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The fact that marketing campaigns today are significantly varying from those five years back is astonishing and requires immediate attention of business owners. Make sure you revamp the marketing strategies to adopt mobile-first approach.

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Our mobile marketing employs multiple strategies

Competitor Analysis

Knowing the competitors is one of the prerequisites of mobile marketing. This knowledge does not necessarily mean to copy competitor but to explore new marketing channels.

Information Architecture

Users take a number of paths to reach your business. You need to determine those avenues for optimizing marketing campaigns by drawing journey maps and crafting user persona.

User Engagements

While you streamline your marketing efforts, it is essential to keep traffic volume, sources of traffic, and other metrics of user engagements under watch. This strategy allows elimination of shortcomings.

App Store Optimization

App stores are overflowing with billions of apps as millions are uploaded annually. Be sure your app appears on top of all the relevant search results with appropriate keywords and localization.

Tech SEO and Ads

The user penetration of mobile phones crossed 63% in 2019. Technical SEO ensures that you employ mobile-first strategy. The ads should also comply to this strategy to reach the major chunk of users.

Reputation Management

Regardless of how efficient your app might be, there will always be some reviewers from competitors’ dugout trying to malign your brand. Thus, managing reputation is a compulsion and not a choice.

The experts at Mob Inspire discover the technical and trivial intricacies of your project and execute plans by an extensive methodology.

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