Dedicated Development Teams

Resource Outsourcing with Dedicated teams and Staff Augmentation

In an undetermined and dynamically changing business environment, the demand for expert IT services is constantly rising. Globalization has made it possible for companies to lean more towards resource outsourcing using dedicated teams or staff augmentation services.

Fortunately, IT outsourcing is a remarkable option, offering its countless benefits – optimizing the time and costs of the project, tapping into the knowledge base of a skilled IT partner, and optimizing operational efficiency. Therefore, many companies pass IT responsibilities over to third parties. 

Resource Outsourcing companies provide access to a global talent pool via remote agencies, or by utilizing their own resources. Your resource can be anywhere in the world without a geographic constraint. 

Resource outsourcing agencies have a bench of engineers that are between projects and available to start immediately, which is more comfortable for resource outsourcing companies to add new technology and talent for a project rather than managing or hiring resources in-house.

Now, let’s talk about the most impactful factor behind outsourcing: the cost.

The resource outsourcing cost associated with running a project is far less than hiring an in-house team. Multiple factors contribute to this, including salary, employee benefits, and the company’s culture.

There are different models of outsourcing to choose from, where dedicated teams and staff augmentation are the most popular. Both carry benefits and suit in different circumstances.

An Outsourcing company can assist in scaling up your operations on a standard basis. Moreover, an outsourcing model can be applied to multiple places and situations to scale up operations in various circumstances.

1.   IT industry in the US is at #2 in remote work with 57%

2.   Outsourcing leads to 35% more productivity than otherwise because of team diversity

3.   Statistics show offshore app development teams to grow 31% by 2026.

4.   Highly cost-effective by saving in-house employee perks

5.   The In-house team can focus on core business

Let’s have a look at both models:

Staff Augmentation:

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing service, where the outsourcing company provides one or two of its resources depending on the requirement and not the entire team. Outsourcer hires specialists to work on the buyer project. This is a complete shift of responsibility, allows for minimizing HR and employment formalities that reduces the efforts of the outsourcer and enable it to focus more on the core business.

How does it help you?

1.   Save cost on employee benefits

2.   Save time on hiring

3.   Help you hire subject matter experts

4.   Access resources with proven a record

5.   Enhance outreach in tech circles

Employment Types:

Fulltime: Resources would be available to work with you fulltime according to the preset number of work hours per week.

Part-time: The work hours would be predefined as per the contract terms.

Mob Inspire Staff Augmentation Approach:

1.   Skill Gap Identification: Mob Inspire identify the pain points and suggest the skill gaps in your current team

2.   Resource Selection: Our outsourcing experts choose the most suitable candidate that can serve to fill the void.

3.   Interview Scheduling: This step involves finding a mutually agreed time when you can interview the candidate 

4.   Terms and Agreements: We proceed to sign the agreement after reaching a consensus on terms and conditions.

5.   Resource Onboarding: This dedicated resource is then made available to work as per the signed agreement.

Outsourcing a Dedicated team:

Outsourcing a dedicated team means handing over a complete project to a software development company. It is a broader partnership than staff augmentation as it covers a wide variety of services that include software, UI/UX design, quality assurance, project management, support, and maintenance. In this type of outsourcing, the vendor is fully responsible for delivering the complete project.

Hiring a dedicated team makes the software house a close and trusted partner than just a temporary service provider.

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Team Outsourcing in 4 Easy Steps:

1.   Expert Consultation

2.   Proposal Review

3.   Team Breakdown

4.   Project kickoff

Mob Inspire Dedicated Team Resource Range:

·         iOS App Developers

·         Android App Developers

·         Software QA Engineers

·         DevOps & Network Admins

·         Graphic Designers

·         UI and UX Designers

·         Mobile BaaS Engineers

·         Data Scientists

·         Project Managers

·         Software Architects

·         Business Intelligence Executives

·         Digital Marketing Specialists

Dedicated Team and Staff Augmentation:

Both models bring benefits to the outsourcing body.

Responsibilities and Costs:

Service Provider Company is responsible for the recruitment and employment of engineers. Nevertheless, when outsourcing a dedicated team, the vendor covers the costs of office spaces, employees’ training, and other benefits.

Many factors determine the total cost of ownership for these kinds of projects that the software house has to bear, which is beneficial and convenient for the outsourcer, who get skilled team for their project completion.

Organizational Working Culture:

Employees working in an organization as a dedicated team creates a unique environment of knowledge exchange and cooperation. Team bonding, the overall atmosphere, and team spirit keep employees motivated. Moreover, the software house strengthens the culture by providing the comfort of work, proper career development, and all necessary tools.

Project Management:

In the staff augmentation, project management is usually done by the outsourcer by utilizing a few of their resources and get one or two resources from the outsourcing service Provider Company, which the outsourcer lacks to develop the project. The one or two outsource resources can join the outsourcer company at their office, remotely using online services, or can provide services from a nearby location to deliver the best possible services.

On the other hand, hiring a dedicated team allows delivering a whole project to the outsource company who will manage the entire project, staff, and infrastructure.

An experienced software development company has many partnerships and completed different projects, therefore, capable of handling IT projects efficiently. 

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Staff augmentation is a way of dealing with IT talent shortage. It is suitable for handling small and unexpected projects. However, if the project is large, it is better to outsource it using a dedicated team to accomplish the project efficiently.

Mob Inspire offers resource outsourcing services, including staff augmentation and dedicated teams that are reliable, robust, and experienced in handling IT projects.

Resource outsourcing with dedicated teams or staff augmentation is more cost-effective and reliable. By getting these services from a reliable company, you can truly focus on the core of your business and achieve cutting-edge results.

Mob Inspire offers Resource outsourcing services comprises of staff augmentation and dedicated teams. Its core area of expertise includes Enterprise Mobility Management, Platform Innovation, and Startup Development. If you are looking for resource outsourcing services, contact us today.