Mob Inspire Leadership Embarks on New Partnerships at MWCLA 2019

MWC LA 2019 partnerships

The leadership meets business owners who intend to restructure their business with efficient enterprise solutions. Our team also finds new partners from software industry

Palo Alto, CA — Mob Inspire leadership meets business owners from various industries at MWC Los Angeles 2019. Our product CabStartup remained one of the top attractions for transportation stakeholders who intend to evolve their existing business architecture with shared mobility ecosystem.

Our executives shared the accomplishments of CabStartup and demonstrated its working at 4YFNLA investor pitch. Moreover, they also revealed future plans including the ongoing progress toward transformation to shared mobility ecosystem. Mob Inspire is striving to combine various modes of ride-hailing using its CabStartup ride-hailing solution so that passengers can have seamless switching from on mode to another. The planned model would be time-saving and highly cost-effective.

“It was encouraging to come across entrepreneurs who aimed at launching ride-hailing services for low-income African countries. The leadership reiterated its pledge to assist regions struggling from growing mobility challenges. We are looking forward to developing a shared network that would be cost-effective for passengers and sustainable for shareholders.” — Nasir Mujtaba, Managing Director of CabStartup

“We had meetings with the executives of traveling apps, logistics business owners, healthcare professionals, and financial company representatives. It was pleasure to meet and discuss the challenges and appropriate digital technologies that could address the prevailing problems.” — Ahmed Abdullah, CEO of Mob Inspire.

“The executives appreciated our services in the domain of artificial intelligence and smart apps. Moreover, they expressed consent to integrate AI features in their apps that would enable app users to attain highly personalized experience. We are excited to build a long-term business relationship with them.” Ahmed added.

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