Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented Reality Redefines Online Marketing Approaches

There is little doubt about augmented reality making its mark businesses. The technology is not only assisting in operational management. In fact, marketing is one of the areas where its utilization is most effective. Following are some of the instance of augmented reality marketing.

IKEA Augmented Reality Advertising

Swedish IKEA is one of the favorite furniture retailers in North America, Europe, and beyond. Its flat pack furniture and home appliances have high worldwide demand. To further its marketing and expanding its customer-base, IKEA recently introduced an augmented reality (AR) app called IKEA Place.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. It enables the homeowners to virtually place IKEA products in their homes to find out the resultant appearance. The placement remains true-to-scale. In essence, the size of a furniture item in app camera would appear precisely the same as it would in real world.

This augmented reality marketing strategy raises confidence of customers and pushes them to purchase products. Statistics confirm that the incorporation of AR app increased the IKEA revenue by a considerable factor.

YouVisit LLC for AR College Tour

There would rarely be any high school student out there who is not interested in knowing the appearance of colleges in which they intend to admit. YouVisit in collaboration with hundreds of colleges offers students to virtually visit colleges. It allows 360o¬ view of campus with hundreds of thousands of images.

The company relied on website only for years. However, it developed apps for Android as well as iOS platforms. Though the initial reviews were not as impressive as perceived, yet recent updates ensure that the apps are going to attract appreciation from users.

Realtor Augmented Reality Mobile Marketing

Realtor has one of the most widely used real estate listing websites in the United States. Since the arrival of its iOS and Android based apps, it is making giant strides on smartphones as well. Initially, the apps only offered a static view of homes and properties to potential customers. However, it barely helped because pictures and even videos were insufficient to convince customers sitting miles away.

The integration of AR in these apps enabled Realtor to share 360o¬ views of homes – from outside as well as inside. The app shares the details about house once a user points phone camera at it from app.

Sephora for AR in Digital Marketing

French personal care company Sephora is utilizing AR for expanding its M-commerce campaign. It introduced AR features in its app which enables users to evaluate the appearance of products including cosmetics and wearables. This app is not only helpful for customers of Sephora but young makeup artists as well. The artists can experiment new combinations without physically putting anything.

Research indicates that women are 40% more likely to perform shopping through mobile commerce when the app offers augmented reality.

Augmented reality and marketing are making an unprecedented combination. Be sure that your business also takes the leverage of AR. Contact us today and our experts will take you from there.