Launching the Apple Watch was an important milestone for Apple, but it also threw many product managers and developers off the mark. The introduction of a completely new wearable device that was compatible with the iPhone meant that many apps would have to be redesigned. Our team faced similar difficulties in the process. As a result, we were able to come up with the product manager’s guide to create an apple watch app.

Development: The best way to begin is to work with software that can port data from the iPhone to the Apple Watch. There are a few propriety software currently available for this. This allows the iPhone app to be bundled with the functionality for the Watch as well.

Design: There is limited space on the Apple Watch, which means that a minimalist design is the best way to go. Simply put, the product manager must take a call about the essential items for the app. Remember; the controls cannot be overlaid on the screen. Nor can the animations be done in-app; they must be rendered beforehand.

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The size of the Apple Watch also makes quite a difference in the product manager’s guide to create an apple watch app. All apps must be designed for the two size variants and the only font to work with the San Francisco.


Data storage options are limited with the watch, so a lot of the work must be done via cloud storage. Both the apps must be updated together, so that the Bundle Identifier works perfectly and keeps them both in sync.

Mob Inspire Inc. works with the Apple Watch on a daily basis and has the best team in place for any app development. Allow us to be the product manager’s guide to create an apple watch app for your next launch.