Explore the Top 11 Tech Jobs for 2019

In this year, we saw the rising demand for various tech jobs in the field of cybersecurity, data science, and software development. In 2019, the tech job is expected to rise because of emerging technologies.

Demand for jobs will continue to rise in artificial intelligence, automation, virtual reality, cryptocurrency, data science, marketing, and sales. Companies apply digital transformations; therefore, they need tech leaders to handle the increasing numbers of projects.

In the 2019 IT salary report, the major industries that will experience digital transformations and will need more IT workers include financial services, software as a service (SaaS) and healthcare. In the industries, the top tech jobs for 2019 are given below:

1. Business Intelligence Analyst:

With the increase in the invention of new devices and applications, the need to analyze and understand data into valuable insights become increasingly important. The demand for BI Analysts is expected to grow by 14% until 2024, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

With a background in business and computer science, BI analysts must have information and experience in analytics, database technology, and reporting tools. Critical thinking and analytical skills, enable us to communicate insights accurately. Career as a BI Analyst is one of the top IT jobs in demand for future.

2. Cloud Architect:

In the previous year, cloud infrastructure grew at a rate of 51% according to the research. This growth is expected to rise further as stats show that the cloud market will amount to $411 billion by 2020.

There is a rising demand for tech professionals skilled in cloud infrastructure. Cloud architects are responsible for managing and monitoring cloud computing strategy, management, deploying and supporting the cloud applications.

Candidates that have remarkable communication skills and strong knowledge and experience with web services, automation and IT service management are the perfect candidates for cloud architect job.

3. Cloud Systems Engineer:

Cloud system engineer is another tech job in the cloud market that develop and design the virtual systems or technologies that support cloud operations.
These tech experts have experience working with cloud services and have a good understanding of APIs, programming languages, automation, and DevOps.

Statistics show that job postings for cloud engineers and cloud computing professionals have risen to 27 %. Cloud system engineers get among the highest paying jobs with an average salary of $90,000 in the US.

4. Data Scientist:

Data scientist continues to be among the best tech jobs for the future in the tech and finance industry. As almost every business requires data, the need for data scientists has spread across other sectors from retail to manufacturing and more.

The job of data scientists is data collection, management, and analysis, which is used by companies to make critical business decisions. Data scientists have strong skills in statistics, programming, mathematics, and analysis.

5. Database Developer:

As big data continues to improve among companies, a growing number of companies require professionals to develop their own IT architecture. Database developers have become one of the high demand jobs for businesses.

Database developers develop new database servers and manage database architecture. They develop database systems using SQL code, knowledge of various database technologies and programming languages. Database developers require strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

Companies pay more for skilled database developers. The average salary for a database developer in the US is $82,000.

6. Web, Software, and Mobile Developer:

U.S. Bureau of statistics shows employment growth of 24% from 2016 to 2026, which is showing that the software developer job is one of the best technical jobs for the next ten years.

The purpose of software, web and mobile developer is to design, develop, test and sustain systems, websites, or applications. Developers can understand client requirements and develop efficient methods to meet the user’s needs.

Python, Java, and JavaScript are supposed to be more in-demand programming languages. On the other hand, data recommend that Java developers will continue to dominate enterprises due to the growth of cloud technologies.

The increase of machine learning and AI has paved the way for the increase in python developers. Moreover, JavaScript continues to be a popular programming language for enterprises.

7. DevOps Engineer:

DevOps engineers continue to place high demand as their workflow is becoming popular among businesses. Hiring DevOps engineers into your business enable deploying faster code with fewer mistakes. It manages IT infrastructure into your business, allows software development, testing and monitoring performance. It will allow companies to improve their business processes efficiently.

Demand for DevOps engineers will continue with the application of cloud-based software for businesses and consumers and the implementation of efficient systems.

8. Full Stack Developers:

They are normally in demand due to their deep background and experience in all stages of software development. Full stack developers have multiple years of experience and strong knowledge in different programming languages.

9. IoT Specialists:

The emergence of the Internet of Things brings efficiency to consumers and businesses. It connects various devices without a human to human and human to computer interaction.

More businesses have started and continue to develop and use IoT connected devices. TripWire foretells that over 30 billion IoT devices will be installed by 2020. The demand for IoT connected devices also increases the need for IOT specialists. These professionals require skills in various disciplines like connectivity, cloud analytics, development, and enterprise integration. Hiring IOT specialists help the company know the current trends and emerging IOT technologies.

10. Network Administrators:

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics outlines a 6% growth for network administrators from 2016 to 2026. The demand for network administrators is supposed to grow as long as firms will continue to adopt new technology and mobile networks. A network administrator has expertise and experience in troubleshooting, good communication, and analytical skills.

11. Security Professionals:

There is a high demand for Security Professionals. A report of cybersecurity ventures predicts that there will be 3.5 million vacant positions by 2021.

Security professionals are in high demand as a growing number of business operations rely on data. These IT professionals help companies securing a business network, software, and keep up with security trends. This is one of the reasons that individuals with such skills have the top paying tech jobs 2019.

Security professionals should have excellent communication skills, the experience of working with security systems, managing of security threats and more.

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