enterprise mobility solutions

Essence and Impact of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The advent of portable computers including smartphones, tablets, and laptops allowed the employees to access organizational data remotely. This ability brought huge flexibility by enabling individuals to work from anywhere. With time, the IT sector introduced purpose-built enterprise mobility solutions to ensure effective implementation of mobility management.

It is advisable to consolidate the concept of enterprise mobility and the software systems for it.


What are enterprise mobility solutions?

Only a decade back, the geographically distributed workplaces of organizations were unable to work on the same tasks simultaneously. The most prominent reasons for this inability included slow internet speed, absence of smart devices and lack of availability of cloud platform.

Even the employees in the same workplace experienced the same problems. Although cloud infrastructure was not essential, yet the absence of high-speed connections and devices were major hurdles.

The arrival and commercialization of these technologies enabled companies to introduce enterprise mobility. A decade long effort toward mobility management ensures that offices of an organization can in parallel seamlessly. They can connect via conference calls and view the modifications of data in real-time.

The utilization of device portability enhances the influence of these activities by manifolds.

Initial adoption of mobility created significant problems regarding data security. There was no access control mechanism and the employees were able to view and manipulate organizational data from personal smartphones.

One workaround is to provide company regulated devices to employees so that the high-ups can define accessibility standards. Enterprise Mobile Management also involves defining protocols for using third-party software on mobiles, laptops, and tablets for official tasks. These devices have predefined corporate policies of use. In essence, EMM improves workplace management and flexibility without compromising data security.

However, this approach was excessively expensive. The cost of procuring and maintaining the devices prevented most companies from benefiting from enterprise mobility.

Mobile Application Management is the best strategy so far. MAM eliminates the need for devices acquired and maintained by an organization. Instead, it enables the use of enterprise applications which create a virtual environment on top of one’s personal device. Mob Inspire is one of the leading enterprise mobility solution providers with a decade long experience in this domain.


Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solutions from Mob Inspire

Mob Inspire develops an entire suite of applications for clients who are intending enterprise mobility. The applications comprise intelligent software having the flexibility to scale up over time. It also carries the ability to address the challenges specific to your organization. The EMS from Mob Inspire is assisting the clients in a number of ways.

1. Remarkable Time Optimization

The workers do not need to have a workplace computer at their disposal to answer a query. Instead, they can log into the personal handheld devices from home or at a bus station. Thus, companies can save a significant amount of time by eliminating the time consumption on petty tasks.

Conversely, in a traditional setting, managers will share a document showing workflow with employees and wait until they get a response. EMS allows the authorized employees to see the document all at once.

In essence, the EMS ensures effective communications between employees. Besides, the communication schemes include the direct ones as seamless conference calls or indirect ones as sharing screens and documents in real-time.

2. Multiple Layers of Security

Allowing the employees to use sensitive data while away from workplace can turn into a serious security breach. A recapitulation of the current decade reflects a substantial number of breach incidents owing to inefficient security apparatus.

Our experts ensure that the system provides security at multiple levels and defines the access hierarchy to datasets. The access control schemes enable companies to share only relevant information to employees. You can limit the devices from acquiring a chunk of information or the entire dataset at all.

Enterprise mobility solutions provides the facility to place distinct lines between organizational and personal data enabling companies to prevent intentional data violations. Mob Inspire also ensures the prevention of unintentional breaches by placing verification checks at various stages.

3. Significant Improvement in Cost-efficiency

Businesses no longer need to push money into updating commodity hardware every year. Instead, they can allow employees to utilize personal mobiles, laptops, and other devices. This flexibility of enterprise mobile management and mobile application management also enable companies to facilitate the employees by allowing them to work remotely.

By utilizing the dashboards and data analysis tools, you can make an effective management plan for the company. Such analysis prevents you from wasting money on relatively impractical objectives.

4. Empowering Employees with Work Flexibility

Employees prefer to work in a company that provides the flexibility of using mobile phones for work-related tasks. The tools of social interaction allow employees to indulge in group discussion and brainstorming sessions without being physically present at a location.

Apart from employees, enterprise mobility also enables businesses to establish and consolidate their relationship with customers. You can respond to their complaints and queries efficiently with incredibly lesser costs.


In a nutshell

The aim of enterprise mobility solutions is to refine the business architecture of your company. Unfortunately, many organizations failed to gain the benefits of EMS due to ineffective solution. The development and deployment of EMS require a comprehensive study of enterprise’s needs and current challenges that it frequently faces.

The developers should have a blueprint revealing how the solution would help in tackling various problems of enterprise mobile management.

Mob Inspire is developing and deploying EMS since the turn of decade. We have enabled scores of companies to realign their enterprise architecture with industry-specific mobility solutions. Contact us today so that we can build your EMS together.