Delivery and Logistics

We build on-demand delivery apps and logistics management software to give you a competitive edge in delivery and logistics industries.
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Delivery and Logistics Software: Notable Features


Real-Time Route Planning

Enable your drivers to get an optimized route based on weather conditions, traffic congestions, and distance to destination. Track the vehicles in real-time to ensure surveillance and security.

Data Analytics

Insightful Data Analytics

Understand consumer behavior and predict future trends by using data analytics tools. The tools specific to delivery and logistics industries feature dashboards with extensive information.

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Logistics Automation

The probability of error while working with humans is very high as compared to robots. The transition toward automated systems optimizes business operations significantly.


Backend and Cloud Integration

Is the on-site infrastructure getting too complex for you to manage? We can assist by providing remote services of backend and cloud through dedicated teams.


Smart Warehousing

A mesh of connected devices operated by smartphones apps enables transport and logistics managers to put highly robust surveillance and communication scheme.


Blockchain based Transaction

The marvel of Blockchain is redefining the operations of logistics by incorporating immutable transaction methods and smart contracts. It also allows high levels of transparency.

We discover the technical intricacies of your logistics app development project and execute plans by an extensive methodology.

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Our Featured Products for Logistics Management

On-demand food delivery

On-demand Food Delivery

Get the most out of your food delivery business by facilitating customers to acquire services through mobile app. The solution also offers native app for delivery agents and an admin panel.

last mile delivery solution

Last-mile Delivery Solution

Optimize your last-mile delivery operation with a purpose-built delivery software platform. This software system would enable you to eliminate delays and operational inefficiencies.

field service management software

Field Service Management Software

Track your on-field supply chain agents, assist them with route optimization and precisely estimate their arrival times. Assign jobs in real-time and find the status of pending, in-progress and completed jobs.

logistics management software

Logistics management software

Enrich your warehouse managers with smart warehousing management using IoT enabled devices. Get useful data from these devices straight to the associated smartphone apps.

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