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The Client

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The Pakistani clothing industry is extensive. Even with so many emerging brands, there’s still room for more. This is because everyone likes dressing up!

The owners of Sitaish decided to penetrate this market, bringing uniqueness in its designs and trends – a one-stop-shop for all.

 The Problem

Even with such a comprehensive market, the clothing industry comes with its flaws. Existing competition delivers quality products with expensive price tags, but gives buyers little to no versatility in getting a design of their choosing.

With the world going online, in-store shopping is slowly becoming a thing of the past. But, to provide users with a seamless buyer experience, having efficient product delivery and payment methods in place is imperative.

 The Solution

Creating style together.

Sitaish plans to deep dive into the clothing marketplace by adding customization to your dress – that too, in print!! With the current tech trends, Mob Inspire is making this possible. Amazing, right? We think so too.

Apart from letting you design your clothes, Sitaish has incorporated the local, Pakistani payment methods like JazzCash and EasyPaisa in addition to following the international payment practices for those residing outside the country.




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A Seamless Customer Interface

Designing a simple and flat UI/UX for guests and ride agents.

 The Impact

Giving buyers the freedom to think of endless possibilities helps them be in control of their choices. This builds customer confidence and trust in the company, significantly helping in expanding the existing user base.

Moreover, by integrating the APIs of the delivery company in collaboration with Sitaish, the customers can track the status of their orders.

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