January 11, 2017 written by Mobinspire

Each year, the sheer volume of data collected by electronic devices grows and creates value for the people that can work with it. The role of big data in mobile platform business may not be immediately obvious, but it is definitely the next big thing.

To begin with, big data comes from the growing usage of smart phones. It is dedicated in terms of audience behaviour and usage patterns. Apps such as Uber depend on big data, and many others are following suit. Growing businesses include Misfit – which uses big data to make better fitness trackers. It is followed by food delivery businesses such as Blue Apron, that use big data to understand what their target audience wishes to eat more often.

There are many outcomes of this move, all of which will be aimed at creating a culture around the analysis and usage of big data.

Mobile services will soon become personalised to the point that they target the audience through psychographics instead of demographics. The smart phone will become the most personalised advertisement you will be subjected to, ensuring that you only receive offers about what you need.

Mobile platform business will be able to create more intuitive structures and features in their work. It allows the noise and not-so-useful parts of the business to be slowed down and the important things to come through. This saves up on time and cost, plus creates a boost for efficiency. In the long run, it’s the best for both consumers and creators.

Many firms that dabble in mobile development recognize the role of big data in mobile platform business. They are beginning to use the data in their work and experiment with new ways to keep enriching their own services. This is where Mob Inspire Inc. absolutely excels – whether it is in developing, design or creation of applications, we are here for you.

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