January 11, 2017 written by Mobinspire

It is often said that on demand platforms are building new economies. The latest data on how consumer behaviour is changing reflects the same, showing that the economic activity in these sectors is growing. It has been developed and nurtured primarily by tech-based startups. The idea here is to have the demands of clients and consumers met by directly providing the goods and services they need.

One of the reasons that the on-demand economy is growing in preference is the need for convenience. Most of the companies are able to provide much faster delivery times, easy to follow logistics and reduce the time spent in planning ahead. Not to mention, all of this syncs in perfectly with the smartphone and other digital media.

The sheer numbers involved in the business are growing each year. Many new startups have raised over $20 million in valuations and funding.


Perhaps the ultimate in on demand platforms and luxury, JetSmart provides people the chance to fly anywhere in the world. The catch is, the flights are all in a private aircraft and everything else can be customized as per need.


A simple idea, Luxe simplifies parking for people in the city. With the help of the app, valets are provided as and when needed, helping people stay on track without worrying about parking.


A price comparison app for customers that want everything on the go, Scandid is earning rave reviews. It has been slated for greater valuations in the future.

The common factor in all these on demand platforms is that they have a strong app to rest on. Mob Inspire creates apps that can help your idea grow into an on demand platform as well. The on demand platforms are creating new micro-economies, which are the way of the future.

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