What are the benefits of dedicated offshore development teams ?

In today’s day and age, we have integrated computers into every aspect of our lives. As such, software development plays a vital role in every industry, arguably one of the most critical roles in every industry. Custom built software applications boost productivity and streamline work processes, and so along-side large corporations, small and mid-sized companies are also investing in custom software systems. Some
companies make their systems, but most outsource software development by hiring dedicated offshore
teams, and we at MobInspire develop state-of-the-art systems that deliver quality results at acceptable
Some of the reasons why you should hire a dedicated offshore software development team are:

  • You get top quality resources for your work
  • You get a team of highly skilled and professional personnel to work on specific requirements.
  • You can receive required technical support.
  • You have a proper monitoring setup for your project.


Below are some advantages detailing why hiring a dedicated offshore team is an excellent option for
you, in case you are looking to have a custom built software system developed for your company.

      • You get better control over the process and complete control over the team. You can choose
        which developers you want on your team depending on whose skillset and expertise meets your
        specific requirements. Furthermore, at any stage of development, you can communicate with
        the team and give it your considerations. Moreover, you can add resources to the team when
        required, and release resources when they are no longer necessary.
      • A dedicated team allows for consistent and cohesive communication, which is of utmost
        importance in any software development project. Usually, there is a single point of contact
        between you and the team, the project manager, who expertly communicates any technical or
        non-technical issues between you and the team. However, if you wish to do so, you can directly
        interact with any developer on the team.
      • The dedicated offshore development team provides regular updates based on your requests so
        that you can remain up to date on all the progress and can provide your input regarding any
        technical or non-technical aspect of the development cycle. Furthermore, regular updates allow
        you to make sure that the quality of the work the team is doing is meeting the industry’s top
      • Due to previously working with numerous companies on several different and unique projects
        our offshore teams have acquired a vast array of skills and expertise that allows them to bring a
        particular excellence in all the work they are involved with regardless of the nature of the work.
        Furthermore, a dedicated offshore team will have senior level resources who are experts in their
        domain, so the work delivered to you will be of high quality.
      • In most projects, making changes, especially during the ending phases can carry several risks.
        However, with a dedicated offshore development team, these risks are mitigated, and you can make changes in the project whenever and however you, please. Therefore, if you wish, you can make changes and have them implemented immediately at any point in the development process. Also, the team understands your project expectations, analyzes your requirements with extreme detail and precision, and gives the best possible solutions.
      • Your offshore dedicated development team will provide you with long-term support,
        maintenance services and you can also have appropriate changes made to your platform based
        on the actual feedback of the users. You would obviously need a team to make sure everything
        is running smooth and also to add more modules and feature in your app/software once your
        business picks up.
      • Employing the services of dedicated offshore development teams is hugely cost-effective given
        that recruiting, setting up in-house IT infrastructure and maintaining it are not only cumbersome
        tasks but also expensive ones. Moreover, the production costs involve pay cheques, system
        maintenance costs, rent on equipment, software costs, hardware costs, etc. and you can save on
        all these costs by merely hiring a dedicated offshore team of developers with whom the overall
        cost consists of simply hiring them. You can hire resources per your project’s requirements by
        paying per month for each resource.


Dedicated offshore development teams will provide you with better delivery regarding product and
performance. The reasons mentioned above to hire dedicated teams and the benefits they bring to your
project prove that when developing any system or project of your own, it would be in your best interest
to hire a dedicated offshore team. And if you are interested and are considering hiring a team, look no
further, for we at MobInspire are happy to provide.

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