enterprise mobility solutions

Essence and Impact of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The advent of portable computers including smartphones, tablets, and laptops allowed the employees to access organizational data remotely. This ability brought huge flexibility by enabling individuals to work from anywhere. With time, the IT sector introduced purpose-built enterprise mobility solutions to ensure effective implementation of mobility management.

It is advisable to consolidate the concept of enterprise mobility and the software systems for it.


What are enterprise mobility solutions?

Only a decade back, the geographically distributed workplaces of organizations were unable to work on the same tasks simultaneously. The most prominent reasons for this inability included slow internet speed, absence of smart devices and lack of availability of cloud platform.

Even the employees in the same workplace experienced the same problems. Although cloud infrastructure was not essential, yet the absence of high-speed connections and devices were major hurdles.

The arrival and commercialization of these technologies enabled companies to introduce enterprise mobility. A decade long effort toward mobility management ensures that offices of an organization can in parallel seamlessly. They can connect via conference calls and view the modifications of data in real-time.

The utilization of device portability enhances the influence of these activities by manifolds.

Initial adoption of mobility created significant problems regarding data security. There was no access control mechanism and the employees were able to view and manipulate organizational data from personal smartphones.

One workaround is to provide company regulated devices to employees so that the high-ups can define accessibility standards. Enterprise Mobile Management also involves defining protocols for using third-party software on mobiles, laptops, and tablets for official tasks. These devices have predefined corporate policies of use. In essence, EMM improves workplace management and flexibility without compromising data security.

However, this approach was excessively expensive. The cost of procuring and maintaining the devices prevented most companies from benefiting from enterprise mobility.

Mobile Application Management is the best strategy so far. MAM eliminates the need for devices acquired and maintained by an organization. Instead, it enables the use of enterprise applications which create a virtual environment on top of one’s personal device. Mob Inspire is one of the leading enterprise mobility solution providers with a decade long experience in this domain.


Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solutions from Mob Inspire

Mob Inspire develops an entire suite of applications for clients who are intending enterprise mobility. The applications comprise intelligent software having the flexibility to scale up over time. It also carries the ability to address the challenges specific to your organization. The EMS from Mob Inspire is assisting the clients in a number of ways.

1. Remarkable Time Optimization

The workers do not need to have a workplace computer at their disposal to answer a query. Instead, they can log into the personal handheld devices from home or at a bus station. Thus, companies can save a significant amount of time by eliminating the time consumption on petty tasks.

Conversely, in a traditional setting, managers will share a document showing workflow with employees and wait until they get a response. EMS allows the authorized employees to see the document all at once.

In essence, the EMS ensures effective communications between employees. Besides, the communication schemes include the direct ones as seamless conference calls or indirect ones as sharing screens and documents in real-time.

2. Multiple Layers of Security

Allowing the employees to use sensitive data while away from workplace can turn into a serious security breach. A recapitulation of the current decade reflects a substantial number of breach incidents owing to inefficient security apparatus.

Our experts ensure that the system provides security at multiple levels and defines the access hierarchy to datasets. The access control schemes enable companies to share only relevant information to employees. You can limit the devices from acquiring a chunk of information or the entire dataset at all.

Enterprise mobility solutions provides the facility to place distinct lines between organizational and personal data enabling companies to prevent intentional data violations. Mob Inspire also ensures the prevention of unintentional breaches by placing verification checks at various stages.

3. Significant Improvement in Cost-efficiency

Businesses no longer need to push money into updating commodity hardware every year. Instead, they can allow employees to utilize personal mobiles, laptops, and other devices. This flexibility of enterprise mobile management and mobile application management also enable companies to facilitate the employees by allowing them to work remotely.

By utilizing the dashboards and data analysis tools, you can make an effective management plan for the company. Such analysis prevents you from wasting money on relatively impractical objectives.

4. Empowering Employees with Work Flexibility

Employees prefer to work in a company that provides the flexibility of using mobile phones for work-related tasks. The tools of social interaction allow employees to indulge in group discussion and brainstorming sessions without being physically present at a location.

Apart from employees, enterprise mobility also enables businesses to establish and consolidate their relationship with customers. You can respond to their complaints and queries efficiently with incredibly lesser costs.


In a nutshell

The aim of enterprise mobility solutions is to refine the business architecture of your company. Unfortunately, many organizations failed to gain the benefits of EMS due to ineffective solution. The development and deployment of EMS require a comprehensive study of enterprise’s needs and current challenges that it frequently faces.

The developers should have a blueprint revealing how the solution would help in tackling various problems of enterprise mobile management.

Mob Inspire is developing and deploying EMS since the turn of decade. We have enabled scores of companies to realign their enterprise architecture with industry-specific mobility solutions. Contact us today so that we can build your EMS together.

Entertainment app development

Entertainment app Genres and their development

Smartphone apps are gaining an incredible reception as the number of users of smart devices is increasing significantly. Meanwhile, the app owners are also capitalizing on this growth by providing addictive apps to users. The interest in entertainment app development is growing by leaps and bounds because these kinds of apps tend to generate far more revenues than others.

Entertainment is a vast app genre. It is unwise – at least currently – to offer an app with all types of entertainment features.

Entrepreneurs should consider following kinds of entertainment apps.

Music Player

Despite the availability of thousands of music player apps at app stores, there is always a room for newer ones. The reason is the fact that there is no shortage of ideas. Entrepreneurs, music lovers, and App developers keep on devising and implementing innovative features.

The existing apps are still unable to cope with the massive demand. To expand their profits, the owners of top apps place subscription costs. These costs increase with time.

A new music app can make gains in an incredibly short time by offering free download and subscription. Although the profit margin is small for the initial months, yet the app will return significantly in the long run.

Spotify and SoundCloud are undeniably two of the best music apps. Spotify allows users to maintain playlists while SoundCloud provides the opportunity to listen to songs online.

One of the innovative features not successfully implemented is the real-time shared music platform. This feature would provide the ability to two or more app users to listen the same song simultaneously. The users need not be present at the same geographical location.

Downloading mp3 songs is often a tiresome task because most of the existing apps are overly complicated. Inefficient use of ads annoys the users and eventually pushes them to delete the app. Thus, you may help users eliminate these issues.

Video Subscription On-demand (VSoD)

Unlike music apps which are around before existence of smartphones, VSoD is relatively newer concept. The users subscribe to the genre or publishers so that they can instantly watch the videos of their choice.

Moreover, the users can choose from a range of packages depending on the services from provider. Top subscription apps allow pausing, rewinding, and many other features. Users can access live streaming of events, drama series, and movies apart from other options.

The arrival of VSoD has almost disrupted the traditional DVD and Blu-ray industry. Following graph shows this decline and the corresponding rise of VSoD. Note that this chart depicts the results between 2008 and 2015. The subsequent years demonstrate a further rise in VSoD adoption.

Hulu and Amazon are two of the top video subscription providers. Statista reports that the number of global users will increase by 45% to reach 411 million in 2022.

Since smartphones provide the utmost portability, most of these users will be using mobiles for the purpose.

AR and VR Games

Augmented and virtual reality apps are making impressive penetration in every kind of apps. However, the gaming industry appears to be the primary stakeholder.

Currently, the AR and VR gaming industry is growing at an enormous CAGR of over 152%. Reuters report from 2017 projects that the AR gaming market will reach over $284 billion by 2023. This explains the intention of every other mobile app development company to hire the experts of AR.

The arrival of ARCore and ARKit has remarkably catalyzed the development of gaming. Unlike V, the users no longer require expensive headsets for AR apps. They can experience AR in smartphones without a headset. Nevertheless, headsets enhance the experience.

The game development engines including Unity and Unreal Engine 4 are capacitating the developers with unbelievable features. Pokémon GO is one example powered by the Unity engine. This game from Niantic alone earned over $2.3 billion after releasing less than three years back.

Moreover, games are not the only use cases for AR to provide entertainment. You can also provide, for instance, an app which shares the names of stars and planets when smartphone camera points toward the sky.

Conventional Small-Sized Games

The complicated and often large space consuming games are not the only ones that attract massive number of users. Since the advent of smartphone, the probability of small-sized games to get more downloads is higher than otherwise.

Flappy Bird provides one of the most remarkable cases. The app released in 2013 consumes less than 1MB of disk space. However, it achieved millions of downloads at both Android and iOS platforms since its introduction.

Dr. Driving presents another case. With only 9.9MB, the app managed to attain over 100 million distinct users.

Usually, an entertainment app development company provides the services of building lighter apps. The development of these small-sized gaming apps carries only a little risk in case of failure. The app owner will not lose significant amount of money because they would not have invested much.

The fact that users expect freemium model is the reason for success of light-weight gaming apps. Most of the smartphone users belong to middle socioeconomic classes and tend not to pay for apps. Thus, less complicated game can be a blessing rather than bane for your business.

Social Media

Social media apps are coming out in numbers every day. The developers know that these kinds of entertainment apps penetrate quickly among smartphone users.

However, only a small fraction of these apps manage to reach at least ten thousand downloads. Most of them cannot even hit a thousand downloads mark.

Some of the top reasons for failure include ineffective marketing, inefficiency of app performance, and lack of innovation. Fortunately, many ideas still await an appropriate implementation. Selection of a company with productive mobile app development services prevents the former two causes of failure.

Contact us today to share your unique app development idea and leave the rest on us to realize it. Moreover, you can also share your ordinary ideas because our experts know how to turn average business models into incredible ones.

software development trends 2019

5 Emerging Trends For Software Developers In A Digitally Driven World

Every year introduces innovative software development trends. Similarly, 2020 will be an expansion of existing technological solutions. Let’s take a look at the emerging trends for software developers in a digitally driven world.

The software development market is continuously growing because of advancements in technology. Several changes have witnessed in 2018, which are continuing in 2019, ranging from cryptocurrency, augmented virtual and mixed reality, mobile computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

In the future, different mindsets and skills will be required for people to navigate their careers. Software development enthusiasts are assuming 2020 will be an exciting year for innovative advancements in software application development and software developers will play a significant role in every domain.

1. More Generalists Than Professional Experts:

In the data-driven world where innovative features add value to the customers, it is essential than ever to have more people who are not afraid of unfamiliar technology and have a passion for employing the latest technology in software development to accomplish things. It does not mean that there will be no longer the need for specialists.

The need for specialists will always be there. However, there will be a greater need for generalists in the software development industry. People have started seeing this change already with the rise in demand of developers for innovative technology.

2. Significance Of Collaboration/Cooperation Over Qualification:

In the future, collaboration skill will be required more than it is currently required. There is more demand for collaboration than qualification. It is important to have collaborative people who are team players than those who excel in academics.

Collaboration skill is a must because the person needs to be able to express ideas well to progress fast as compared to another person who qualifies but unable to express ideas. Moreover, speed is another significant factor to consider.

3. The Universal Mindset:

Having a global mindset in the software development career may require for developing products for the customers of different regions, languages and different devices. Moreover, the other part of the global mindset is flexibility to work with the co-workers that might be working from multiple locations or remotely.

According to the research claim, 50% of the workforce will be remote by 2020, showing the importance of having the global mindset, being able to work well with people whom you may have never met in person, having different backgrounds, and openness to welcome diversity of thoughts will become mandatory.

4. Lattice Career Progression:

Previously, career progression was largely linear; whereby a person would be moving upward through a traditional way from a junior role, to a mid-level, senior level, manager and then possibly retiring as a senior executive.

However, the career progression in the future will be lattice, where you will progress throughout your career by adopting new skills and performing innovative tasks.

According to the estimates, 60% of all new jobs will require skills that 20% of the current workforce possesses. It means you will need to be flexible, adaptable, learning throughout your career for growing in the future.

5. Creative Self-Starters Rather Than Task Implementers:

In the current digital age, creativity is the key to success rather than implementing someone’s else solution. Self-starters who come up with creative solutions will be more valuable than tasks implementers as creative minds have become the need of the hour for future success.

Having an entrepreneurship passion will become the need of the hour and companies will encourage this characteristic as humans are innovative and they can do quick work as compared to the robots.

Get ready for Achieving Future Goals:

The future of work is not too far off as we are already seeing its glimpses today in the software industry. Get ready for the most significant change in the software industry trends. This change will bring the best and open more chances of success.

We offer outstanding software solutions and mobile app development services for our clients all across the globe. Our team of developers employs the latest technology in software development and provides outstanding solutions to customers. If you are interested in reliable software solutions for your business, contact us today.

iOS app trends

Notable iOS App Trends for Startups and Established Businesses

In 2018, iOS app owners earned $34 billion collectively – an impressive 28% more than what they made in 2017. In the holiday season alone, the in-app purchases and subscriptions reached $1.22 billion. Moreover, research forecasts that subscriptions will be generating 20% of iOS app revenue by 2021.

This significant growth in earning volume for owners is a telltale sign for entrepreneurs to invest in this sector. Many business aspirants are either facing a deficit of ideas or unsure about the effectiveness of their idea.

In one of the previous articles, we shared iOS app development trends for 2019 including notable tools and languages. This article shares iOS app trends with occasional success stories and industrial insights to assist the investors with appropriate choice.

Following iOS app trends will dominate in 2019 and beyond.

Core ML 2 and Artificial Intelligence

This SDK is a remarkable addition allowing developers to train machine learning models. Core ML 2 eliminates most of the performance glitches in its first version – Core ML. This second version also ensures a speed enhancement of up to 30% relative to the inaugural version.

One of the most notable components of Core ML 2 is Create ML – the framework which facilitates machine learning modeling. This framework significantly reduces the number of pictures required to train a system for object recognition. Besides, the training time is also reduced considerably.

Core ML 2 allows the developers to enable software with language recognition ability. There is an entire framework called Natural Language to achieve this feat.

Besides Create ML and Natural Language, Core ML 2 also offers Vision framework. This is a computer vision framework which enables the detection, recognition, and classification of objects.

Thus, app investors can enable their apps to perform a range of intelligent functions.

Augmented Reality Apps with ARKit

ARKit, primarily released with iOS 11, is a framework to build augmented reality apps. iOS games account for the highest revenue generating source. Statista reveals the share of games in app store categories at around 25% followed by business apps at 9.7%. Pokémon GO is an AR game and remained one of the most trending iOS apps.

ARKit 2 is a significantly improved version with many new options including real-time experience by multiple users. Now, the apps are able to detect 3D objects and estimate their size. It is also able to track 2D images.

The ability to scale 3D objects is a landmark achievement. It enables the developers to model objects in a 3D space. Among other industries, this feature is vital for interior design sector and hence features among iOS app trends.

One of the apps featured in AR category at CES 2019 Best of Innovation Awards demonstrated the significance of ARKit in interior design. LetsPlott allows users to virtually place a sofa in a room to determine its appearance. This app also enables users to change colors of object and surrounding walls.

On-demand Services

On-demand services are now expanding more rapidly than ever. Since these services facilitate consumers by reaching their doorstep, more users are turning toward on-demand apps from traditional service providers.

On-demand businesses are among the ones with the highest ROI. In the past ten years, most of the startup unicorns belong to the on-demand sector.

This sector is disrupting many traditional businesses including taxi services and brick and mortar stores. Most of these businesses are evolving into their on-demand parallels.

The success of on-demand industries follows from the fact that it saves incredible amount of time and money of consumers. For instance, a passenger had to look for a taxi by walking miles around. There is no way for traditional taxi drivers and passengers to “see” each other.

However, on-demand taxi services facilitated the riders by booking a taxi ride through a few smartphone clicks. They also enabled consumers and taxi agents to find locations of each other by mutual consent.

Similarly, other on-demand industries also facilitate consumers and ensure cosmic returns for app owners. Healthcare, logistics and transportation, food delivery, and beauty and wellness are some of the other on-demand areas.

HomeKit for IoT

Although HomeKit is around since iOS 8, yet the analysts forecast an overwhelming utilization of this framework in 2019. HomeKit allows homeowners to control electrical appliances through smartphone apps.

Every app using HomeKit requires IoT devices having sensors to receive commands from app. For instance, an apartment resident can control room temperature or light switches by giving typed or voice commands.

Such IoT devices do not require a separate app each. Instead, developers can integrate the functioning of each device in a single app. Thus, HomeKit is one of the top iOS app trends.

While appliance control is one instance, app owners can also use HomeKit for data transfer. Initially, the developers rarely used this framework for data transfer in the wake of data breach apprehensions. However, Apple introduced multiple encryption schemes which encouraged developers.

Enterprise Apps

Strategy Analytics predicts the enterprise app market to reach $128 billion by2022. Considering the trends of past two years, one can find out that iOS enterprise apps will feature following capabilities.

Integrated apps: These systems allow viewing performance analytics and sharing data all in one enterprise level apps. The use cases increase as per the requirement of business. Nevertheless, such apps facilitate big time by accessing everything in one small portable place.

Chatbots: Bots are great source to release workload from employees to intelligent machines.

Workflow Management: The iOS development community over the years has matured to allow business leaders to manage workflows through purpose-built apps.

The Bottom Line

Despite the fact that Android has almost four times as many users as iPhone, the iOS app owners’ revenue is significantly greater. The best iPhone apps for 2019 in terms of revenue and users will most likely belong to the above categories. Entrepreneurs should act now to become one of the top app owners of the year.

Mob Inspire wants to assist you in your entrepreneurial journey. Contact us today and share your idea. Our iOS experts will assist you at every step of the journey.

Best App Ideas For Successful Startups

A great business idea is a key to a successful startup. Mobile has nowadays become a necessity of every person, and thus mobile apps businesses are likely to continue to grow in the future. If the startup idea is excellent, the chances of hitting success increase manifold. Moreover, in this era of technological impressions, a successful mobile app for your startup is again a smart move.

By focussing on the app domain, we have come up with some of the best app ideas for a startup to add more business value.

Local Food Delivery App:

A local food delivery app is suitable for affordable and the best food delivery service. The user enters the required information like delivery location, food type, and contact details. The real-time features allow tracking delivery boy location and estimated time left to receive the delivery.

Healthcare App:

Everyone goes to their doctor for a regular health check-up but making appointments before the visit is essential. Healthcare app is one of the best apps that allow taking appointment via app and user will get the notification for an approved or not approved appointment.

Goods Loading App:

Many people need to deliver goods from one place to another in a short time. With the loading an app, business owners can manage orders of transporting goods from one place to another.

Gift Delivery App:

Sometimes, people don’t have time to buy gifts in this busy schedule which they often need to give to their near and dear ones. Therefore, providing the opportunity for gift delivery to the user can be the best business idea.

Tourist travel app:

It is difficult to find the best places to visit on foreign land. This can be one of the best apps to find the best places to visit them during the holidays. It will pinpoint all the tourist spots, restaurants, and popular things to let the users enjoy to their fullest.

Interior designing app:

People want to get internal designing services for their homes or offices. An app for interior designing services provides designing options like carpets, curtains, wall paint, and more. Users can get the services of an interior designer in the nearby area that will ease the interior designing process.

Car Parking App:

Finding a car parking app during rush hours can be difficult. Car parking app shows the nearby available parking spots according to GPS that help the users to grab a parking spot quickly. You can easily pay for on-street and off-street parking right from your mobile device.

Tutor App:

Finding the right tutor is challenging to find these days. Tutor app enables students to connect with the tutors of their choice for real-time help. Students who want to get a firm grip on their subjects can find the best tutors at affordable rates. A wide range of services can be included in the tutor app that will cater to the needs of children and adults.

Car wash app:

This app is suitable for car wash services. There is a high demand for a car wash, and a user-friendly app can help in getting these services with just a few taps. Car wash app allows you to order a car wash to your doorstep.

Grocery app:

Everyone has to go for grocery shopping one or the other day of the month. It is a useful app that helps the user to add products to their cart and get them delivered at their doorsteps. Many apps for grocery are already available in the market. To stand out from the crowd, it is essential to offer some unique features and here are some ideas for you:

  1. Zero cancellation fee
  2. No minimum order
  3. Price comparison between users

Cab hailing App:

Hiring or booking an app has become more comfortable with cab hailing services. Uber is a significant example in which users can book an app with just a few taps. Users can track the vehicle in real-time. Taxi service companies also give promos and discounts that attract users and save cost. You can hail a cab for going home to the office and even for outstation journeys.

Restaurant Reservation App:

People may wish to go for a fine dine and can opt for rock parties. If an app allows reserving the table in advance, it will be excellent. People prefer to reserving the table before reaching the hotel. They might need it for a birthday party, or dining. Currently, many apps offer similar services. If you provide unique features and adding discounts, it will add more value to the app.

How to implement your app idea?

Lots of app development companies are available that provide app development services; however, finding a reliable company is essential. We develop white label apps for on-demand services and a lot of other services. Sign up today for quality app development services.

On-demand Mobile App Company

In previous times, the world communicated via SMS. Then WhatsApp offered real-time messaging on mobile. A bit later, various other platforms for quick chat introduced that made communication faster. From that time on, communication has become fast and efficient.

The growth of real-time technologies has introduced a variety of real-time features such as live streaming, real-time chat and push notifications. Reputable mobile app development trends have introduced a wide variety of real-time features that allows instant communication.

If you want to know the real-time features for web and mobile and the way of interaction they have changed for businesses and customers. Read this article below:

Real-Time Functionality Benefit For Business And Customers:

After seeing the benefits of real-time features, many organizations have included these features in their business app. Various apps are available that offer real-time features and people use those apps daily. Airbnb, Uber, and Facebook are a few examples that offer real-time functionality.

Real-time Messaging:

Real-time messaging feature in the apps has increased the number of app users. A report shows that the number of messaging app users was around 1.82 billion in 2017 which is predicted to reach 2.48 billion by 2021.

Statistics show the number of messaging app users increase every year because of the benefits it offers to users via web and mobile apps. They allow secure communication between users and service providers.

Quick and Easy Communication:

The real-time chat feature is the core feature for matching users and enabling smooth and effective interactions among them. A lot of examples for real-time functionality in different niches is available that include Airbnb, Uber, eBay, Etsy and more.

Uber also has integrated instant messaging functionality that allows drivers to exchange messages within the app. It allows for effective communication between users and service providers.
Real-time chat is an essential feature for your business. It provides users quick and personalized answers to questions at the time of urgent need.

79% of customers prefer using chat feature as compared to customer support. The feature is essential for e-commerce as 77% of customers won’t purchase if there is no live chat support.

With the chat feature, users are now able to get help within 15 seconds, which significantly improve customer satisfaction.

Shopify has 24/7 live chat assistance to guarantee that their customers get the best-personalized support. Shopify gives the option to describe their problems so they can be redirected to the relevant page in the FAQs. If he/she does not find Shopify answer helpful, Shopify connects a user with a support specialist.


Push notifications have become a significant feature for web and mobile applications. They inform users about important events and send promos to encourage them to use it more.

Encouraging users to come back to an application:

A recent study by localytics presents that 21% of users leave an app after one use. With the push notifications, you can get customers to return to your application by providing relevant information that may stimulate their curiosity. But, choose the right frequency of push notifications.

Engaging and notifying users about significant events:

Airbnb users can subscribe to their preferred area of interest and get push notifications when new features or products are listed in this area.

HotelTonight’s Track-It feature lets users choose a hotel or city and tap to track it. The app notifies about changes in price or the availability of the new rooms in the selected city. Many hotel and flight booking apps inform users regarding the hottest deals to attract them towards booking.

Uber sends push notifications to inform passengers that drivers are arriving soon. It also uses push notifications to match passengers with drivers by providing car numbers to let passengers recognize their rides.

Real-Time Feeds:

Real-time feeds are a must for all social networking apps. A real-time feed makes your app sticky, as users get the latest information immediately.

The jet journal is a social travel platform to plan or document trips. Its real-time feed feature is a core value unit.

Live Data Streaming:

Live data streaming is widely used in many business spheres, allowing delivering data to end users. More companies are adopting live streaming as brands can use it to engage with audiences authentically.

Logistics industry can get benefit from the real-time features as it provides instant help in case of any difficulty in logistics.

Uber uses real-time monitoring to manage rides. Location tracking allows monitoring of a truck’s location or vehicle location. With the geolocation feature, the app analyzes the data to find nearby drivers. The app sends information about the user’s location to a driver to pick up the user.

Order Status Updates:

The feature of order status is particularly crucial for on-demand delivery and shipping companies. With order status updates, users get updates about their ordered product. Order status updates with location tracking and push notifications are essential features for all companies for transparent and robust customer relationships.

Statistics show that customer care about transparent shipping. The MyCustomer survey shows that 82% of customers want retailers to communicate at every stage proactively.

Finding a reputable mobile app development company is essential to get a reliable app. We provide outstanding mobile apps as our team of app developers is experienced and professional. We have provided a lot of apps for a wide variety of businesses. Get in touch for an outstanding app.

Prerequisites and Components of IoT Application Development

The growing interest of businesses in IoT apps is reasonable considering the functions that one may achieve through them. IoT application development is far more complicated than the usual DIY projects. The concerns of data security and streamlining of functions are the primary reasons making development highly challenging.

This article will enable you to get a head-start for IoT app development. Mob Inspire loves to assist businesses and individual aspirants to flourish with technology and development expertise. You may request our IoT application development services for assistance.

How to develop IoT application

The approaches to IoT development vary depending on the selection of tools and frameworks. Before jumping on to the development section, one needs to confirm that the prerequisites are fulfilled.

Prerequisites for IoT app development

Like any other software engineering project, scope of business model keeps the central role in IoT app development.

While reading this piece, the readers might already know about their targeted industry. Although IoT applications are applicable in every industry, yet travel industry, healthcare, on-demand services are benefiting the most by far. Thus, you can determine the industry to which your system belongs.

One of the primary steps in outlining the business model is to perform budget analysis. The cost of related hardware varies widely depending on the objectives of end-product. Following factors have a significant influence on cost.

  1. If you understand microcontrollers well enough, the Arduino board should be your primary choice. Although there are multiple alternatives, yet Arduino has a vast online community who can assist while you are stuck. For reference, Arduino is a company that manufactures microcontrollers with embedded varying ports.
  2. The selection of cloud-platform and the degree of underlying security for safe data transfer is crucial.
  3. App which serves as an interface for users is the final cost factor. Again, the cost of app also depends on the extent of details that the owner wishes.

Thus, hardware embedded with relevant sensors (Arduino in this above example), data storage infrastructure (cloud-platform), and software app make the three essential components of an IoT app. Whether you want the app to streamline business operations or use it as a product, the cost will vary widely.

Selecting Cloud Platform

The cloud service provider is one of the key stakeholders. The transfer of data between hardware and mobile app occurs through this remotely located server. If your device needs to store records for longer periods, cloud provides the requisite storage.

The significance of cloud lies in the fact that it holds sensitive data app users and functionality of application. Any breach may affect the confidentiality of users or working of the app.

Yahoo data breach presents one of the famous examples. Over a billion accounts of this web services giant were compromised. However, this incident does not reflect that cloud services are vulnerable. The number of incidents indicates that hackers are more likely to penetrate through web-based storage.

Most independent tech analysts recommend Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, IBM Watson, and Google Cloud for IoT apps. However, you may not necessarily need to acquire one of these because your local cloud provider can serve you too.

Apart from security, some other elements also affect the choice of platform. These factors include bandwidth, data recovery, and scalability.

Bandwidth affects throughput (rate of successful data transfer) and latency (time before data starts transferring once requested). Data recovery is essential to ensure availability of duplicate data in case of corruption in the primary set. Scalability provides the capacity to increase the scope of app by introducing more features over time.

Designing the App

Designing the user interface for IoT follows the same principles as any other mobile app. The design also depends on the expertise of IoT application development company. Experts at Mob Inspire recommend AngularJS for developing entire frontend considering its flexibility and smooth running. React Native, Xamarin, and Ionic are some of the examples of cross-platform frameworks.

Selection of framework also relies on developer’s area of expertise. Regardless of the framework used, the ultimate objective is enabling users to navigate through the app easily. The app should have clearly-labeled relevant buttons. Moreover, user experience (UX) must be flawless if you intend to sell this app as a product.

It is crucial that the app design is compatible with various platforms. One may not assume that the app will run on a single OS. Besides, it should provide a seamless experience on every screen size.

The apps with more flashcards instead of lengthy texts are likely to ensure better experience. Moreover, the monotone scheme for color combination also serves to enhance experience.

Connecting the Devices with cloud

Similar to design frameworks, IoT integration with cloud also uses pre-built APIs. Companies follow multiple industry-level standards defined by manufacturers of microcontrollers.

The foremost objectives include developing an interface each for data processing and functioning of IoT devices. A data interface should be able to share information to a mobile app via cloud collected from device. Appropriate functioning of function interface is must to ensure that data transfer happens correctly.

For instance, a connected home appliance system provides a decent example. When the owner requests to switch off lights through mobile app, the request is transferred to IoT device via cloud in the form of data. In response, the functional interface processes the request and performs required action.

In many cases, including the one mentioned above about home appliances, cloud may not be the middleware. Many developers use a networking hub too.

IoT application development platform

The teams at Mob Inspire use a range of technologies, computing languages, and frameworks. Kotlin remains the first choice for native IoT android app development whereas swift serves for iOS devices. Moreover, we also employ hybrid platforms. The choice of technologies depends on the nature of project.

Contact us today to share your app development idea. Our professional team will enable your business to stand out with unparalleled mobile apps.

Android Development Trends

Android Development Trends

The total number of Android apps crossed 2.1 billion before the end of Q3 of 2018. This humongous figure reflects massive user-base and interest in Android development. This is why the developers keep on exploring Android development trends. Many innovations are stirring up a change in developers’ approach and enhancing app’s performance. Some of them are causing revolutionary changes.

Analysts at Mob Inspire compiled a selection of trends shared below which are worthy enough to cause a remarkable evolution before 2020 ends.

Go Apps with Android 10

Android phones offer a range of pre-installed apps besides billions of apps available on Play Store. The requirements of storage and processor vary depending on the complexity of the app. However, very few smartphones are capable of running each app smoothly. Even some fundamental apps including Google Mail and Maps take unpleasantly longer on devices with single processor and lower RAM.

Ideally, both of these apps should not take longer than 2 seconds to load. Users feel annoyed when an app takes more than 5 seconds. However, running one of these apps on the phone with 512MB RAM is likely to consume more than 10 seconds.

Android released Go Apps development kit with Android 8 Oreo. These apps allow building lightweight applications which consume far lesser space and run with significantly better speed. The kit finds further improvements with Android 9 Pie. With the latest update, developers build Go apps with remarkably better connectivity, compatibility, battery consumption, and interfaces.

Pew Research Center reported in 2017 that over 64% of Americans with under $30,000 income owned a smartphone. Moreover, low-income households tend to purchase a relatively less-costly smartphone. This number is even higher in developing countries. However, lower cost is a trade-off with speed and storage capacity. Thus, the trend of Go Apps will continue to grow in 2020 and beyond.

Kotlin 1.4 – More Power to Developers

The adoption of a new development language is a conundrum that developers face at times. Github reported that the number of Kotlin contributors was growing 2.6 times faster in 2018 than previous year. This rate is greater by some distance than any other computing language. Moreover, this growth rate is expected to increase in 2020 too making it one of the Android app development trends. There are undeniable reasons for Kotlin 1.3 to become an Android developer’s primary choice.

  1. The language is flexible enough to allow development with functional as well as object-oriented approach.
  2. Java developers can effortlessly adopt Kotlin. They can refactor, auto-complete, navigate and search the code as in Java. Developers can comfortably ensure interoperability of IntelliJ IDEA while using Kotlin.
  3. Kotlin developers can use Java libraries without adding wrappers or adapter.
  4. This statically typed language provides the ability to declare JavaBeans in single line. The codes of Java and Kotlin can coexist in same modules.

The only apparent downside for Kotlin developers is the smaller community as compared to Java. Nevertheless, the remarkable community growth rate enables analysts to believe that Kotlin Android development community size will surpass Java soon.

Rewarded Products – More Money to App Owners

App owners often complain about lower earnings due to lack of subscriptions. Google recently announced a way that would allow owners to earn without having to make users subscribe or upgrade. Users may watch a small video while using app instead of subscribing for more features. In return, owners earn a part of video advertisement labeled as “Rewarded Products.”

Although developers are already using advertisements as a way of earning, yet Google makes it official with this announcement. Rewarded Products is one of the Android development latest trends because almost every developer will use this facility. Now, Google facilitates developers by providing the ability to integrate Rewarded Products with Billing Library in every app. This integration does not require additional SDK.

Consequently, tech experts forecast that Android app development will see a significant attraction. This prediction follows from the fact that app will ensure base earning with Rewarded Products.

Android Jetpack Continues among Latest Trends in Android Development

The introduction of Android JetPack in the mid of 2018 is all set to yield impressive outcomes. Despite the fact that it is optional, JetPack received an overwhelming response from development community. This combination of existing components and support libraries triggers significant improvement in architecture, UI, and behavior of applications.

Slice is a feature of JetPack which reorganizes search result to prioritize installed apps. WorkManager is a flexible task scheduler for deferrable background tasks. Apart from app performance, JetPack also enables the developers to minimize the repetition of code. It also ensures backward compatibility and empowers Kotlin developers with a corresponding design.

The number of apps using JetPack is relatively far lower than for those built with traditional architecture since JetPack release is still a recent event. However, most developers in 2020 and ahead will switch to JetPack.

Progressive Web Apps

If you are a developer, PWA may not be one of the latest trends in android application development. However, most users are unaware of this term because PWAs have not spread swiftly enough until the end of 2018. The introduction of these apps by many major companies encouraged developers to invest time in it. Consequently, experts predict that 2020 will witness the most revolutionary adoption of PWA approach. The developers at Mob Inspire are developing PWAs for businesses for more than two years now.

These are web applications providing user experience of native apps. The apps run in a remote setting while remaining on the user’s home screen. Thus, PWAs integrate the best features of native apps and web applications. Forbes, Twitter, and Alibaba are among some of the companies which have already introduced PWAs.

Why Should You Care?

As a company owner or an independent Android developer, knowledge, and implementation of innovations stand your business needle out in the haystack of companies. By utilizing one of these innovations, you can create one in billions of apps that makes an incredible impact.

The drawback of skill deficit for Android development should not stop you in achieving your goals. contact us today to have us develop the mobile app that enables you to stand out of the crowd.

Experts Forecast Dominance of React Native Apps

The demand of application development is set to increase at the greatest rate in coming years. The advancement in AI, cloud computing and augmented reality is among the primary reasons. However, the app developers will face fierce competition. New businesses intending to incorporate mobile apps wish to get the best developers. These fledgling businesses and the developers find React Native apps as the best choice.

Investors want the developers which ensure efficient utilization of resources. Many app building companies as well as top independent developers are acknowledging the flexibility and performance gains through React Native. The community which maintains and uses this framework is rapidly growing at Github.

Moreover, the percentage of top apps also indicates the popularity of React Native. Until the publishing of this article, React Native apps market accounts for 12.56% of the most downloaded mobile apps. The developers at MobInspire use multiple frameworks and keep testing the emerging ones. However, the leadership stays affirmed that React is the prime choice. The framework does not only offer effective resource utilization but also ensures overwhelming client response.

React Native influences the developers’ choice in following ways.

Native User Experience

UI and UX are the primary factors that attract user base. The users will lose trust if application fails to offer highly interactive UI. Besides, frequent crashes and slow running annoy them. These problems arise due to a range of reasons when using an inappropriate development platform.

Despite the fact that React Native is cross-platform, the framework offers remarkable user experience. Regardless of the underlying platform, it allows development of attractive interface with uninterrupted connectivity. The developers can easily use the framework to integrate a wide range of functionalities to create react native app.

React provides the file extensions that are platform specific due to the difference of deployment rules for Android and iOS. Thus, the app development remains cross-platform but the UX is specific to the underlying OS.

The users of react native apps avoid the hassle of updates from the app store. The platform enables the developers to make the updates available at user’s phone regardless of the nature of OS. Therefore, the apps remain updated.


Many native and cross-platforms are struggling to exist in the wake of efficient frameworks like React Native. The apps require frequent changes to keep up with the pace of rivals. These failing platforms have little flexibility to offer. Consequently, the developers struggle to achieve modifications without pouring sizable costs and time.

The framework has a massive community. Apart from the giant tech companies including Facebook, Instagram, Uber and Viber, the startups are swiftly adopting the platform. The Facebook developer community ensures to keep the framework as the most sustainable platform for app development.

React also allows the developers to switch an app to React Native framework without building modules from scratch. A considerable number of React Native apps examples from different case studies reveal that migration takes roughly 1/20 of the time that the same takes to build all over again.

Moreover, React allows modifications without needing to stop the services. The developers can make desired changes without interrupting or halting the app. It offers unique testing environment which eliminates the need to repeatedly deploy the app after modification.


Apart from easy integration, the framework offers significant amount of reusability. This ability is vital for the developers and investors who intend to reach the users before their competitors.

React library community has already built a number of libraries and templates to achieve various functionalities. The developers reuse the containers and methods of these libraries to integrate a wide range of features.

Besides, the framework is not only reserved for experienced developers. It is the most sensible option for fresh mobile app developers with no prior experience owing to the simplicity of JavaScript.

Effective Resource Utilization

Considering the above factors and our experience of building apps, React Native significantly drops the development cost. The costs cut down by almost 50% as compared to the separate iOS and Android development. Many tools offer the environment to run React library with intelligent debugging.

The training of staff at ReactJS to build React Native apps for android and iOS is easier than any other framework. The developers of other frameworks and languages may find it hard in the beginning but it is worth it considering the gains.

Moreover, React Native allows the writing of code once and using it for different platforms. The developers can incorporate new features in iOS and Android with the same codebase instead of writing separate codes for each platform.

As an inference, React Native solves following challenges

  • It optimizes the business by bringing the development down cost and increasing the deployment pace. The investor does not have to spend repeatedly when one aims additional features.
  • It eliminates the need for separate codes for different OS platforms. The cross-platform ability ensures that the code rendering stays easier on every platform.
  • Unlike competing frameworks, React Native runs smoothly on every platform. The developers do not face frequent glitches for front-end animations and back-end connectivity.
  • The framework offers the flexibility to integrate more features and allow more technologies to enhance the app.
  • The enterprise leaders can spend more time on marketing instead of waiting for testing to obtain the perfect module.


Every framework carries some drawbacks. In case of React Native, the framework has a couple of vulnerabilities. First, it introduces an entire layer of code above the native code when one intends to shift from native platform to React. This additional layer increases the complications in debugging. Secondly, the framework is only a few years old. It is younger than most of its competitors but reached the apex for its unparalleled approach. Thus, some developers refrain from using it.

Nevertheless, each of the other frameworks has its own vulnerabilities which pose greater challenges. React Native is relatively the best option for mobile app developers.

Let’s Develop Together

The development with React Native allows the entrepreneurs to substantially enhance the performance of apps. MobInspire Development Team is the reason behind the success of many startups. To put your business in the path of brilliance, contact us today.

How can Enterprises Benefit from IoT via Mobile App Development?

The IT world is progressing with alterations that brings a distinctive shift in every development process. Many professional mobile app development company and agencies are using IoT app development. The whole initiative is targeting the growth of machine-to-machine interactions without human effort. IoT has now been able to generate over a trillion dollars in revenue by 2020.

Various types of data implementation, which was considered imaginary have become realistic now. Today, mobile app development companies are adopting IOT technology to enhance the automation process that brings business efficiency and improve value-added services in various industries.

Because of the high-efficient attributes, many business owners are employing the idea of owning and managing IoT-enabled applications mainly for providing value-added services, which are cost-effective.

Transforming Mobile App Development via IoT Integration:

IoT is humming and also flourishing today because many enterprises around the globe consider the tech as an efficient tool to enhance business efficiency and productivity. This technology which has started gaining global recognition is already revolutionizing mobility.

The mobile app development landscape is experiencing a unique form of transformation, and more app development companies are combining the Internet of Things (IoT) into their application development processes.

Undoubtedly, IoT is the technology needed for today’s business transformation. The fear of technological complexity has been significantly reduced because an increasing number of mobile app developers and development agencies are using advanced technology. Mobile app development professionals have greatly helped to substantially ease the difficulty of employing a complete digital transformation for many businesses with IoT.

While IoT is transforming mobile app development, many app development companies are utilizing the latest technology to develop highly efficient systems aiming to streamline various business processes. Several enterprises all over the world have begun implementing multiple IoT solutions to improve efficiency and sustain business processes in almost all industries.

IoT: The Ideal Solution for App Development

Today, mobile app developers are integrating IoT into their development processes to ensure mobile application security. They have come to realize its cost-effectiveness that can help scale their business and also improve sales while boosting revenue.

Why Considering IoT Adoption is Necessary?

Enterprises can get the opportunities that IoT offers to create a highly efficient and productive environment for themselves. IoT is the preferred choice for any business that is looking to succeed in today’s economic world significantly.

There is a large number of mobile app development companies that are utilizing various IOT capabilities to enable business owners to efficiently track their customer’s behaviors and allow them to develop multiple strategic plans to meet their needs. It can efficiently track sales. Moreover, it enables them to create various strategic plans to meet their needs and track sales efficiently.

One of the reasons for the transformation of businesses is to improve business revenues. Many enterprises have realized that adopting IOT can significantly help to improve efficiency and open the opportunities and sales for them.


IOT can bring a more attractive opportunity for those looking to make progress in the innovative world. It is the better time to take the initiative and get a great solution using the latest technology.

We provide mobile app development services for businesses. Our team of expert developers builds customized solutions that can fit your business needs. If you want to get a reliable software solution for your business, Contact Us today.

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