Backend as a Service

Backend as a Service Platform for Mobile and Web Apps

Did you develop a mobile app or planning to develop one but uncertain about its speed and peak load management? A considerable proportion of apps fail to make a mark due to inefficient development of custom backend. A poor backend is characterized by following disadvantages while building or maintaining the app:

  1. Poor loading time: An efficient backend should ensure that app does not take more than 6 seconds to load when opened for the first time. Moreover, 2 seconds is the standard time to load when opening as a returning user.
  2. Slower Development Speed: You can accelerate the process of mobile app development and ensure to build the app in markedly lower price. Custom apps take excessively more time.
  3. Expensive Development: The custom app development process would consume a significant amount of money up to the degree that your bank account might exhaust.
  4. Server Management: There will always be an overhead of maintaining in-house servers.
  5. Inability to Scale-up: You will have a hard time scaling up your business. Any effort toward scalability would most likely require additional hardware resources and expertise to maintain them.

How is Backend-as-a-Service Effective?

Instead of caring about the intricacies of backend development, you can attain backend-as-a-service (BaaS) platform. In essence, BaaS service provider would be responsible to ensure that the backend development of your app remains flawless, quick, and inexpensive.

Following are the ways demonstrating how backend-as-a-service platform serves you.

Database Management with MBaaS

Development of databases for custom apps is both expensive as well as time consuming. These apps are highly prone to security breaches because there is a high probability of loopholes creation during development.

Mobile backend-as-a-Service addresses this problem by offering a framework which has already been tested on scores apps. Thus, developers do not have to develop backend from scratch. Instead, they use APIs to connect data sources with app. The APIs are built in a way that they disallow possibilities of successful intrusion through backend.

Hosting and Storage

A successful development of custom apps does not complete the job as server configuration, app release planning, and a host of other tasks also remain. You would need to add users from backend each time a new database administrator moves in. Moreover, the integration of native services would also be an in-house task.

MBaaS enables you to have an effective content distribution network in place apart from a real-time cloud messaging system.

Mob Inspire provides managed multi-tenant as well as dedicated MBaaS solutions. We use public clouds from Amazon Web Services to offer either of these solutions. Besides, you do not need to upload an entirely new app to provide users with a new functionality. Instead, you can update the app using remote config feature.

Scalability and Accessibility

BaaS uses centralized cloud-based architecture. The flexibility of this architecture enables you to easily scale the business as required. Your company would be generating more data and holding greater digital assets in future. Thus, it would require more space on servers.

BaaS frees you from scale-up overheads. Your backend service provider would be responsible for keeping a seamless backend of your app.

Notifications with Mobile Backend as a Service

Working with custom apps requires hosting of a dedicated server for push notifications. MBaaS allows setting up instant notifications for the users of your mobile app. The users would receive same set of messages since there would be a common underlying cloud.

Every app that uses instant notifications has same set of use cases. However, the backend approach may differ between them. MBaaS allows you to use one code for each of your apps where messaging or notification feature is required. Since the frontend would vary, the appearance of each app would still be different from other despite using same backend approach.

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In-app Features Integration

You can tell apart an efficient BaaS from the otherwise with their ability to integrate in-app features. Mob Inspire MBaaS enables you to define access hierarchy and personalization of apps for each user with distinct profiles.

An effective MBaaS would offer dashboards with insightful charts and graphs. These statistics share performance insight of apps including the factors which cause drawbacks. They allow you to decide if the apps are sufficiently fast and secure or not. However, it is advisable to occasionally have an independent audit of apps as well.

Moreover, Backend-as-a-Service should also allow comfortable integration with third-party tools. For instance, you might be using a third party tool for in-house resource management. The app should be able to integrate these tools seamlessly.

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MBaaS Providers Facilitate Development

It is notable that mobile Backend-as-a-service should enable you to develop apps for various operating systems and the behavior on each OS remains flawless.

Mob Inspire uses REDIS as a replacement of traditional Memcached as a memory caching system. REDIS does not only serve as cache but as in-memory data structure and a database as well. You can have the abilities of automatic partitioning and high availability with REDIS Sentinel and REDIS Clustering.

The use of Loopback – a Node.js framework – enables developers to connect nodes comfortably with socket.IO. The API ensures high speeds during immense loads on servers. Besides, it also reduces the amount of efforts and time consumption in development.

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Leverage the Best Mobile Backend as a Service Platform

In a Nutshell, MBaaS eliminates the repetitive tasks of developing APIs for signups, instant notification, file uploading, integration with social media channels, and geolocation besides a host of other features. Using MBaaS, developers use pre-built APIs for each of these features because their development remains identical regardless of the use cases or scope of app.

Mob Inspire is serving as one of the best MBaaS providers for years enabling the mobile app development industry to attain stability.

Our experts do not only assist you in using the Backend-as-a-Service platform for app development but also in adoption of cloud-optimized storage and virtual cores.

We would love to work with you on another challenging and exciting project. Contact us today so that our experts can take you further.