Consumer Electronics Show (CES)  2016

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 recap puts together the most interesting announcements seen at the Las Vegas conference. The trends suggest that the future holds more for gadgets and toys as compared to smartphones or the laptop market. For most part, VR, smart wearables, and smartphones made the most noise.


There were a number of upgrades seen during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)  2016, most of which are for cross platform integration. There were many mid-level smartphones introduced and changes in the OS. The Project Tango phone and Nextbit Robin were also popular, and that is the smartphone CES 2016 recap.

Virtual Reality

The next few years will see a rise in the announcement of VR sets and technology related to it. Virtual Reality goggles are taking over the market in the firm the HTC Vive Pre and the 3Glasses D2 Vanguard Edition. The two are well known to be addictive as well.


Smart Wearables

Even though there has been an interesting redesign granted to the Apple Watch, the smart wearable section saw many possible challengers. These will soon integrate with our medical records to provide a more accurate picture of our health.


It’s the new sensation in town, and everybody wants a bite of it. DJI was on top of the game, with many new players deciding to join in. 2016 will be a good year to buy or purchase a new drone.
There were some interesting new items, like the Samsung Smart Fridge. Other than that, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)  2016 recap saw the HTC HealthBox and a smart remote to handle the home. Our team is particularly excited about the upgrades rolled out, and the chance to work with them soon.