Experts Forecast Dominance of React Native Apps

The demand of application development is set to increase at the greatest rate in coming years. The advancement in AI, cloud computing and augmented reality is among the primary reasons. However, the app developers will face fierce competition. New businesses intending to incorporate mobile apps wish to get the best developers. These fledgling businesses and the developers find React Native apps as the best choice.

Investors want the developers which ensure efficient utilization of resources. Many app building companies as well as top independent developers are acknowledging the flexibility and performance gains through React Native. The community which maintains and uses this framework is rapidly growing at Github.

Moreover, the percentage of top apps also indicates the popularity of React Native. Until the publishing of this article, React Native apps market accounts for 12.56% of the most downloaded mobile apps. The developers at MobInspire use multiple frameworks and keep testing the emerging ones. However, the leadership stays affirmed that React is the prime choice. The framework does not only offer effective resource utilization but also ensures overwhelming client response.

React Native influences the developers’ choice in following ways.

Native User Experience

UI and UX are the primary factors that attract user base. The users will lose trust if application fails to offer highly interactive UI. Besides, frequent crashes and slow running annoy them. These problems arise due to a range of reasons when using an inappropriate development platform.

Despite the fact that React Native is cross-platform, the framework offers remarkable user experience. Regardless of the underlying platform, it allows development of attractive interface with uninterrupted connectivity. The developers can easily use the framework to integrate a wide range of functionalities to create react native app.

React provides the file extensions that are platform specific due to the difference of deployment rules for Android and iOS. Thus, the app development remains cross-platform but the UX is specific to the underlying OS.

The users of react native apps avoid the hassle of updates from the app store. The platform enables the developers to make the updates available at user’s phone regardless of the nature of OS. Therefore, the apps remain updated.


Many native and cross-platforms are struggling to exist in the wake of efficient frameworks like React Native. The apps require frequent changes to keep up with the pace of rivals. These failing platforms have little flexibility to offer. Consequently, the developers struggle to achieve modifications without pouring sizable costs and time.

The framework has a massive community. Apart from the giant tech companies including Facebook, Instagram, Uber and Viber, the startups are swiftly adopting the platform. The Facebook developer community ensures to keep the framework as the most sustainable platform for app development.

React also allows the developers to switch an app to React Native framework without building modules from scratch. A considerable number of React Native apps examples from different case studies reveal that migration takes roughly 1/20 of the time that the same takes to build all over again.

Moreover, React allows modifications without needing to stop the services. The developers can make desired changes without interrupting or halting the app. It offers unique testing environment which eliminates the need to repeatedly deploy the app after modification.


Apart from easy integration, the framework offers significant amount of reusability. This ability is vital for the developers and investors who intend to reach the users before their competitors.

React library community has already built a number of libraries and templates to achieve various functionalities. The developers reuse the containers and methods of these libraries to integrate a wide range of features.

Besides, the framework is not only reserved for experienced developers. It is the most sensible option for fresh mobile app developers with no prior experience owing to the simplicity of JavaScript.

Effective Resource Utilization

Considering the above factors and our experience of building apps, React Native significantly drops the development cost. The costs cut down by almost 50% as compared to the separate iOS and Android development. Many tools offer the environment to run React library with intelligent debugging.

The training of staff at ReactJS to build React Native apps for android and iOS is easier than any other framework. The developers of other frameworks and languages may find it hard in the beginning but it is worth it considering the gains.

Moreover, React Native allows the writing of code once and using it for different platforms. The developers can incorporate new features in iOS and Android with the same codebase instead of writing separate codes for each platform.

As an inference, React Native solves following challenges

  • It optimizes the business by bringing the development down cost and increasing the deployment pace. The investor does not have to spend repeatedly when one aims additional features.
  • It eliminates the need for separate codes for different OS platforms. The cross-platform ability ensures that the code rendering stays easier on every platform.
  • Unlike competing frameworks, React Native runs smoothly on every platform. The developers do not face frequent glitches for front-end animations and back-end connectivity.
  • The framework offers the flexibility to integrate more features and allow more technologies to enhance the app.
  • The enterprise leaders can spend more time on marketing instead of waiting for testing to obtain the perfect module.


Every framework carries some drawbacks. In case of React Native, the framework has a couple of vulnerabilities. First, it introduces an entire layer of code above the native code when one intends to shift from native platform to React. This additional layer increases the complications in debugging. Secondly, the framework is only a few years old. It is younger than most of its competitors but reached the apex for its unparalleled approach. Thus, some developers refrain from using it.

Nevertheless, each of the other frameworks has its own vulnerabilities which pose greater challenges. React Native is relatively the best option for mobile app developers.

Let’s Develop Together

The development with React Native allows the entrepreneurs to substantially enhance the performance of apps. MobInspire Development Team is the reason behind the success of many startups. To put your business in the path of brilliance, contact us today.