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How to Fight Coronavirus Pandemic with AI and IoT?

Since the first reported case of coronavirus in China, it has spread to more than 150 countries. China initiated its response to the virus by leaning on its strong technology sector and artificial intelligence to fight the pandemic while technology leaders including Alibaba, Huawei, Baidu and others accelerated their company’s healthcare initiatives. In this way, technology startups are integrally involved with the healthcare sector, education, and various other entities across the globe to activate technology as the virus continues to spread in other countries. 

Below are 10 ways to fight coronavirus using artificial intelligence and IoT:

1.         AI to indicate, Trace and Predict Epidemic:

Tracking the virus in a better way can enable us to fight with it successfully. AI carries the potential to detect an outbreak as analyzed by news reports and social media platforms. Various technology companies provide software to track infectious disease risks using AI. AI software warned of the threat several days before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and WHO issued their public warnings.

2.   AI to help Identify the Virus:

An artificial intelligence company in China launched a coronavirus AI solution to detect this disease efficiently. This solution improves CT diagnosis speed that helped imaging departments who are being taxed with the increased workload created by the virus.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba also developed an AI-powered diagnosis system that claims 96% accuracy in diagnosing the virus in seconds. 

3.   AI speeds up the Process of Healthcare:

Other than healthcare systems, business and administrative divisions are also being taxed as they deal with the surge of patients. A blockchain platform helps speed up claims processing and reduces the number of face-to-face interaction between patients and hospital staff.

4.   Drones Delivery:

Drone delivery is the safest and fastest way to get medical supplies during a disease outbreak like coronavirus. Drones are being used for various activities to manage coronavirus pandemic. They are used to monitor public spaces, track quarantine directions and for thermal imaging. Terra Drone is using its unmanned aerial vehicles to transport medical samples and quarantine material that has minimized risk between Xinchang County’s disease control centre and the People’s Hospital. 

5.   Robots Sterilize, Supply food, and Execute other duties:

Robotic process automation is quite helpful as Robots aren’t open to get affected by the virus, so they are being utilized to accomplish many tasks such as cleaning and sterilizing food, delivering medicine to reduce human-to-human contact. UVD robots from Blue Ocean Robotics use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses. Pudu Technology utilized its catering industry robots to more than 40 hospitals across China.

6.   Treatment Solution:

Using the AI algorithms and its computing power, Google’s DeepMind division published the findings to develop treatments. Benevolent AI uses  Artificial intelligence systems to build drugs for severe disease treatments and they are helping the efforts to treat coronavirus. Within weeks of the outbreak, it used its predictive capabilities to suggest existing medicines that might be helpful.

7.   Protection using Advanced Fabrics:

Companies like Sonovia, an Israeli Startup, hope to arm healthcare systems and facemasks made from anti-pathogen, anti-bacterial fabric for ensuring protection from the virus. 

8.   AI to Recognize Infected Individuals:

China’s sophisticated surveillance system used facial recognition technology and temperature detection software to check fever and virus carriers and similar technology powers “smart helmets” to recognize people’s fever. 

Chinese government has also developed a monitoring system that uses big data technology to assess the risk of presence of virus based on their travel history, exposure to virus hotspots, and potential exposure to virus carriers. They are using WeChat or Alipay apps to access people with the help of color (red. yellow, or green) as their citizens are assigned a color code that indicates if they should be quarantined or allowed in public.

9.   Chatbots:

People can access free online health consultation services through WeChat. Chatbots have also been the source between service providers in travel and tourism industry and travelers to keep them updated regarding latest travel procedures and disruptions.

10.   Cloud computing resources are working on a coronavirus vaccine:

The cloud computing resources and super computers of DiDi, Huawei, and Tencent are being used by researchers to quickly prepare a vaccine for the virus. These systems are much faster than standard computer processing.

In a global coronavirus pandemic, artificial intelligence, IoT, and data science technology have become crucial to effectively deal with the outbreak.

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