Mob Inspire at MWC LA 2019, Day 2

Palo Alto, CAThe leadership reaffirms in their meetings with software industry leaders to make businesses safer by providing secure backend and cloud services.

We strive to implement Blockchain as standard for money transactions and information sharing platforms for its incredible architecture disallowing modifications. Ahmed Abdullah, CEO of Mob Inspire

“We had a meeting with the executives of one of the notable traveling apps. It was a pleasure to meet and discuss the challenges and appropriate digital technologies that could address the prevailing problems. The executives appreciated our services in the domain of artificial intelligence and smart apps”, he added.

About Mob Inspire

Mob Inspire is an innovation platform and an enterprise development company based in Palo Alto, California. We are developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining industry leading software and mobile application products for over a decade. Our core services include enterprise mobility management, Cloud and mBaaS, big data analytics, IoT integration, extended reality development, and blockchain development.

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