The future is all about automating our lives, and nothing does it better than AVs or autonomous vehicles. Better known as driverless cars, they will bring about a great deal of change in the way the industries work. Simply put, one can consider that driverless cars – an opportunity to automotive and insurance companies that must be taken into account.

Automotive Companies

For many years now, automotive companies have been working towards integrating more technology in the cars. Driverless cars will soon turn that into reality.

  • Parking apps will become a source of development at the companies soon enough. This will allow the cars to connect to garages and parking space automatically, determining where the car will stop after the passengers have been dropped off.
  • Service based apps will be installed directly in the car. This sends a constant stream of information to the automotive companies about the performance of the car in different areas and land conditions. In the long run, the data is used to develop better self-driving cars.
  • Interconnected apps to manage each part of the car will be added to the existing structure. This allows the drivers to catch up on their daily routine while giving them a chance to stay in control.

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Insurance Companies

In terms of insurance, there will be a lot of change seen in the industry design. To begin with, apps that connected directly to the company will need to be developed. They will be linked to specific car models as well. Insurance companies will also have to develop the technology to remotely trigger the dashboard cameras and send the information to any other connected device.

Insurance companies will also require apps that record the car diagnostics at the time of an accident, helping in determining how and when the car requires repairs.

All of these developments are fairly exciting. Mob Inspire works closely with the apps in order to create the best product, and to make driverless cars a hit.