Do you fear the vulnerabilities of traditional databases and transaction methods? Gain impregnable data security and payment transparency with Blockchain.

Notable Use Cases of Blockchain

Supply chain and logistics

The time required to transport one freight unit multiplies by the factor of delays caused at each stop. Blockchain eliminates the need to make manual payment verifications.

Drug Traceability

Fake drugs are inflicting massive financial losses to registered drug manufacturers. Blockchain eliminates drug counterfeiting by disallowing every possibility of data tampering.

Smart Contracts

The lengthy paperwork is no longer a compulsion in real estate as Blockchain is an appropriate alternative. The technology offers smart contracts which automate the process.

Banking Financial Management

The concept of traditional banking is likely to diminish owing to the rise of Blockchain. This technology empowers customers by replacing centralized banking with highly transparent approach.

Clinical Healthcare Trials

Some companies manipulate health records in their favor to attain increased sales. Blockchain obstructs this manipulation and prevents the practice of unreported clinical trials.

Enterprise Security Management

Each block remains tamperproof and encrypted with cryptographic hash. Any modification of record requires the consent of more than 50% of nodes. Thus, tampering is impossible without generating consensus.

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