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Dubai Launches AI based Virtual Fatwa Service

Dubai ranks among the metropolises that are quickest to adopt advanced technologies. The administration has launched AI based fatwa issuing service earlier this week to instantly respond to religious queries. This development is seen as one of the landmark applications of artificial intelligence.

Fatwa is a formal ruling in Islam issued by qualified clerics in response to an inquisition. Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) is the official body in Dubai to issue fatwas for the past fifty years.

The city serves as one the top destination for companies intending to test their product and services. More businesses are making their ways into the city because Dubai provides a highly favorable environment for corporate activities.

How does AI Fatwa service work?

The inquisitors can access the service at the website of the IACAD – one of the oldest state-run agencies in the emirate. A chat box opens up upon clicking the icon placed on the bottom right corner labeled “Chat With US”. This chat icon is accessible from every page on the site.

Once clicked, a couple of messages appear with Islamic greetings followed by the request to choose language. As soon as you select the language out the available choices including Arabic and English, another group of messages appear stating the topics on which the questions can be asked. The instructions confirm that the service answers questions in four categories including Prayer, Zakat, Purity, and Worship.

AI Fatwa 4

Moreover, one of the messages admits that the answer might be erroneous in some cases and invites inquisitors to assist the IACAD if one finds an error.

Mob Inspire team members tested the services with varying inquiries from the indicated topics. The chatbot responds to each query by mentioning “I understand what you are asking for” if it understands the question. Otherwise, the bot responds with “Sorry could not understand your question, Kindly would you rephrase your question in order to serve your demands properly”.

One of our team members inquired about an ambiguity that he said was facing for quite long. The screenshot showing inquiry and the response of artificial intelligence fatwa issuing chatbot is shared below. The inquisitor believes that this AI fatwa service is highly efficient and shares the most relevant responses to each question.

AI Fatwa AI Fatwa 2

Part of a Larger Plan

The objective of Dubai administration is to make the metropolis the “smartest city” in the world by incorporating artificial intelligence services in all public departments. AI Lab is one of the ambitious programs in this direction. The purpose of this lab is to instantly facilitate residents and visitors of the city.

AI Lab has launched multiple initiatives including startup support to provide a testbed to technology enthusiasts as well as notable manufacturers. The lab also aims to make every government department paper-free by 2021.

In a bid to make Dubai the happiest city on planet, this state-sponsored AI Lab is using machine learning technology to predict the needs and desires of residents and visitors and provide them a personalized and efficient experience that corresponds to everyone’s requirements.

Dubai 10X is another major program to set forth the technology future of the city. This program aims to push Dubai 10 years ahead of rest of the world with the application of advanced technologies including AI, big data, blockchain, IoT, and extended reality. The initiative of issuing Virtual Fatwa is also a part of this larger plan.

Past Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Dubai

The Virtual Fatwa service is claimed to be the first initiative of its kind in the world to use artificial intelligence for religious purposes. However, Dubai is demonstrating the applications of artificial intelligence for over five years.

Dubai Police introduced Robocop – a police robot – that detects emotions and understands gestures of people. The robot is capable of determining the mood of people by reading face expressions and body language.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship – the official body to recognize citizens in Dubai – leverages AI to serve customers. Multiple other state departments including Dubai Municipality, Dubai Metro, and Roads and Transport Authority are utilizing robots that are powered by artificial intelligence.

Healthcare is one of the earliest sectors in the city to have adopted AI. State-run hospitals are performing cardiac surgeries since 2014. The healthcare administration is also investing in developing artificial intelligence solutions that can efficiently diagnose a disease and make the most suitable recommendations.

The Road Ahead

Dubai presents one of the best robotic process automation success stories in the world. While Virtual Fatwa is apparently one small step, it reflects a giant leap toward building the smartest city on planet.

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