Choosing the Best Marketing Automation Tools for Startups

Unlike the popular belief, entrepreneurship and luck are disproportionate to each other. The success depends on the efficiency of planning, implementation and operational management. Selection of best marketing automation tools is one of the chief areas where startups lack since they downplay it to emphasize more on other departments. Consequently, some distinctive ideas with exquisite implementation end up in failure due to ineffective marketing approach.

In the contemporary circumstances where businesses in various industries are fiercely contesting for glory, wise businessmen incorporate one of the efficient marketing automation tools. Such tools do not only save a significant amount of time but enhance productivity as well to a considerable degree. Research from Forbes indicates that the startups that have acquired top marketing automation tools outperformed their rivals.

A number of companies offer marketing process automation with varying prices and features. However, the businesses should be careful. A wrong choice does not only waste money but exacerbates the enterprise’s performance by sharing erroneous figures.

The technological advancement has reached an extent that templates for emails and posts for social media are ordinary features for a marketing tool. A robust system should offer more than such usual features. Before sharing a list of best marketing automation tools for startups, following criteria share the evaluation parameters.

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The Evaluation Criteria

  • The prospective customers are annoyed once they discover that they were dealing with robots and not humans. The tool should be adequately intelligent to offer communication skills as good as humans so that the prospects cannot identify the software.

  • Correct identification of consumer behavior and prediction of upcoming trends are must to enable the marketers to determine the potential markets. They also allow collaboration with production departments to integrate the features of public choice in their products and services.

  • A decent identification and predictive analysis will offer little help if they are not coupled with comprehensive data visualization interface. Visualization enables the marketers to extract some meaningful insights from a range of data take their business decisions by considering such insights.

  • The service provider should offer a reasonable pricing structure. The number of features and their effectiveness are important considerations, but the cost of acquisition and maintenance should be evenhanded too.

Following are top five tools which correspond to the criteria mentioned above.


HubSpot earns the top position for some undeniable reasons. First, its lead management tool provides unparalleled ability to automate the workflow associated with relevant emails to the prospects. The tool is intelligent enough to select the right set of people and refrains from sending to the ones who may get annoyed.

HubSpot is leading its competitors in attracting traffic by efficient campaigns. The dashboard provides insightful analysis about various performance parameters which assist the marketers in making appropriate decision. Thus, marketers should opt HubSpot, especially when the emphasis is inbound marketing. The price is relatively higher than the competitors, but it is worth it because the return is significant.


Autopilot provides an effective approach to consolidate the customer relationship and rapidly build new relevant connections. The tool carries an amazing ability to segment customers by monitoring their site activity. It senses the persuasion level of prospects to predict if one would convert into a customer or not.

Autopilot proposes various packages depending on the size of company. It offers an exclusive package custom-built for the startups. Besides, it can personalize the features as per the requirements of users. This customization results in a wide range of flexible pricing criterion. Autopilot enables users to synchronize hundreds of different tools of their choices.

Google Analytics

Google does not only offer the top search engine but a set of best digital marketing automation tools too. Google Analytics allows users to determine the amount of traffic and their origin apart from other useful details. The tool is free to use and does wonders while working in conjunction with Google Tag Manager – another excellent tool.

The tools determine the underlying platforms of visitors’ mobile devices and allow users to generate leads in the process accordingly.

AdWords Keyword Planner should be the top choice for effective SEO. Google provides information about the keyword searcher by monitoring the pertinent inquiries on its search engine.


This intelligent marketing automation software for small business carries wonderful ability to assess the visitors. This ability enables it to send emails to fewer but most prospective customers.

It efficiently tells apart the prospects from other visitors. The funnel is very precisely defined that the conversion rate is highest among those who receive emails. With additional costs, the tool offers CRM and custom branding options.

The tool proposes lucrative offers to customers to further consolidate their relationship with the company. ActiveCampaign effectively analyzes the behavior of visitors before deciding about sharing certain offer.


Marketo offers automation tools that are tailored-made for various industries. Although the re-usability of this tool is lesser because of the industrial specifications, the usability factor is excellent. Since the solution is customized, there are specific features which prevent deep training to reach what the user intends.

This cloud-based platform is highly scalable and allows management of millions of queries each day without compromising the performance.

It enables the customers to establish the most effective strategy which corresponds to the organizational needs. It is growing rapidly and the experts forecast that it will reach HubSpot in the near future. Marketo, arguably, already outperforms its rivals in flourishing the B2B enterprises.

Stay on Top

Each of these tools is outstanding, and it is tough to rank one over the other. However, few differences enable us to generate this leader-board. The marketing in businesses works very well when supported by any of these tools, but it works splendidly when choosing the right tool as per the business model. Other tools may work fine, but it is certain that the efficiency will not be as high as with the incorporation of these five tools.

If you are struggling to generate leads for your business or intending to initiate one, contact us today to allow our expert team to assist you.