Applications of 5G wireless technology

How will 5G impact the world of connected apps?

With the emergence of 5G communication networks, the world is at the apex of a stellar technological revolution. To successfully launch autonomous vehicles and attain reliable Artificial Intelligence results, it is imperative to rely on fast, always-on internet connections. Therefore, applications of 5G wireless technology are expected to show remarkable improvements over those working on 4G.

Did you ever imagine a world of interconnected devices, which can gather and share information without delay? With 5G, we can attain groundbreaking solutions in predictive analytics, preventing road accidents in real-time, or in other life-saving applications – unachievable with its predecessors.

In this article, we will delve into the world of 5G, gaining insights into its advantages and how it will be different from 4G for mobile applications in various industries.

What is 5G – how is it an enhancement over 4G?

A 5G network (or the fifth generation of mobile internet) works on the same radio frequencies as 4G but with a significant technological leap. It guarantees a speed of approximately ten gigs per second, 600 times faster than what 4G can give on our smartphones today!

Connection latency with 5G will reduce from 50 milliseconds to barely one millisecond, which means that there will be a significant reduction in time delays in data transmission. Furthermore, millions of devices would connect concurrently instead of a few thousand which we manage with 4G.

Some of the other advantages of 5G are:

  • Less exhaustive in terms of energy consumption because 5G will help save 90% of the network energy.
  • Improved range because 5G will connect 1 million nodes per km2, which will expand the user-base. Moreover, the network will be available all the time.
  • A rise in the number of users without network failure or saturation.

5G challenges

Being a significant technology leap in the IT industry, 5G comes with challenges that experts need to overcome for effective implementation.

Some of the 5G complications are:

Ensuring user security

Like with any new technology, 5G will be required to fulfill the intricate cybersecurity threat protocols. Even though it currently complies with the Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA), some significant issues need resolution. It will be possible to track operational smartphones nearby or even eavesdrop on live phone calls which is a security threat.

Expensive to build and buy

According to a Statista forecast, the global spending on 5G by 2021 will reach $2.3 billion. It will be expensive initially because we cannot build it on a pre-existing framework. An entirely new infrastructure is required to establish a 5G network. Carriers will likely generate funds for the initial 5G groundwork by raising customer revenue.

Deployment and coverage constraints

Even with an appreciable increase in the speed and bandwidth of 5G, certain technological areas will require more groundwork. Higher frequencies warrant highly directional radio waves, a process better known as beamforming. 5G needs to cater to this beaming out of waves over short distances.

Applications of 5G wireless technology

5G will significantly impact several IT industries due to its ability to provide faster data transfer speeds and support a wide network range according to CB insights. This translates to enhanced data transmission efficiency between servers and mobile apps, allowing for low time-consumption for more computations.

Some of the industries most impacted by 5G are:

The Transportation Industry

Applications of 5G wireless technology will completely revolutionize the transport industry a few years down the road. With 5G fusing into our daily lives, cities will be able to get real-time, uninterrupted visibility into their transportation systems.

Furthermore, it will improve Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication, adding to road safety in the world of autonomous vehicles. This is particularly essential for scenarios where fatal road accidents can be avoided if information exchange happens without time lags.

Another area where 5G will make a mark is the Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) sector that connects vehicles to road infrastructures like the traffic lights. This improves traffic flows, making public transit more manageable.

Using diagnostic systems on vehicles can help pre-determine vehicle conditions. Data can be transmitted to and from the cloud at high speeds, aiding in taking preventative measures to ensure travel safety during transit.

The Healthcare Industry

The ‘smarter’ 5G network-based applications will have the ability to analyze information and respond in real-time, even in medical emergencies. Remote surgeries and telemonitoring will be considerably advanced and reliable.

Fields of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will become popular. Especially in medical workplaces where the staff could be trained more efficiently, in real-time.

The medical sector can make use of 5G for everyday life scenarios as well. Especially by using wearable technology for at-risk patients. Live data transmissions to the healthcare providers can alert them in case of potential health risks, pre-determining treatment plans and seamlessly managing emergencies.

The Agriculture Industry

The agriculture sector is incorporating IoTs to optimize farming systems for enhanced outputs. IoT is being used to manage agricultural processes like water management and aerial crop monitoring.

Embedding 5G into these processes can further improve these systems. With features like real-time monitoring and tracking, these systems can be automated for increased profitability and safety.

But for this to work, we need advanced technologies in the agricultural lands of the farms. The UK, for example, has approximately 80% of the rural areas without 4G coverage. Therefore, the farming industry will have to wait longer to embrace the benefits of smart farming.

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