product development outsourcing

A 2021 guide to product development outsourcing

The consumer-centric digital era of today has completely revolutionized the way businesses work. Enterprises are heading towards business expansions in diverse fields by collaborating with outsourced professional teams.

This shift towards outsourcing digital app development has been swift. Often, companies start with a project in-house – until reality hits them: things go wrong somewhere, and even with their well-intended business strategies, the idea heads towards failure. In such scenarios, enterprises require someone to fill in the void left behind.

Hurdles on the road to success can happen due to any number of reasons. What matters is how you pick up the fallen pieces. Handing over the reins of your product’s development outside the comfort of your organization might seem daunting at first but, the right digital product development company might be exactly what you need.

Therefore, in this article, we have put together a comprehensive guide for you to understand what outsourcing is and how it can be a valuable addition to your organization.

What is product development outsourcing in the tech world?

The idea of outsourcing might not seem to be your go-to ray of hope at first because of a myriad of reasons – most of them bottling down to this single fact: bad experience. One can, but, learn from past mistakes and vow never to repeat them.

In the digital app development outsourcing world today, effective communication is key. With better planning and interaction, this can turn the tables for your organization – and I mean that in a good way!

According to Statistica, in 2019, the global outsourcing market size reached 92.5 billion U.S. dollars, and it continues to grow at a megarate. Many tech giants have outsourced their work in the past like BaseCamp, GitHub and even Google!

So, what is product development outsourcing?

When businesses delegate the company’s non-core activities to a third-party, they are said to have outsourced a business process.

Non-core business activities for an organization are the ones in which the company does not have expertise.

So, let’s say that you are running a healthcare business, and you need a digital app made for enhanced collaboration among your employees and the patients. This app is the non-core feature of your business model, so you can outsource it to a competent digital product agency and let them take care of the task for you.

Perks of choosing a digital product development agency

Outsourcing the development of a digital product might be the smartest of moves for enterprises looking to build one to supplement their mainstream business process strategies. There are several advantages that businesses can enjoy by choosing to outsource their projects.

Focusing on the core business strategies

The prime reason for businesses that decide to outsource projects is so that they can focus on the critical, revenue-generating pursuits. According to Statistica, 35% of the enterprises outsource their IT side to free up resources for more critical projects.

Avoiding a heavy-investment venture

Getting in-house expertise to create a digital product might be very expensive. If, instead, you outsource the project to a digital product agency, it will be economically more feasible for your business.

Building a product that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the world

Outsourcing product development to a team of experts in the field can help you deliver on the latest tech standards in the industry without any compromise on quality.

After all, it’s more than just writing code for us!

What can you outsource to a digital product development company?

The best outsourcing strategy would be for you to go with a full-service digital product agency. This will get you everything from strategizing to the designing and the development stages, further into marketing your product along with consistent support and beyond.

In this section, let’s see what modules of the product development lifecycle you can consider outsourcing.

Discovery Workshop

If you are starting with the idea of developing a digital product app, we can get you through a 2-week long discovery workshop phase.

During this step, we can help you figure out:

  • The modules and features best suiting your application.
  • The required business flow.
  • Sketching wireframes for your product.
  • The best tech stack available according to the latest technology trends.
  • An estimated product launching cost.
  • Guidelines which can help you in training your staff.
  • Finally, elaborate upon the best growth strategy to adapt to market your business product.

The purpose of the discovery workshop is to help clarify the product requirements and define a roadmap for the development cycle.

Design Prototyping

An important step to effective digital product development is to design prototypes to understand how we want the final version of the app to be. This phase focuses on the key deliverables once the requirements have been gathered.

An important outcome from this phase is a functional mockup. With a team of expert developers, this is great as this will give them a point of reference to begin the development phase.

In case you reach out to us at a later stage, we can still use your mockups and rigorously test them for enhanced results.

Staff augmentation

If you are developing a digital product in-house with the perfect team already in place but you have rigid deadlines to follow, we can supplement your workforce by functioning alongside your expert team to help you in meeting your deadlines.

Project Management

You might be equipped with all the right tools to begin the development of your digital product, but lack the right expertise to manage your project. To make this work effectively, we can provide you with an entire team of experts along with an experienced manager who will manage the tasks among the team to enhance productivity. After all, organization and planning are critical to the success of any project.

Mob Inspire can augment your product development journey

Amid this on-going global pandemic, when the very definition of normal has been altered, supplementing your organization with a digital app might be just what your business requires.

You might not want to consult a digital product design and development studio when you first start out on a digital product but, rest assured that if on this development journey, things begin going astray, we are here to fix them for you.

Mob Inspire is one of the best companies for outsourcing software product development. If you are stuck in the process, reach out to us and let our experts help you out!

Dedicated Development Teams

Resource Outsourcing with Dedicated teams and Staff Augmentation

In an undetermined and dynamically changing business environment, the demand for expert IT services is constantly rising. Globalization has made it possible for companies to lean more towards resource outsourcing using dedicated teams or staff augmentation services.

Fortunately, IT outsourcing is a remarkable option, offering its countless benefits – optimizing the time and costs of the project, tapping into the knowledge base of a skilled IT partner, and optimizing operational efficiency. Therefore, many companies pass IT responsibilities over to third parties. 

Resource Outsourcing companies provide access to a global talent pool via remote agencies, or by utilizing their own resources. Your resource can be anywhere in the world without a geographic constraint. 

Resource outsourcing agencies have a bench of engineers that are between projects and available to start immediately, which is more comfortable for resource outsourcing companies to add new technology and talent for a project rather than managing or hiring resources in-house.

Now, let’s talk about the most impactful factor behind outsourcing: the cost.

The resource outsourcing cost associated with running a project is far less than hiring an in-house team. Multiple factors contribute to this, including salary, employee benefits, and the company’s culture.

There are different models of outsourcing to choose from, where dedicated teams and staff augmentation are the most popular. Both carry benefits and suit in different circumstances.

An Outsourcing company can assist in scaling up your operations on a standard basis. Moreover, an outsourcing model can be applied to multiple places and situations to scale up operations in various circumstances.

1.   IT industry in the US is at #2 in remote work with 57%

2.   Outsourcing leads to 35% more productivity than otherwise because of team diversity

3.   Statistics show offshore app development teams to grow 31% by 2026.

4.   Highly cost-effective by saving in-house employee perks

5.   The In-house team can focus on core business

Let’s have a look at both models:

Staff Augmentation:

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing service, where the outsourcing company provides one or two of its resources depending on the requirement and not the entire team. Outsourcer hires specialists to work on the buyer project. This is a complete shift of responsibility, allows for minimizing HR and employment formalities that reduces the efforts of the outsourcer and enable it to focus more on the core business.

How does it help you?

1.   Save cost on employee benefits

2.   Save time on hiring

3.   Help you hire subject matter experts

4.   Access resources with proven a record

5.   Enhance outreach in tech circles

Employment Types:

Fulltime: Resources would be available to work with you fulltime according to the preset number of work hours per week.

Part-time: The work hours would be predefined as per the contract terms.

Mob Inspire Staff Augmentation Approach:

1.   Skill Gap Identification: Mob Inspire identify the pain points and suggest the skill gaps in your current team

2.   Resource Selection: Our outsourcing experts choose the most suitable candidate that can serve to fill the void.

3.   Interview Scheduling: This step involves finding a mutually agreed time when you can interview the candidate 

4.   Terms and Agreements: We proceed to sign the agreement after reaching a consensus on terms and conditions.

5.   Resource Onboarding: This dedicated resource is then made available to work as per the signed agreement.

Outsourcing a Dedicated team:

Outsourcing a dedicated team means handing over a complete project to a software development company. It is a broader partnership than staff augmentation as it covers a wide variety of services that include software, UI/UX design, quality assurance, project management, support, and maintenance. In this type of outsourcing, the vendor is fully responsible for delivering the complete project.

Hiring a dedicated team makes the software house a close and trusted partner than just a temporary service provider.

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Team Outsourcing in 4 Easy Steps:

1.   Expert Consultation

2.   Proposal Review

3.   Team Breakdown

4.   Project kickoff

Mob Inspire Dedicated Team Resource Range:

·         iOS App Developers

·         Android App Developers

·         Software QA Engineers

·         DevOps & Network Admins

·         Graphic Designers

·         UI and UX Designers

·         Mobile BaaS Engineers

·         Data Scientists

·         Project Managers

·         Software Architects

·         Business Intelligence Executives

·         Digital Marketing Specialists

Dedicated Team and Staff Augmentation:

Both models bring benefits to the outsourcing body.

Responsibilities and Costs:

Service Provider Company is responsible for the recruitment and employment of engineers. Nevertheless, when outsourcing a dedicated team, the vendor covers the costs of office spaces, employees’ training, and other benefits.

Many factors determine the total cost of ownership for these kinds of projects that the software house has to bear, which is beneficial and convenient for the outsourcer, who get skilled team for their project completion.

Organizational Working Culture:

Employees working in an organization as a dedicated team creates a unique environment of knowledge exchange and cooperation. Team bonding, the overall atmosphere, and team spirit keep employees motivated. Moreover, the software house strengthens the culture by providing the comfort of work, proper career development, and all necessary tools.

Project Management:

In the staff augmentation, project management is usually done by the outsourcer by utilizing a few of their resources and get one or two resources from the outsourcing service Provider Company, which the outsourcer lacks to develop the project. The one or two outsource resources can join the outsourcer company at their office, remotely using online services, or can provide services from a nearby location to deliver the best possible services.

On the other hand, hiring a dedicated team allows delivering a whole project to the outsource company who will manage the entire project, staff, and infrastructure.

An experienced software development company has many partnerships and completed different projects, therefore, capable of handling IT projects efficiently. 

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Staff augmentation is a way of dealing with IT talent shortage. It is suitable for handling small and unexpected projects. However, if the project is large, it is better to outsource it using a dedicated team to accomplish the project efficiently.

Mob Inspire offers resource outsourcing services, including staff augmentation and dedicated teams that are reliable, robust, and experienced in handling IT projects.

Resource outsourcing with dedicated teams or staff augmentation is more cost-effective and reliable. By getting these services from a reliable company, you can truly focus on the core of your business and achieve cutting-edge results.

Mob Inspire offers Resource outsourcing services comprises of staff augmentation and dedicated teams. Its core area of expertise includes Enterprise Mobility Management, Platform Innovation, and Startup Development. If you are looking for resource outsourcing services, contact us today. 

Web Development Services

Choosing an Appropriate Agency for Web Development Services

Digital presence for enterprises is not an option anymore; instead, it is a necessity. Social media is only a small source for making an online presence. The true representative of your company is the website or a web app. If you do not have the resources to build the website in-house, acquiring web development services is inevitable.

Careful! You may push a lot of cash and time allowing the developer to work freely, but end-up wasting some heavy bucks. Fortunately, there are ways to distinguish an effective development agency from a poor one.

Prerequisites to Acquiring Company for Web Application Development Services

If you reach the developers without any prior blueprint, the developer gets the chance to trick you into spending unnecessarily. Besides, the end product may also be a terrible one which does not fulfill your organizational needs. Thus, you need to complete your homework first before searching for the most suitable development agency.

Following are some recommendations to follow before outsourcing the task.

What are you trying to achieve with this website?

Do you want a website that represents your enterprise? It may also be a site that is dedicated to the promotion of one of your products or services?

You also need to be sure about the scope of this site. One can keep on adding the pages, features, and categories but do you really want all of these pages? For instance, the developers often push the clients to add the number of features to increase the development budget.

The number of pages and design features directly affect the storage space of website on servers. Thus, a company providing web design services for small business should ensure that the site stays within the storage limits.

It is also notable that you should be clear about your targeted niche for effective user modeling.

Identify the On-site Resources useful for web design and development services

If you are an established company, you might have some of the resources already at your disposal. Following are the primary expertise required to build and promote a successful web app.

Graphic Design

The design of app and graphics inscribed in it give the first impression of your business. The job of graphic designer becomes more complicated one if you intend to have custom web development services.

Designer is responsible for creating the pictures and logos for the app. Later, frontend developer uses these designs in various sections of the site.

Frontend Development

Frontend developer is responsible to place designed graphics in the most appropriate sections of the site. A very basic design may turn the visitor away. Your website design should ensure that the visitor stays on the site for some time and explores various pages. There are techniques prompting the visitors to open different sections of the site.

Moreover, excessive use of graphics often backfires in a couple of ways. Firstly, the performance of the site may slow down. Research indicates that users wait for 7 seconds on average for a page to load after which they backtrack.

Secondly, overly filled pages decrease the readability, leaving readers more confused instead of assisting them.

Backend Development

A car may have an attractive appearance for its shape but it still remains useless if the engine is not an efficient one. Now, replace shape and engine with web design and backend connectivity.

A potential customer visits your site and finds it attractive. Hence, one may decide to contact you. However, the contact form embedded on the site is an erroneous one. The user will end up disappointed and eventually leaving the site with a dreadful impression. This is one of the most basic examples. Rarely would a developer leave a bug in the contact form.

There are dozens of other areas where your site may have performance setbacks. Thus, the backend developer should be a professional one like designer and frontend resource.

SEO and Marketing

This part is not an essential one but carries paramount significance. Everything regarding the design and development of site is carefully put in place. However, the site lacks the ability to be searchable by potential customers. In such circumstances, you would still not be able to get the desired results.

SEO and web development services go hand-in-hand. There are frequently occurring cases where the lack of appropriate SEO fails the website. The owners take the marketing aspects lightly and end up missing targets.

Put an Estimate around your Budget

Obviously, you are unsure about varying development costs. Thus, determining a precise budget range is unreasonable. Nevertheless, you may come up with a vague estimate so that the company providing web design and development services would keep your budget range in sight.

Choosing the Developer

Once you fulfill the prerequisite, it is time to find the most appropriate developer as per your needs. Following aspects are helpful in selection of web developer.

Case Studies for Developing Enterprise Web Services

Any experienced developer must have case studies of previous work. These cases indicate the quality of work as well as the diversity of agency to work on various problems.

It is advisable to acquire a developer with experience on wide variety of projects including enterprise, product-based, and service-based websites.

Explore the website of the enterprise offering web development services. Get to know more about how the company was able to address various challenges while building websites for clients. The number of projects says little about the efficiency a developer. What really informs you is the variety in the work.

Explore Previous Clients and Get Feedback

Many companies use deceptive practices by adding fake case studies. The companies whose cases are used either do not exist or did not use this developer for their website. Moreover, such developers also conceal the failed projects and present them as successful ones.

The most appropriate workaround is to get feedback from the client itself. Ask representatives of the company whose case studies are used about the experience they had with the developer under watch. This approach will provide you a fair amount of knowledge about the services and reputation of agencies.

The Efficiency Reflects in Our Work

Mob Inspire is one of the top web development companies with a broad client base. A wide range of projects enables us to carry loads of experience. We earned the privilege of assisting a number of startups and established struggling businesses.

We would like to become your technology partner. Contact us today to let us get you ahead from there.

App development outsourcing

Recommendations for Successful App Development Outsourcing

The past two decades have seen remarkable technological developments. These progressions are enabling businesses around the world to make worldwide collaborations instead of confining to a certain region. As smartphone apps for startups and established businesses are becoming essential, these collaborations are yielding amazing results in the form of app development outsourcing.

The practice of outsourcing app development results in undeniable benefits for businesses. Meanwhile, there are some challenges as well. Fortunately, you can overcome the challenges by taking measures as mentioned later in the text.

Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

  1. You can get the most relevant skills for app development without permanently hiring an individual. It is impractical to permanently hire individuals from various fields with top skills without an increase in costs.
  2. You can ensure a significant reduction in costs of operations and recruitment. Hiring any individual as a full-time employee requires provision of benefits. The monthly wages and cost of benefits in the US are more than the sum of average hourly costs.
  3. The in-house teams can focus on existing tasks instead of opening another front. Working on way too many tasks increases the probability of errors. Besides, this ability also saves the time of teams.
  4. In-house app development puts the entire failure risk on your company. Although the odds of failure are minimal with a skillful team, yet one cannot rule out the possibility. Outsourced companies are liable to failures. They have to pay reparations in case their teams fail to deliver.

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Challenges Involved in App Development Outsourcing

Challenging tasks often yield fruitful results if one is able to take on them effectively. Following are some of the challenges arising in outsourcing.

  1. Finding the appropriate developer for outsourcing is a tough task considering the sea of profiles overflowing the internet.
  2. Some outsourced developers delegate your assigned task to another developer. You may have found and outsourced the task to a suitable agency, but this action does not guarantee success. Thus, you need to ensure that the developer works.
  3. Some newly established outsourcing companies are highly volatile. They are in search of many projects so that they can populate their profile with case studies. Most of the companies fail to sustain beyond this phase. If your company is one of the clients, you will not be able to claim compensation once your outsourcing agent is broke.
  4. App development outsourcing may trigger serious troubles if the culture and language of an agency vary significantly from that of yours. This challenge may cause management problems resulting in persistent delays and undesired behavior of apps.

Get Started: Dedicated development team for app development

How much does it cost to outsource app development?

Cost of outsourcing varies depending on the scope of the project. As the number of features and details involved in feature increases, the cost varies directly.

Mob Inspire has a wide range of experience working on different apps. Each of our clients had unique features. Thus, the cost also changed correspondingly.

Recommendations for Successful Outsourcing

Explicit Use Cases

Before hiring a company for app development, it is advisable to be sure about what you are trying to achieve. Many business owners present a vague business model to developers who end up developing unintended software.

Note that you do not need to know the technical details of app. The decision to use the kind of coding languages, frameworks, and approaches rests on the development agency. All you need to share is the behavior that you want the app to reflect.

An inexperienced developer can still understand your desired app features despite unclear use cases. Such a developer will most likely develop a decent app. However, one may exploit the ambiguities in use cases to mint more money.

Choosing the Developer

Selecting the developer is crucial for app development outsourcing because this is the single most significant task defining the success probability of your business.

Scores of independent analysts reiterate that outsourcing the development task to an experienced agency is advisable than to a freelancer. Any company with multiple years of experience of building a wide range of apps knows the specifics of various kinds of apps. In contrast, a freelancer lacks the appropriate resources which could aid in different phases of development.

Nevertheless, the selection is not challenging if you follow a couple of rules.

1. Interview a company’s representative. This should be an employee, particularly a business development manager with technical knowledge. Such an individual can bridge the gap between you and the development team.

2. Ensure minimal communication and cultural buffer. Your developer will not be able to understand your intended app model if one has problems in understanding your language. Besides, cultural differences also affect the app. Apart from other reasons, geographical region also influences app design and its content development.

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Negotiating and Documenting the Bid

Absence of documentation often results in disputes. You need to ensure that the contract has clearly defined clauses. Every primary stakeholder should have knowledge of costs.

Moreover, the contract should also feature the conditions cost hike and reparations in case of failure. You should make sure that the company does not delegate the task to another developer. Otherwise, the app may not face any performance glitches, but it would still be unable to cater to your business needs.

Tackling the After-launch Glitches

Errors and bugs in software emerge regardless of the skill or experience offered by the developer. Nevertheless, the distinguished companies take on such after-launch challenges and satisfy their clients.

One of the reasons for preferring agency over a freelancer for app development outsourcing is the volatility of individuals. An experienced company is very less likely to face closure. Contrarily, a freelancer may not be available to eliminate errors and perform future maintenance.

Security Risk Management

Beware! You are not only sharing your business model and the intended use cases. Most of the times, you will also have to share personal and business data whether to outsource iOS app development or an android one. Data security concerns are rising owing to the increase in the annual number of breaches.

Therefore, the developer needs to ensure the highest level of security of data confidentiality. One should also know the consequence of leaking any confidential information.

Mob Inspire carries the privilege of building unparalleled apps for dozens of companies. Contact us today to become one of our valued clients.

Leveraging Power of AI for Small Business

Artificial Intelligence is buzzing our ears for more than five decades now. However, the field started to bring value to businesses at the start of the 21st century. With time, small businesses also began to leverage from the power of AI. Unfortunately, many SMEs still carry the perception that AI for Small Business is unrealistic.

Busting Some Old-school AI Myths

Two decades of significant development makes AI as powerful for small businesses as for larger ones. Business owners and managers not incorporating AI usually present one of the following reasons.

AI is reserved for Large-scale enterprises

One can perform more activities with AI then a transistor in a modern computer. Unlike this transistor metaphor, the results are not bad at all. Small businesses can address challenges and equally leverage the AI benefits as large ones.

Deep learning, an approach to AI, is limited to companies with massive volume of data at their disposal. However, one does not necessarily have to perform expert data analysis to use AI.

Both SMEs and large enterprises can use machine learning. Besides, they can also use automation tools to spend resources of time and money in more effective domains.

AI is complicated to learn

Some small business owners carry the perception that AI software is complicated for them to learn. This notion was correct until some five years back.

However, AI has seen a drastic development since then. The communities of volunteer programmers and companies are performing a tremendous job for mainstreaming of AI.

Now, SMEs can acquire AI tools and pre-coded templates for achieving a number of tasks. Moreover, a user does not have to care about the backend functionality. Instead, they can use a nicely-built interface to accomplish a range of operations.

AI has nothing to offer to my business

If your company has a website or mobile app, the AI can help big time irrespective of the scale. In essence, it will cut down the costs being spent on ineffective marketing and excessive workforce.

Small enterprises do not need to employ AI experts for fancy salaries. Instead, they need to find out the appropriate tools which can assist in automation of their businesses.

Following chart demonstrates the response of survey participants upon asking about their expectations from AI. High interest of businesses toward saving time and money and acquiring useful information push researchers to work in these areas. Consequently, the AI tools help businesses of each scale.


How can AI Help Small Businesses?

There are multiple ways in which AI assists small businesses in smooth running of operations and to increase profits. Following three are the most effective and widely used ones.

1. Boosting Customer Service Management

The web allows companies to run their businesses remotely from anywhere. Although this ability enables them to expand global outreach, yet intensely varying time-zones are existential threat.

A customer seeking services at daytime in the US is unlikely to get a response from a company located in Asia or Eastern Europe. Absence of response will prompt the customer acquire services from another company.

There are two exceptions where a company can engage customers during off hours. First is to keep a sales team which works odd night shifts. Second and the most appropriate solution is to engage the visitors with chatbots.

Chatbots are intelligent software systems integrated into web and mobile-based apps and AI Applications for Small Business. They can answer advanced as well as basic queries. Chatbots are particularly helpful to engage customers while a human attendant is away.

Over time, the development in AI enables the chatbots to improve their performance incredibly. The current degree of intelligence allows bots to chat as good as their human counterparts.

Moreover, the trust in chatbots is increasing over the time. Only 30% of respondents of a survey reported apprehension that a bot would give wrong answers. Just a few years back, this number was significantly higher.

2. Marketing in predetermined Dimension

Marketing is one of the principal areas where AI Tools for Small Business are making their mark. It is enabling the business owners to cut down marketing costs remarkably by running targeted campaigns.

A decade back, marketers had to run hit and trial methods to attract potential leads. Since their advertisement was not a directed one, most of the people seeing the ads were irrelevant.

Today, Facebook, Twitter, and Google apart from other social networks and search engines enable marketers to reach relevant audience. Although these companies advise the advertisers to enter details about targeted demographics, yet their AI algorithms make impressive effort too.

The objective of these algorithms is to find similarities between demographics. Facebook calls these similar groups of users as “Lookalike Audience.” Thus, small companies can climb above their competitors by leverage of integrated AI algorithms.

Besides advertising, the AI for small business marketing reflects in tools including Marketo, HubSpot, and MailChimp which perform the tasks of days in minutes.

3. User Modeling and Predictive Analytics

It is highly assistive for companies to be able to find the path which brings customers to choose their services. Regardless of the volume of business, owners can align their efforts toward effective directions.

Whether you are an e-commerce store owner run a small food delivery business, AI brings remarkable efficiency to your business.

In either of the above examples or another online business, predictive analytics assists your customers in decision making. The machine learning algorithms make predictions about customers’ choice and suggest them accordingly.

For instance, a delivery business recommends food outlets and kinds of food based on customers’ previous searches. Moreover, delivery agents can find the shortest route to destination since machine learning enables them to determine distance and traffic volume on various roads.

The companies can collect legitimate data of customers and run simple queries on data with pre-developed and pre-configured tools. These tools, for instance, Microsoft Azure ML, Google Cloud AutoML, and a bunch of others do not require technical expertise. Users with basic AI knowledge can use these tools too.

Do you also want to integrate AI in your business to perpetuate growth and profits? Contact us today to allow our experts suggest you the most effective AI utilization tailored to your business needs.

The Inside Outs of Outsourcing IT Services

The increased globalization in the past two decades enabled companies to work remotely from various locations in the world. This ability allowed businesses to acquire IT outsourcing services instead of hiring on-premises staff.

Outsourcing of jobs reduces the business costs significantly. Moreover, cost of outsourcing IT services is incredibly lower than keeping employees on-site. The companies do not have to ensure employee benefits as per the laws of the country where business is registered. Besides, there is no need to keep subject matter expert for every task.

What IT services can be outsourced

Companies can outsource a wide range of IT services depending on their business objectives. However, outsourcing some tasks usually does not yield as significant outcomes as other tasks. Outsourcing a process or a service should result in a reduction in costs and an increase in profits. Research at Mob Inspire reveals that outsourcing following IT tasks/operations ensures a remarkable business optimization.

Outsourced IT managed services

IT operations including network administration and server management are essential tasks in a company regardless of the business model. Moreover, tools and software procurement, integration, and deployment are also commonly occurring operations.

Backend maintenance can also be troublesome if the responsible developer does not work for your company anymore. Hiring a replacement will always carry the apprehension of employee’s resign at some point in time. Thus, instead of relying on the on-premises developer, you may look for IT service management outsourcing.

Most of the companies are transforming their enterprise operations to cloud-based platforms. Outsourcing cloud is also a wise choice like backend service management.

Managed services are equally beneficial for the service provider as customers. For this reason, the market of managed service is expected to reach $258 billion by 2022.

Software Development

Procurement of software is not the only choice when aiming to incorporate new technologies. Companies can also own software instead of purchasing it. Software development for enterprise applications and information systems can also be outsourced.

Outsourcing partial or entire tasks of SE generates undeniable profits by reducing costs of in-house development. Companies can outsource the jobs of software requirement elicitation, project design and modeling, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Moreover, software quality assurance is another area which ensures business optimization when outsourced to an appropriate company.

Mobile App Development Outsourcing

Smartphone apps are becoming an unavoidable part of businesses owing to the factors of portability and instant updates. Developing an enterprise level application requires native app development expertise. The developer must understand the specific needs of underlying mobile platform and relevant features which would enhance enterprise operations.

Hiring an in-house developer guarantees neither expertise nor cost optimization. However, outsourcing does the job efficiently because one can determine the expertise level of a company by assessing its portfolio.

Moreover, many ambitious entrepreneurs intend to establish a startup by providing consumers a useful app to consumers. Instead of risking money on independent developers, they can outsource the app development task to a professional company.

Project Management

A study reveals that an alarming 47% of companies fail to last beyond four years which manage to survive the first year. This is an indication that fresh businesses lack expertise to ensure sustainability. The most frequent reason is the inefficient project management (PM) resulting in exceeding costs and failed system.

Outsourcing PM to a company with years of experience substantially reduces the risk of losing investment. After few projects, the employees of relatively newer companies can perform the tasks themselves instead of outsourcing it. However, outsourcing is advisable in the beginning.

Outsourced IT support services

Customers of software and highly sophisticated hardware do not always keep technical knowledge. They are dependent on professional guidance to run the systems. IT support services to enable such individuals to use the systems seamlessly.

Statista forecasts IT support spending to cross $172 billion by 2020. The experts guide the users through phone calls and concise documentation. These experts troubleshoot the problems occurring at the client’s site.

Graphic Designing and Interfaces

Graphics and interfaces present the primary impressions of your business. Colors and pictures attract human eyes more than words. Thus, the companies need to ensure that the website or mobile app visitor’s first interaction with the business remains meaningful.

Interfaces are meant to enhance responsiveness of application while viewing on various platforms including mobile, laptops and tablets. Improving user experience (UX) increases the adaptability and usability of the system. UX designers have to ensure that website design complements business model and objectives.

Keeping in-house designers is not the best approach because designing is an occasional task. At times, the in-house designer will remain idle for unavailability of task or excessively engaged for scores of tasks.

Digital Marketing

The digital presence is inevitable in the 21st century considering the state of competition in every industry. There are multiple channels which enable companies to reach and attract customers.

Some companies remain complacent about marketing to keep the focus on other operational tasks. However, a business is only as good as it is known to potential customers. If organizations place all of their emphasis on improving their products and services but ignore public relations, the company is likely to fail.

Digital marketing professionals boost the businesses by increasing domain and page authority of website. They also utilize various social media channels effectively to consolidate the customer-base. Moreover, they also model the customers and determine the reason which drives them to choose your company over others.

How to outsource IT services

The first step to outsourcing your IT services is to find an appropriate company. Besides, this selection of company is also the last step because a professional company assures taking care of the rest. You may evaluate a company by considering its previous engagements with clients.

A company must have considerable experience working in a wide range of projects regarding IT services and outsourcing. Current US government amended the laws of outsourcing business operations. Therefore, both client and service provider should be aware of varying laws of outsourcing.

Mob Inspire is enabling ambitious businesses to streamline their operations by outsourcing the overhead IT tasks. Contact us today if you are having a challenging time dealing with plethora of tasks. Our experts will ensure remarkable optimization in costs and business processes.

6 Potential Benefits of Recruitment Outsourcing

In today’s world, your significant competitors are the ones you struggle with for talent. To succeed you need to develop a talent acquisition strategy with a laser-edge focus on measurable and sustainable results. Our RPO strategies are tailored, adaptable and scalable to create in our dynamic world of work and help you win talent and market share.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Experts:

Need applications that can be quickly Extended, are flexible to meet the unique needs of their customers, easily combine with a variety of HRIS systems, give great tools to include and examine trends and enable them to deliver an exceptional service to their customers across the globe. We provide these unique set of capabilities, and our team has the expertise to bring together these set of tools to the benefit of RPOs. Methodology and process designed explicitly for recruiters. We understand your business processes and objectives, faster and with greater understanding.

Our platform implementation allows linking with social media, accessible via web, and mobile, which are highly customizable according to the varying needs of customers. It will enable managing contingent workforces including complex pay conditions and onboarding needs.

Staff/ Resource outsourcing process through platform implementation enables to measure productivity across sourcing and recruiting teams, identify bottlenecks in your recruitment funnel, track candidate sources, and eliminate ineffective recruitment expenditure.

Recruitment process outsourcing is still innovative for many companies. Some may not understand that there are options in how to outsource or to improve their recruiting process, while others may stick with traditional solutions because they do not prefer to try new things. However, if you’re serious about RPO and want to know what it could do for your organization, then here are the six remarkable benefits of RPO.

1. Reduced Recruiting Costs:

One of the most significant benefits of RPO is the reduction in cost. Recruiting is a time-consuming process that is why organizations choose the Staff/Resource outsourcing process. An RPO provider can reduce hiring costs by streamlining your recruiting process and showing you how to find suitable candidates better and with less time and money.

2. Scalable Recruiting Capacity:

RPO is excellent for companies that are increasing, that may need extra help in scaling their recruiting capacity to meet growth.

3. A Uniform and Anticipated Hire Procedure:

Candidates prefer a uniform and anticipated hiring process. They want to know where they stand in the hiring process, or what’s supposed to happen next. This puzzle could also trouble companies who have multiple departments, where each one could have their hiring process. RPO can help get everything collectively and make the recruit-to-hire process logical and expected for both parties.

4. Improved Candidate Quality:

Hiring managers know that a great candidate possesses much more skills than a combination of experience and education, that may include personality and previous achievements. Hiring managers who have a short time to fill a position, or have a ton of candidates to go through, may not significantly take a look at the qualities that define whether or not the new hire will hold with the position. The RPO solution can get into those qualities while still looking for candidates who have the needed experience and education.

5. Extended Hiring Manager Satisfaction:

The expanded hiring manager satisfaction comes from many perspectives of RPO. Hiring managers now have a better way to evaluate the success of their efforts. Hiring managers now have more support from managers in the recruiting process. With the services of an RPO provider, hiring managers will be more satisfied with what’s achieved and how candidates are hired and brought into the company.

6. Improved Employment Brand:

The employment brand is actually the situation of the company as an employer, and when every other perspective of the recruiting process is doing well, the employment brand upgrades. If your candidate condition updates, that only looks good to other likely candidates for your organization. If your hiring managers are happy and are working in a regular recruit-to-hire process, then people who get a job through them will only have good things to say about it and your company as an employer. Overall, RPO supports the company in many more ways than just cutting recruiting costs or filling positions faster. RPO can assist a business to become a better place to work.

We provide resource outsourcing services to help you hire reliable and quality resources that best fit your business needs. If you want to get reliable resource outsourcing services, contact us today.

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Hiring Android/iOS App Developer

With the affordability of smartphones, men, women and even children are digitally connected with each other from across the world. These phones not only allows to communicate with the person but also help in getting lots of information, as well as getting things done with just a few taps. Now mobile users can buy and sell products as well as services. The power to get all kinds of services and purchase goods is now in the palm of your hand, thanks to smartphones and mobile apps.

Constant Increase in Smartphone Users:

According to January 2018 Statista report, mobile users in the world are over 3.7 billion. Moreover, mobile smartphones accounted for nearly 50% of the total global internet usage volume. Many reports show that the number of smartphone users is still increasing worldwide.
With the rise in the number of smartphone users, mobile apps have become an essential aspect of conducting businesses. Mobile apps are just software programs developed for mobile platforms such as, Android, iOS, etc. Today, almost every company has an online presence to stay competitive; therefore, they need mobile apps to help in this regard.

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Benefits of Mobile Apps for a Business:

Businesses can get a number of benefits by launching a unique app, ideally developed by a quality app development company. Below are some benefits of mobile apps for businesses:

1. Build and Increase the Number of Customers:
Apps are an excellent way to have a direct and constant connection with your potential, new and existing customers.
2. Improve Brand Awareness:
A large number of people use mobile apps; therefore, Android or iOS app development by hiring a reputable company helps in enhancing brand awareness and capturing a larger customer base. Users spend hours on the phone screen throughout the day. Therefore, this is an effective way to improve your brand recognition and visibility.
3. An Easy Way of Doing Shopping Online:
Apps allow business owners to send offers that enable users to make buying experience quick and faster with 24/7 availability.
4. Constant Customer Connectivity:
The scope of conventional shopping at shops and malls is reducing day by day with the arrival of mobile apps, where people stay connected to make a purchase and get the best offers too. Apps connect customers with service providers and offers products/services at their doorsteps.

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Customers:

Customers are getting great benefits of mobile apps provided by the most reliable and efficient app development companies. Below are some significant benefits for customers.

1. Smooth Sales:
Making purchases via an app is now preferred over conventional online shopping. Customers do not need to fill relevant information every time when they make an online purchase. These apps also keep records of the consumer’s preferences.
2. Constant Communication:
Now, using mobile apps provided by android app development company or iOS app development company has become a source of continuous communication as business owners can send notifications of exciting events and attractive offers, directly to their customer’s mobile. It is an effective way of promotion as compared to conventional promotional and marketing methods.
3. Ease of Access:
Apps are the fastest and best way for customers to purchase products as well as getting services. Presence of apps for your business is essential to enhance efficiency. These apps also minimize the processing time of the orders placed by consumers. Therefore, it has become essential to get app development services from a reliable company.

Why opt For Android App Development?

In recent years, Android apps became one of the most trusted and widely used apps across the globe as a large number of companies are using customized apps for their distinctive business needs. The most recent studies and analysis have demonstrated that business professionals prefer Android apps development for fulfilling their various business needs. Therefore, Android app development services have gained vital importance. The points mentioned below are some reasons for using android platform for application development:

    1. The business owners who consistently struggled to get good revenues can achieve their business success goals with Android app.
    1. Android applications are present on the Google play store, which is the largest mobile app market in the technology world.
    1. A large volume of visitors visits Google Play store to download various apps. Therefore, the presence of your app on the Google Play Store can reach to a large number of mobile users.
    1. The quality check functionality of any app is compulsory before submitting it to the App store for business downloads; therefore, it ensures the quality of the apps.
    1. Google Play Store offers regular updates to the downloaders of the app; therefore, users, as well as marketing professionals, prefer android applications.

Why opt for iOS App Development?

Mobile apps have opened up a new way for the market. Companies get a better way to communicate with customers and inform them about the products and services timely with apps. Choosing a platform for a business-driven application is an important decision. Below are some benefits of iOS app development:

    1. Most Viable and Revenue-Driven Platform
    1. Consistent and Smooth User-Experience
    1. A Business-Centric Platform
    1. Easier and faster application development
    1. Suitable for generating revenue and higher returns over investment
    1. Compatible across all iOS devices.
    1. Cutting-edge functionalities
    1. Better Security
    1. iPhone application is the best for the global business

A smartphone app is an excellent way to perform various business functions. These can be entertainment apps, informational apps, commerce apps, beauty apps, laundry services apps, home services app, etc. These apps help in buying a variety of things. Almost every business is turning online to capture a significant share of the market as most of the people prefer using mobile phones for buying/selling of goods or services. Smartphone mobile apps provide efficiency and convenience to the small and large businesses of all kind in managing their customers and increase sales. Generally, the two leading platforms, iOS, and Android are occupying the entire market share. However, the choice of the platform depends on the demographic data of consumers.
We provide android as well as IOS app development services to cater your business needs. If you want to get quality android or IOS app development services, contact us today .

What are the benefits of dedicated offshore development teams ?

In today’s day and age, we have integrated computers into every aspect of our lives. As such, software development plays a vital role in every industry, arguably one of the most critical roles in every industry. Custom built software applications boost productivity and streamline work processes, and so along-side large corporations, small and mid-sized companies are also investing in custom software systems. Some
companies make their systems, but most outsource software development by hiring dedicated offshore
teams, and we at MobInspire develop state-of-the-art systems that deliver quality results at acceptable
Some of the reasons why you should hire a dedicated offshore software development team are:

  • You get top quality resources for your work
  • You get a team of highly skilled and professional personnel to work on specific requirements.
  • You can receive required technical support.
  • You have a proper monitoring setup for your project.


Below are some advantages detailing why hiring a dedicated offshore team is an excellent option for
you, in case you are looking to have a custom built software system developed for your company.

      • You get better control over the process and complete control over the team. You can choose
        which developers you want on your team depending on whose skillset and expertise meets your
        specific requirements. Furthermore, at any stage of development, you can communicate with
        the team and give it your considerations. Moreover, you can add resources to the team when
        required, and release resources when they are no longer necessary.
      • A dedicated team allows for consistent and cohesive communication, which is of utmost
        importance in any software development project. Usually, there is a single point of contact
        between you and the team, the project manager, who expertly communicates any technical or
        non-technical issues between you and the team. However, if you wish to do so, you can directly
        interact with any developer on the team.
      • The dedicated offshore development team provides regular updates based on your requests so
        that you can remain up to date on all the progress and can provide your input regarding any
        technical or non-technical aspect of the development cycle. Furthermore, regular updates allow
        you to make sure that the quality of the work the team is doing is meeting the industry’s top
      • Due to previously working with numerous companies on several different and unique projects
        our offshore teams have acquired a vast array of skills and expertise that allows them to bring a
        particular excellence in all the work they are involved with regardless of the nature of the work.
        Furthermore, a dedicated offshore team will have senior level resources who are experts in their
        domain, so the work delivered to you will be of high quality.
      • In most projects, making changes, especially during the ending phases can carry several risks.
        However, with a dedicated offshore development team, these risks are mitigated, and you can make changes in the project whenever and however you, please. Therefore, if you wish, you can make changes and have them implemented immediately at any point in the development process. Also, the team understands your project expectations, analyzes your requirements with extreme detail and precision, and gives the best possible solutions.
      • Your offshore dedicated development team will provide you with long-term support,
        maintenance services and you can also have appropriate changes made to your platform based
        on the actual feedback of the users. You would obviously need a team to make sure everything
        is running smooth and also to add more modules and feature in your app/software once your
        business picks up.
      • Employing the services of dedicated offshore development teams is hugely cost-effective given
        that recruiting, setting up in-house IT infrastructure and maintaining it are not only cumbersome
        tasks but also expensive ones. Moreover, the production costs involve pay cheques, system
        maintenance costs, rent on equipment, software costs, hardware costs, etc. and you can save on
        all these costs by merely hiring a dedicated offshore team of developers with whom the overall
        cost consists of simply hiring them. You can hire resources per your project’s requirements by
        paying per month for each resource.


Dedicated offshore development teams will provide you with better delivery regarding product and
performance. The reasons mentioned above to hire dedicated teams and the benefits they bring to your
project prove that when developing any system or project of your own, it would be in your best interest
to hire a dedicated offshore team. And if you are interested and are considering hiring a team, look no
further, for we at MobInspire are happy to provide.

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Project Outsourcing vs. Staff Augmentation – Which one is the best for you?

With the ever-increasing drive to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs through technological advancements, there is a growing number of IT projects, and a company’s success or
failure is depending on its ability to complete projects on time, to specification, and within budget.
An organization’s IT needs change at a rapid pace and developing in-house capabilities to cater these
changes is a highly expensive and risky endeavor especially given the fact that in today’s business world
failing to keep up with the IT innovation curve can lead to disaster for the company. The risk leads
companies into considering getting outside help to complete IT projects, and the two delivery models
they choose from are usually Staff Augmentation and Project Outsourcing and we at MobInspire are
happy to provide both. So, let’s discuss and compare them both and then you can decide which one fits
best for your IT needs. But, first, we will answer some questions you may have regarding what is Staff
Augmentation and what is Project Outsourcing.

Project Outsourcing:

In project outsourcing, you can hire a dedicated team from us, who will work with you throughout the project. The team not only develops the project but also designs it, provides quality assurance, etc. The project manager will manage the team, and you will be directly communicating with him/her and not the team itself. The manager will convey your requirements to the team in a detailed manner, and you will no longer have to spend resources by being directly involved with the work process. However, you
can still check the project’s progress in real time using the project management tool we use to keep
everything streamlined. We can give you access to it so that you can check the team members working
on the project and the tasks assigned to them in sprint form (we follow the Scrum process).


  • You won’t have to spend costs on training the resources since we will choose the team with
    ideal skillset required to handle your project with ease and the best quality.
  • Our teams always follow the industry’s best practices and ensure that their work meets the
    highest industry standards.
  • Project management is our responsibility, so there is reduced management overhead on your
  • Since delivering results is our responsibility, you can focus on the results of the core business.
  • Project outsourcing also allows you to shift fixed costs (employees) to variable costs (project
    costs) which change in proportion to project activity; this improves operating leverage.
    Moreover, infrastructural and recruitment expenses would not be a concern for you.
  • You will not have to solve any issues the resources may have nor will you have to hire someone
    who can provide them with the best work environment.
  • You do not have to create a professional process to give the team working on the project a
    better understanding of the hierarchy.

Staff Augmentation:

In staff augmentation, we outsource our resources to your staff based on the additional skills and expertise you require. The developers will work with your team for the duration agreed upon in the contract, and they will do so from our office.


  • You will have control over the staff and will be able to manage resources closely.
  • By adding new skills to the team, you can take advantage of both external and internal
    resources to complete your IT projects.
  • If your staffing needs are in flux, then staff augmentation can help you meet those needs, and it
    is relatively easy to add or subtract resources to meet demand.
  • If any of your active projects need more resources to meet the deadline, then staff
    augmentation is an ideal option.
  • You will be able to have your work done at a senior level, and that too at a more feasible cost
    than hiring in-house employees working at your location.
  • You can save costs tied with recruitment and infrastructure.
  • You can reduce the cost of acquiring skill by the avoiding the costs of investing in internal skill

Time to Decide:

Now that you have become well-versed in what staff augmentation and project outsourcing are, how they are different from each other, and what advantages each one brings to the table, it is time for you to decide which delivery model is best for you. Evaluate your project needs and based on the
information provided above, determine whether it would be best to augment your staff or outsource
your project to us. Either way, MobInspire are here to help.

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