Big Data Modeling

Over 80% of your organization’s data is unstructured. Modeling of this major proportion of data enables you to attain actionable insights, and hence inform future decisions.
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Big Data Services and Expertise

Data Lake Implementation

A data warehouse is only sufficient to hold data in hierarchical form. Data lake offers flat storage schemes which holds every data type in the same repository.

Aggregation and Validation

The similar datasets can be grouped together to further improve the decision making process. A robust statistical analysis coupled with AI algorithms enables this data aggregation.

Data Extraction and Cleansing

Reliability and validity are two of the most significant properties of data. Extraction ensures reliable data sources while cleansing provides removal of corrupted entries.

Visualization and Postprocessing

The output of big data modeling is only as good for non-technical management as its visualization. You need extensive dashboards with charts and graphs to enhance output visibility.

Anomaly Detection

A comprehensive machine learning suite for anomaly detection ensures the discovery of frauds and intrusions. These tools also assist in identifying invalid datasets.


Application Integration

Integration of big data technologies within websites and mobile apps prevent a massive amount of work. The only condition is the careful customization of frameworks to business needs.

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