January 11, 2017 written by Mobinspire

The traditional economic hubs in the USA have been in the Mid-western and the manufacturing towns. Most of the big giants in technology have their headquarters in these areas, along with major towns settled around them. This begs the question of why big giants want to work with Silicon Valley Company.

Simply put, there is a new economy emerging in the USA. This is the on-demand startup economy, where the demand and supply equation is far more fluid. Entrepreneurs are finding ways in which they can cater directly to the customer, without having to bring in a salesperson. As a result, they are able to change the customer dynamics and behavioral expectations. This is seemingly threatening for any kind of big giant that has spent years training the customers to rely on the supply. To stay afloat in the new world and not lose out on the talent, the big giants have to make peace with Silicon Valley.

Startups that have changed the world are located in this area. Think Facebook and Google, which were startups even before the term was coined. There is rarely a business now that does not want to work with them or for them.

The new businesses in the Valley in the past 5 years that have changed business models are Dropbox, Snapchat and Uber. To build something in this location gives it a stamp of authority. It says that the people you choose to work with are the best and have the highest chance of success.

There are many more examples that clearly show why big giants want to work with Silicon Valley company. It will help them keep their business model relevant and get the chance of stay in business ahead of the competition. Not to mention, they will be able to tap into a whole new market and target higher profits. Mob Inspire Inc. is one such company that follows the Silicon Valley model of success, inspiring many businesses to work with us.

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