CES 2019 Best of Innovation Awards – Top Performers

The Consumer Electronics Show 2019 managed to meet the expectations of audience like the past years. Both experienced and fledgling tech and entrepreneurship enthusiasts depict interest in incorporating the unveiled inventions into their products and services. The winners of CES 2019 Best of Innovation award in each category offer remarkable products and innovation platforms. Each of the winners is rightly picked for contributions in enhancing the civilization.

The event presented the technologies from a wide range of industries. However, MobInspire shares its list of top seven, including five winners and two nominees, from six distinct categories.

Five Winners along with their categories are shared below

InnovizOne – Vehicle Intelligence

The autonomous vehicles are already roaming on roads in various cities of the US. The number of crashes is extremely low per one million miles as compared to those with human drivers. However, the manufacturers are still facing trust deficit due to the reported crashes in all these years.

Many companies are trying to minimize accidents with cutting-edge technologies. InnovizOne is one such technology which is believed in the tech circles to make the difference. The software, which is the winner from self-driving vehicles category, brings remarkable precision in object detection and classification. It can detect an object present at a quarter a kilometer from the vehicle with considerable confidence rate. The software carries the flexibility to configure the region of interest.

The analysts at CES 2019 Best of Innovation center labeled InnovizOne software as the game changer for its marvelous efficiency. The technology is all set to eliminate the doubts of consumers and regulators regarding the autonomous vehicle safety.

LetsPlott – Virtual and Augmented Reality

Augmented and virtual reality technologies are making rounds for the past few years. The category presents the innovations which enable the users to virtually experience a place. While many developers have been able to integrate this technology into software, LetsPlott implemented a notable idea to assist home-owners and interior designers.

The app allows users to determine the appearance of a scene in various colors and suspensions by integrating virtual and real environments. The users can find out how a wall, counter, floor or any other component of a house appears when painted with different colors. Besides, they can discover the appropriate placement of wall hangings and achieve many other DIY interior design projects. The app enables the users to create an entirely virtual environment while the actual room may not have anything present in it.

Trustbox – CyberSecurity

One of the most daunting challenges of the IT industry is to ensure digital security. As technologies are evolving, the room for breaching the security is also growing. Insufficient cyber-security is the chief reason for people to avoid turning their residence into smart-homes.

The development of TrustBox by innovators at Scalys appears to be a promising solution. This router secures the communication as well as the connected IoT devices. TrustBox eliminates the vulnerabilities of the past routers and provides the flexibility to update software. The home-owners can comfortably configure the software without having any technical understanding.

Furthermore, TrustBox offers multiple layers of encryption and a significant speed for networking connectivity. The software is an open source platform which allows the programmers to customize it as per their requirements.

WHILL Autonomous Drive – Accessibility

A significant number of innovations at CES Awards 2019 belonging to self-driving vehicles indicate the emphasis on technology. It also highlights the interest of tech companies as well as consumers in the autonomous gadgets industry.

WHILL Autonomous Drive addresses one of the major problems of all times – the mobility of disabled individuals. The smartphone-driven technology enables the partially paralyzed people to call the smart wheelchair. The chair will reach the rider to move one around.

WHILL offers multiple options to the users. They can modify the height and width as per needs. The chair can lean as well to assist the user.

ZOMEkit for Apartments – Smart Cities

ZOMEkit is an integrated smart-cities solution that provides the facility to consume electricity efficiently. The technology is not only beneficial for residents who can save excessive consumption of electricity. It also enables the apartment owners to generate revenue by sharing the saved power with the supplying grids.

Moreover, the software serves to fulfill a prime social cause of mitigating the impact of climate change. As energy consumption reduces, the effects of global warming drop.

Winning the Best of CES 2019 awards by each of these innovative technologies is inarguable considering their unparalleled achievements. However, there are some nominees who could not win the award but ignoring their accomplishment would be unjust.

Following are the most impressive nominees and their inventions.

AstroReality – VR and AR

This VR app takes the experience of learning about solar bodies to a new level. The app shares a wide range of information residing at the cloud servers about celestial entities. AstroReality offers a matchless opportunity to teach children about solar system by using various perspectives.

Apart from CES innovation awards 2019, the app receives massive admiration from scientists around the world. Some of the NASA researchers praised the idea and efficient implementation.

Owlet Baby Care – Mobile Apps

Digital technology promises to revolutionize health like every other industry. Meanwhile, Owlet Baby Care app is another significant step to achieve the feat. The app provides a wide range of statistics that allow parents to assess their infant’s health. Besides, it incorporates the software to measure heart and oxygen rate and enables the users to compare the results with those of a healthy infant.

In addition, the application also features the chat options to share the results with physicians. Parents can find the sleeping trends of their infant and acquire suggestions from experts.

The technologies at CES 2019 best of innovation exhibit the exciting innovations. They also point out the cosmic pace of innovation cycle. Many unique and attractive ideas fail to make an impact because the performance of software was not adequate. Nevertheless, one common feature in each of the nominees and winners is the efficiency.

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