The Inside Outs of Outsourcing IT Services

The increased globalization in the past two decades enabled companies to work remotely from various locations in the world. This ability allowed businesses to acquire IT outsourcing services instead of hiring on-premises staff.

Outsourcing of jobs reduces the business costs significantly. Moreover, cost of outsourcing IT services is incredibly lower than keeping employees on-site. The companies do not have to ensure employee benefits as per the laws of the country where business is registered. Besides, there is no need to keep subject matter expert for every task.

What IT services can be outsourced

Companies can outsource a wide range of IT services depending on their business objectives. However, outsourcing some tasks usually does not yield as significant outcomes as other tasks. Outsourcing a process or a service should result in a reduction in costs and an increase in profits. Research at Mob Inspire reveals that outsourcing following IT tasks/operations ensures a remarkable business optimization.

Outsourced IT managed services

IT operations including network administration and server management are essential tasks in a company regardless of the business model. Moreover, tools and software procurement, integration, and deployment are also commonly occurring operations.

Backend maintenance can also be troublesome if the responsible developer does not work for your company anymore. Hiring a replacement will always carry the apprehension of employee’s resign at some point in time. Thus, instead of relying on the on-premises developer, you may look for IT service management outsourcing.

Most of the companies are transforming their enterprise operations to cloud-based platforms. Outsourcing cloud is also a wise choice like backend service management.

Managed services are equally beneficial for the service provider as customers. For this reason, the market of managed service is expected to reach $258 billion by 2022.

Software Development

Procurement of software is not the only choice when aiming to incorporate new technologies. Companies can also own software instead of purchasing it. Software development for enterprise applications and information systems can also be outsourced.

Outsourcing partial or entire tasks of SE generates undeniable profits by reducing costs of in-house development. Companies can outsource the jobs of software requirement elicitation, project design and modeling, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Moreover, software quality assurance is another area which ensures business optimization when outsourced to an appropriate company.

Mobile App Development Outsourcing

Smartphone apps are becoming an unavoidable part of businesses owing to the factors of portability and instant updates. Developing an enterprise level application requires native app development expertise. The developer must understand the specific needs of underlying mobile platform and relevant features which would enhance enterprise operations.

Hiring an in-house developer guarantees neither expertise nor cost optimization. However, outsourcing does the job efficiently because one can determine the expertise level of a company by assessing its portfolio.

Moreover, many ambitious entrepreneurs intend to establish a startup by providing consumers a useful app to consumers. Instead of risking money on independent developers, they can outsource the app development task to a professional company.

Project Management

A study reveals that an alarming 47% of companies fail to last beyond four years which manage to survive the first year. This is an indication that fresh businesses lack expertise to ensure sustainability. The most frequent reason is the inefficient project management (PM) resulting in exceeding costs and failed system.

Outsourcing PM to a company with years of experience substantially reduces the risk of losing investment. After few projects, the employees of relatively newer companies can perform the tasks themselves instead of outsourcing it. However, outsourcing is advisable in the beginning.

Outsourced IT support services

Customers of software and highly sophisticated hardware do not always keep technical knowledge. They are dependent on professional guidance to run the systems. IT support services to enable such individuals to use the systems seamlessly.

Statista forecasts IT support spending to cross $172 billion by 2020. The experts guide the users through phone calls and concise documentation. These experts troubleshoot the problems occurring at the client’s site.

Graphic Designing and Interfaces

Graphics and interfaces present the primary impressions of your business. Colors and pictures attract human eyes more than words. Thus, the companies need to ensure that the website or mobile app visitor’s first interaction with the business remains meaningful.

Interfaces are meant to enhance responsiveness of application while viewing on various platforms including mobile, laptops and tablets. Improving user experience (UX) increases the adaptability and usability of the system. UX designers have to ensure that website design complements business model and objectives.

Keeping in-house designers is not the best approach because designing is an occasional task. At times, the in-house designer will remain idle for unavailability of task or excessively engaged for scores of tasks.

Digital Marketing

The digital presence is inevitable in the 21st century considering the state of competition in every industry. There are multiple channels which enable companies to reach and attract customers.

Some companies remain complacent about marketing to keep the focus on other operational tasks. However, a business is only as good as it is known to potential customers. If organizations place all of their emphasis on improving their products and services but ignore public relations, the company is likely to fail.

Digital marketing professionals boost the businesses by increasing domain and page authority of website. They also utilize various social media channels effectively to consolidate the customer-base. Moreover, they also model the customers and determine the reason which drives them to choose your company over others.

How to outsource IT services

The first step to outsourcing your IT services is to find an appropriate company. Besides, this selection of company is also the last step because a professional company assures taking care of the rest. You may evaluate a company by considering its previous engagements with clients.

A company must have considerable experience working in a wide range of projects regarding IT services and outsourcing. Current US government amended the laws of outsourcing business operations. Therefore, both client and service provider should be aware of varying laws of outsourcing.

Mob Inspire is enabling ambitious businesses to streamline their operations by outsourcing the overhead IT tasks. Contact us today if you are having a challenging time dealing with plethora of tasks. Our experts will ensure remarkable optimization in costs and business processes.