transactions. The database can only be extended and previous records cannot be changed or a very high cost need to be paid for it.

The functioning of Blockchain:

A Blockchain is a cloud-based database shared by every participant in a given system. In this example, it is a currency trade containing the complete transaction of the cryptocurrency or other record-keeping in other applications. Consider it as a cloud-based peer to peer ledger.

How Blockchain Works

It is illustrated in the above diagram and its explanation is available too:
1. Jayden wants to send money to Smith
2. A block is created showing the transaction.
3. The block is shown to every party in the network.
4. Participants of the network approve the transaction and validate it
5. The block is then added to the chain which provides a permanent and transparent record of the transaction.
6. Smith receives the money from Jayden

When anyone wants to add a transaction to the chain then all the participants in the network will validate it. It is done by applying an algorithm to the transaction to verify its validity. Then it is up to a majority of participants to agree that the transaction is valid.

A set of approved transactions are then bundled in a block, which is sent to all the nodes in the network. They in response validate the new block. Every successive block contains a hash, which is a unique fingerprint of the previous block.

Types of Blockchain:

There are two main types of Blockchain:
1. A public Blockchain
2. A private Blockchain
In a public Blockchain, data is accessible to everyone. Some public Blockchain limit the access however, bitcoin allows the approach of writing to anyone.

In a private Blockchain, all the participants are trusted and known. This is helpful in a scenario when the Blockchain is used between the companies of the same entity.

The Blockchain and Internet of Things:

Blockchain technology has become an essential component in the IoT industry for scalability, privacy and reliability concerns in the world of IoT. Blockchain technology can be used in tracking the transactions processes and enable coordination between devices.

Blockchain technology eliminates every single point of failure creating a more reliable ecosystem for devices. The cryptographic algorithms used in the Blockchain make consumer data more private.

The ledger is ledger proof and unable to get malicious attacks as there is no single thread of communication that can be intercepted. Blockchain has proved its worth in the world of financial services through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, ensuring guaranteed payment services without the need of third-party brokers.

The capabilities of the Blockchain make it an ideal component to become a fundamental part of IoT solutions. It is a fact that IoT technologies have become an early adopter of Blockchain.

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In an IoT network, the Blockchain can keep an immutable record of the history of smart devices. This feature enables the smooth functioning of smart devices. Blockchain opens the doors to a series of IoT scenarios that were remarkably difficult or even impossible to implement.

By leveraging the Blockchain, IoT solutions can enable secure and trustable messaging between devices in an IoT network. In this model, the Blockchain will treat message exchanges between devices similar to a financial transactions in a bitcoin network.

In this scenario, we can communicate regarding crop conditions detection with the irrigation system. Similarly, use of Blockchain technology will enable autonomous smart devices to exchange data or even execute financial transactions without the involvement of a centralized broker.

We can visualize smart devices in a manufacturing plant that can autonomously place orders for repairing without human intervention. Similarly, smart vehicles in a truck fleet will be able to provide a complete report of the parts needing replacement after reaching a workshop.

One of the most wonderful features of the Blockchain is the ability to maintain a trusted ledger of all transactions occurring in a network. Blockchain capabilities are significant to enable regulatory requirements of industrial IoT applications without the need of involving a centralized model.

We offer Blockchain app development solutions in a wide variety of applications. If you are looking for the Blockchain applications development company, Contact us today.

On-demand Cargo Bike Services

How Cargo Bikes Can Be The Best Choice For Your Family?

A wide variety of cargo bikes are available that are used for various purposes. People find them economical as well as easier for transporting loads and taking kids from one place to another. I am sharing here different types of Cargo Bikes and their benefits, helping you to make the best choice for your family.

Cargo Bikes for Family Riding:

Cargo bikes have been around for a long time and there are various options to choose from them. In North America, Cargo biking is on rise for hauling kids on bikes, trailers, midtails, longtails, and bakfiets. If you want to know about these options, please read the article below:


Longtails are longer than bikes which allows you to haul more stuff. It is like a bike with various models available which you can choose according to your preference. It has enough space to put things.


Bakfiets are box bikes that are used for carrying purposes. They usually have a wooden box having a bench seat and some basic clips as harnesses. Bakfiets are driven by linkage steering. The Front tire is connected to the steering tube by means of a long metal bar. It seems to be the right choice for your family. Longtail bakfiets are much lighter and easier to move around. Bakfiets with a canopy on is even a better option.

Bakfiets are the best choice for winter, which has a protective box for keeping your children warm. Box bike or bakfiets has an internal hub and a canopy. It can be the best choice for many while longtail cargo bike can also be the best choice to accommodate more stuff in it.

Bakfiets protect your child from precipitation. It keeps passengers dry as it has a built-in cover with solid protection. The cover acts as a mini-greenhouse, adding extra warmth. There is enough space to add blankets etc., to the box.

Bakfiets Style Bikes with Babies:

For the earliest stages infants, a bucket-style car seat in a bakfiets is used for transporting little ones around. Front mounted seats are generally recommended for 9 months baby. With the right body type, bike type, and handlebar configuration, these seats are the most excellent option. Long tails are just awesome for rear seats with one or two kids.

Biking with older babies:

If you are biking with older babies, use the widest tires that your bike can fit and lower the pressure. Cargo is a very good option which allows you to accommodate a kid or two easily. Cargo bikes are also used for groceries. The bakfiets offer all-in-one solution. It is extremely helpful having two cargo bikes with two adults and two children. It really reduces the car use in the city and saves a lot of time while being really great for our health and well-being.

Family Bike:

Family bikes are quite good for moving with your kids while keeping the cost of traveling in car low. Trailers and long tail cargo bikes are more popular in North America. Bakfietsen and trikes are more prevalent in Europe while various cargo bikes are also used in Japan.

Cargo for Small Passengers:

Some cargo bikes are suitable for carrying little ones. These are perfect for the age when your children are either immobile babies in car seats, toddlers, preschoolers, or even elementary aged kids who need a ride to get somewhere. These are also ideal for grocery shopping with or without kids.

Bike Trailers:

The bike trailers are commonly used by many people who ride with their children on a regular basis. Trailers are the appropriate way to carry a baby as they provide comfortable sitting and weather protection. While going on somewhere hilly, trailers are quite good for carrying baby.


Bakfietsen is a two-wheeled Dutch cargo bike with a meter-long wooden box in front. It is easy to ride when full of children and groceries.


The three-wheeled version of a bakfiets is known as a trike. In this version, a large box is sandwiched between the two front wheels. They are quite stable and can be handled quite easily. Trikes are well-known to accommodate large loads and can be great for fulfilling cycling needs.

Mid or long tail bikes:

One of the options to move with kids is longtail cargo bike. Longtail bikes are longer than regular bikes. They give space for 1-3 children. They provide a lot of room for groceries and other things. They are also suitable for bike camping or even bike packing. This is another less expensive entry point into the world of cargo biking.

Midtail bikes:

These are slightly shorter than longtail bikes, which offer rooms for 1 to 2 children. These bikes are not the best choice for biking with babies, but once your infant is strong enough for a front-mounted child seat, it is good to go with it.

Electric Assisted Bikes:

Sometimes you need to opt for an electrically assisted version as it allows so many conveniences. The kids stay warm and dry underneath the rain canopy during the wet fall, winter, and spring. People use these bikes to go for camping. Electric assist options are available on more models of bicycles.

There are various kinds of cargo bikes which people are using in various parts of the world. They are quite helpful for families to carry their kids, luggage, and moving from one place to another. On-demand cargo bikes can be helpful for people with the help of on-demand solutions.

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software development trends 2019

5 Emerging Trends For Software Developers In A Digitally Driven World

Every year introduces innovative software development trends. Similarly, 2020 will be an expansion of existing technological solutions. Let’s take a look at the emerging trends for software developers in a digitally driven world.

The software development market is continuously growing because of advancements in technology. Several changes have witnessed in 2018, which are continuing in 2019, ranging from cryptocurrency, augmented virtual and mixed reality, mobile computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

In the future, different mindsets and skills will be required for people to navigate their careers. Software development enthusiasts are assuming 2020 will be an exciting year for innovative advancements in software application development and software developers will play a significant role in every domain.

1. More Generalists Than Professional Experts:

In the data-driven world where innovative features add value to the customers, it is essential than ever to have more people who are not afraid of unfamiliar technology and have a passion for employing the latest technology in software development to accomplish things. It does not mean that there will be no longer the need for specialists.

The need for specialists will always be there. However, there will be a greater need for generalists in the software development industry. People have started seeing this change already with the rise in demand of developers for innovative technology.

2. Significance Of Collaboration/Cooperation Over Qualification:

In the future, collaboration skill will be required more than it is currently required. There is more demand for collaboration than qualification. It is important to have collaborative people who are team players than those who excel in academics.

Collaboration skill is a must because the person needs to be able to express ideas well to progress fast as compared to another person who qualifies but unable to express ideas. Moreover, speed is another significant factor to consider.

3. The Universal Mindset:

Having a global mindset in the software development career may require for developing products for the customers of different regions, languages and different devices. Moreover, the other part of the global mindset is flexibility to work with the co-workers that might be working from multiple locations or remotely.

According to the research claim, 50% of the workforce will be remote by 2020, showing the importance of having the global mindset, being able to work well with people whom you may have never met in person, having different backgrounds, and openness to welcome diversity of thoughts will become mandatory.

4. Lattice Career Progression:

Previously, career progression was largely linear; whereby a person would be moving upward through a traditional way from a junior role, to a mid-level, senior level, manager and then possibly retiring as a senior executive.

However, the career progression in the future will be lattice, where you will progress throughout your career by adopting new skills and performing innovative tasks.

According to the estimates, 60% of all new jobs will require skills that 20% of the current workforce possesses. It means you will need to be flexible, adaptable, learning throughout your career for growing in the future.

5. Creative Self-Starters Rather Than Task Implementers:

In the current digital age, creativity is the key to success rather than implementing someone’s else solution. Self-starters who come up with creative solutions will be more valuable than tasks implementers as creative minds have become the need of the hour for future success.

Having an entrepreneurship passion will become the need of the hour and companies will encourage this characteristic as humans are innovative and they can do quick work as compared to the robots.

Get ready for Achieving Future Goals:

The future of work is not too far off as we are already seeing its glimpses today in the software industry. Get ready for the most significant change in the software industry trends. This change will bring the best and open more chances of success.

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Best App Ideas For Successful Startups

A great business idea is a key to a successful startup. Mobile has nowadays become a necessity of every person, and thus mobile apps businesses are likely to continue to grow in the future. If the startup idea is excellent, the chances of hitting success increase manifold. Moreover, in this era of technological impressions, a successful mobile app for your startup is again a smart move.

By focussing on the app domain, we have come up with some of the best app ideas for a startup to add more business value.

Local Food Delivery App:

A local food delivery app is suitable for affordable and the best food delivery service. The user enters the required information like delivery location, food type, and contact details. The real-time features allow tracking delivery boy location and estimated time left to receive the delivery.

Healthcare App:

Everyone goes to their doctor for a regular health check-up but making appointments before the visit is essential. Healthcare app is one of the best apps that allow taking appointment via app and user will get the notification for an approved or not approved appointment.

Goods Loading App:

Many people need to deliver goods from one place to another in a short time. With the loading an app, business owners can manage orders of transporting goods from one place to another.

Gift Delivery App:

Sometimes, people don’t have time to buy gifts in this busy schedule which they often need to give to their near and dear ones. Therefore, providing the opportunity for gift delivery to the user can be the best business idea.

Tourist travel app:

It is difficult to find the best places to visit on foreign land. This can be one of the best apps to find the best places to visit them during the holidays. It will pinpoint all the tourist spots, restaurants, and popular things to let the users enjoy to their fullest.

Interior designing app:

People want to get internal designing services for their homes or offices. An app for interior designing services provides designing options like carpets, curtains, wall paint, and more. Users can get the services of an interior designer in the nearby area that will ease the interior designing process.

Car Parking App:

Finding a car parking app during rush hours can be difficult. Car parking app shows the nearby available parking spots according to GPS that help the users to grab a parking spot quickly. You can easily pay for on-street and off-street parking right from your mobile device.

Tutor App:

Finding the right tutor is challenging to find these days. Tutor app enables students to connect with the tutors of their choice for real-time help. Students who want to get a firm grip on their subjects can find the best tutors at affordable rates. A wide range of services can be included in the tutor app that will cater to the needs of children and adults.

Car wash app:

This app is suitable for car wash services. There is a high demand for a car wash, and a user-friendly app can help in getting these services with just a few taps. Car wash app allows you to order a car wash to your doorstep.

Grocery app:

Everyone has to go for grocery shopping one or the other day of the month. It is a useful app that helps the user to add products to their cart and get them delivered at their doorsteps. Many apps for grocery are already available in the market. To stand out from the crowd, it is essential to offer some unique features and here are some ideas for you:

  1. Zero cancellation fee
  2. No minimum order
  3. Price comparison between users

Cab hailing App:

Hiring or booking an app has become more comfortable with cab hailing services. Uber is a significant example in which users can book an app with just a few taps. Users can track the vehicle in real-time. Taxi service companies also give promos and discounts that attract users and save cost. You can hail a cab for going home to the office and even for outstation journeys.

Restaurant Reservation App:

People may wish to go for a fine dine and can opt for rock parties. If an app allows reserving the table in advance, it will be excellent. People prefer to reserving the table before reaching the hotel. They might need it for a birthday party, or dining. Currently, many apps offer similar services. If you provide unique features and adding discounts, it will add more value to the app.

How to implement your app idea?

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On-demand Mobile App Company

In previous times, the world communicated via SMS. Then WhatsApp offered real-time messaging on mobile. A bit later, various other platforms for quick chat introduced that made communication faster. From that time on, communication has become fast and efficient.

The growth of real-time technologies has introduced a variety of real-time features such as live streaming, real-time chat and push notifications. Reputable mobile app development trends have introduced a wide variety of real-time features that allows instant communication.

If you want to know the real-time features for web and mobile and the way of interaction they have changed for businesses and customers. Read this article below:

Real-Time Functionality Benefit For Business And Customers:

After seeing the benefits of real-time features, many organizations have included these features in their business app. Various apps are available that offer real-time features and people use those apps daily. Airbnb, Uber, and Facebook are a few examples that offer real-time functionality.

Real-time Messaging:

Real-time messaging feature in the apps has increased the number of app users. A report shows that the number of messaging app users was around 1.82 billion in 2017 which is predicted to reach 2.48 billion by 2021.

Statistics show the number of messaging app users increase every year because of the benefits it offers to users via web and mobile apps. They allow secure communication between users and service providers.

Quick and Easy Communication:

The real-time chat feature is the core feature for matching users and enabling smooth and effective interactions among them. A lot of examples for real-time functionality in different niches is available that include Airbnb, Uber, eBay, Etsy and more.

Uber also has integrated instant messaging functionality that allows drivers to exchange messages within the app. It allows for effective communication between users and service providers.
Real-time chat is an essential feature for your business. It provides users quick and personalized answers to questions at the time of urgent need.

79% of customers prefer using chat feature as compared to customer support. The feature is essential for e-commerce as 77% of customers won’t purchase if there is no live chat support.

With the chat feature, users are now able to get help within 15 seconds, which significantly improve customer satisfaction.

Shopify has 24/7 live chat assistance to guarantee that their customers get the best-personalized support. Shopify gives the option to describe their problems so they can be redirected to the relevant page in the FAQs. If he/she does not find Shopify answer helpful, Shopify connects a user with a support specialist.


Push notifications have become a significant feature for web and mobile applications. They inform users about important events and send promos to encourage them to use it more.

Encouraging users to come back to an application:

A recent study by localytics presents that 21% of users leave an app after one use. With the push notifications, you can get customers to return to your application by providing relevant information that may stimulate their curiosity. But, choose the right frequency of push notifications.

Engaging and notifying users about significant events:

Airbnb users can subscribe to their preferred area of interest and get push notifications when new features or products are listed in this area.

HotelTonight’s Track-It feature lets users choose a hotel or city and tap to track it. The app notifies about changes in price or the availability of the new rooms in the selected city. Many hotel and flight booking apps inform users regarding the hottest deals to attract them towards booking.

Uber sends push notifications to inform passengers that drivers are arriving soon. It also uses push notifications to match passengers with drivers by providing car numbers to let passengers recognize their rides.

Real-Time Feeds:

Real-time feeds are a must for all social networking apps. A real-time feed makes your app sticky, as users get the latest information immediately.

The jet journal is a social travel platform to plan or document trips. Its real-time feed feature is a core value unit.

Live Data Streaming:

Live data streaming is widely used in many business spheres, allowing delivering data to end users. More companies are adopting live streaming as brands can use it to engage with audiences authentically.

Logistics industry can get benefit from the real-time features as it provides instant help in case of any difficulty in logistics.

Uber uses real-time monitoring to manage rides. Location tracking allows monitoring of a truck’s location or vehicle location. With the geolocation feature, the app analyzes the data to find nearby drivers. The app sends information about the user’s location to a driver to pick up the user.

Order Status Updates:

The feature of order status is particularly crucial for on-demand delivery and shipping companies. With order status updates, users get updates about their ordered product. Order status updates with location tracking and push notifications are essential features for all companies for transparent and robust customer relationships.

Statistics show that customer care about transparent shipping. The MyCustomer survey shows that 82% of customers want retailers to communicate at every stage proactively.

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Explore the Top 11 Tech Jobs for 2019

In this year, we saw the rising demand for various tech jobs in the field of cybersecurity, data science, and software development. In 2019, the tech job is expected to rise because of emerging technologies.

Demand for jobs will continue to rise in artificial intelligence, automation, virtual reality, cryptocurrency, data science, marketing, and sales. Companies apply digital transformations; therefore, they need tech leaders to handle the increasing numbers of projects.

In the 2019 IT salary report, the major industries that will experience digital transformations and will need more IT workers include financial services, software as a service (SaaS) and healthcare. In the industries, the top tech jobs for 2019 are given below:

1. Business Intelligence Analyst:

With the increase in the invention of new devices and applications, the need to analyze and understand data into valuable insights become increasingly important. The demand for BI Analysts is expected to grow by 14% until 2024, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

With a background in business and computer science, BI analysts must have information and experience in analytics, database technology, and reporting tools. Critical thinking and analytical skills, enable us to communicate insights accurately. Career as a BI Analyst is one of the top IT jobs in demand for future.

2. Cloud Architect:

In the previous year, cloud infrastructure grew at a rate of 51% according to the research. This growth is expected to rise further as stats show that the cloud market will amount to $411 billion by 2020.

There is a rising demand for tech professionals skilled in cloud infrastructure. Cloud architects are responsible for managing and monitoring cloud computing strategy, management, deploying and supporting the cloud applications.

Candidates that have remarkable communication skills and strong knowledge and experience with web services, automation and IT service management are the perfect candidates for cloud architect job.

3. Cloud Systems Engineer:

Cloud system engineer is another tech job in the cloud market that develop and design the virtual systems or technologies that support cloud operations.
These tech experts have experience working with cloud services and have a good understanding of APIs, programming languages, automation, and DevOps.

Statistics show that job postings for cloud engineers and cloud computing professionals have risen to 27 %. Cloud system engineers get among the highest paying jobs with an average salary of $90,000 in the US.

4. Data Scientist:

Data scientist continues to be among the best tech jobs for the future in the tech and finance industry. As almost every business requires data, the need for data scientists has spread across other sectors from retail to manufacturing and more.

The job of data scientists is data collection, management, and analysis, which is used by companies to make critical business decisions. Data scientists have strong skills in statistics, programming, mathematics, and analysis.

5. Database Developer:

As big data continues to improve among companies, a growing number of companies require professionals to develop their own IT architecture. Database developers have become one of the high demand jobs for businesses.

Database developers develop new database servers and manage database architecture. They develop database systems using SQL code, knowledge of various database technologies and programming languages. Database developers require strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

Companies pay more for skilled database developers. The average salary for a database developer in the US is $82,000.

6. Web, Software, and Mobile Developer:

U.S. Bureau of statistics shows employment growth of 24% from 2016 to 2026, which is showing that the software developer job is one of the best technical jobs for the next ten years.

The purpose of software, web and mobile developer is to design, develop, test and sustain systems, websites, or applications. Developers can understand client requirements and develop efficient methods to meet the user’s needs.

Python, Java, and JavaScript are supposed to be more in-demand programming languages. On the other hand, data recommend that Java developers will continue to dominate enterprises due to the growth of cloud technologies.

The increase of machine learning and AI has paved the way for the increase in python developers. Moreover, JavaScript continues to be a popular programming language for enterprises.

7. DevOps Engineer:

DevOps engineers continue to place high demand as their workflow is becoming popular among businesses. Hiring DevOps engineers into your business enable deploying faster code with fewer mistakes. It manages IT infrastructure into your business, allows software development, testing and monitoring performance. It will allow companies to improve their business processes efficiently.

Demand for DevOps engineers will continue with the application of cloud-based software for businesses and consumers and the implementation of efficient systems.

8. Full Stack Developers:

They are normally in demand due to their deep background and experience in all stages of software development. Full stack developers have multiple years of experience and strong knowledge in different programming languages.

9. IoT Specialists:

The emergence of the Internet of Things brings efficiency to consumers and businesses. It connects various devices without a human to human and human to computer interaction.

More businesses have started and continue to develop and use IoT connected devices. TripWire foretells that over 30 billion IoT devices will be installed by 2020. The demand for IoT connected devices also increases the need for IOT specialists. These professionals require skills in various disciplines like connectivity, cloud analytics, development, and enterprise integration. Hiring IOT specialists help the company know the current trends and emerging IOT technologies.

10. Network Administrators:

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics outlines a 6% growth for network administrators from 2016 to 2026. The demand for network administrators is supposed to grow as long as firms will continue to adopt new technology and mobile networks. A network administrator has expertise and experience in troubleshooting, good communication, and analytical skills.

11. Security Professionals:

There is a high demand for Security Professionals. A report of cybersecurity ventures predicts that there will be 3.5 million vacant positions by 2021.

Security professionals are in high demand as a growing number of business operations rely on data. These IT professionals help companies securing a business network, software, and keep up with security trends. This is one of the reasons that individuals with such skills have the top paying tech jobs 2019.

Security professionals should have excellent communication skills, the experience of working with security systems, managing of security threats and more.

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