User Experience Design Process

5 Core Stages of User Experience Design Process

It is the end users who are going to use an app. App design, regardless of how extravagant it may be, is useless if the concerned people are unable to use it effectively. Thus, apart from UI design, designers must ensure to follow user experience design process. At Mob Inspire, designers follow a comprehensive design UX design methodology which corresponds to end users’ needs.

Following are the core components of UX design Process

Designing User Persona

Knowing the potential users well is crucial prior to designing. The behavior of users on app varies depending on their technical understanding of the subject matter. Besides, the knowledge about demographics based on cultural diversity and age groups also plays a significant part in enhancing user experience.

For instance, if the app is dedicated to optimize technology enterprise operations, it need not be having an extremely simple interface. In such a case, user persona has technical knowledge. However, an individual lacking technical background is unlikely to be well-versed with operating systems and functionality of smartphones. Such a user may not be comfortable learning while using less interactive app.

Navigation Blueprint

A sitemap or a blueprint provides the sketch of app navigation. In essence, it is an on-paper visualization indicating the page that opens when a user taps on a button, an image, or a dropdown. Designers at Mob Inspire design blueprint using flowcharts defining the hierarchy of app with each subpage.

A comprehensive UX design methodology requires complete sitemap which depicts hierarchy, breakdown of functions, and proposed appearance of each page. It includes the strategy to render text and images on screens of different sizes without losing the element of interactivity. The reason for sketching the tentative design on paper is to increase clarity before turning on to the prototyping phases.


Once the app has a definite sitemap, the designing of wireframes for each page follows. Wireframes provide an end-to-end picture of page starting from top right till the end. These are high resolution photos taken from design tool to aid in UX design process. The aim of keeping higher resolution is to ensure that pixels do not distort while a designer zooms in to analyze each section.

Wireframe app design is vital to provide an appearance of app to client that would be closest to the one after project completion. It allows changes to the app design as required by client at early stages.

Working Prototypes

Prototyping enables clients to test the design in dynamic environment. In essence, wireframes are static and do not reveal the behavior attached to each button, tab, or link. Any wireframe is essentially a picture showing the design, color scheme, and readability of app. Prototype development is crucial phase in user experience design process because it unveils the degree of convenience for users while using the app.

The expenses of making changes to the app rise as the design lifecycle progresses. Prototypes reduce the expenses significantly because it enables clients to indicate all changes in the beginning.

End-user Testing

Many novice designers fall for adding fancy animations to the app design. These details decrease interactivity because user has to deal with a vast amount of animation. Conversely, t is also unwise not to add cosmetic details at all. However, the extent of animations depends on understandability and usability of end users.

You may recruit a selection of people who are unaware about technical specifics of app and have them test the app. This third person perspective is essential because you or one of your partners may not see the shortcomings in the app which an end user can catch. Furthermore, documentation of changes and feedback from testers are significant as well.

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