Top Tech Startups That Performed The Best in 2018

In 2018, startups need to offer customized solutions to meet the expectations of today’s fast-changing world. Most of the companies are comfortable with the concept of automation, machine learning, data collection, and AI, which are being the essential elements of the business world today.
It means startups need to face new challenges. They are adopting the latest technologies to choose new ways and enter into a market full of automated solutions that will never go out of practice/demand and forgotten with the development of new technologies and software solutions from the same domain.
Below is a list of top 5 tech startups that performed the best in 2018. Each startup has set its way to be at the top by finding their path to success.

1. Slack:

Slack, is the fastest-growing enterprise and work as a chat app. Slack carries a high value of success, which is making companies reconsider their approaches to work chat apps. The key to Slack’s success is optimizing the work chat app for people, allowing them to get the latest features to operate the conversation more creatively than any other message-app. CEO of Slack, Stewart Butterfield, said: “One thing we can predict is that we will increasingly rely on human intelligence and creativity as opposed to the human capacity to perform repetitive tasks.”

2. Tilr:

Tilr, a tech startup that is transfiguring the hiring process for both employers and employees. The system helps employers in finding applicants that are the best suited for companies based solely on skills. Tilr seeks to reinvent the way companies look at applicants that make the hiring process more accessible and targeted than before.

3. Freight Hub:

Freight Hub is a digital freight service provider, located in Berlin and Hamburg, and its focus is to add a technological way to the freight forwarding industry, facilitating and maximizing the quality of their service. Freight Hub is all about revamping the freight system into a new, fresh and exciting image.

4. Ctrlio:

A startup that offers a free to use price comparison site that requires no forms to be filled in as they analyze your online bills. Ctrlio brings the best favors and concessions from brands to customers at suitable times, particularly, when clients are prepared to pay or renew contracts. Moreover, they vouch to deliver these deals in an “unbiased” way, to promote sales for customers that work best for them, in spite of the popularity of said deal.

5. Uptake:

Uptake is a startup firm that is revolutionizing the way of using data. Considering the latest technology, they aim to provide outclass deals and shortcuts to the users of said technology.
Boosting $45 million in venture capital in 2015, Uptake has become key players in the cybersecurity industry, with the help of machine learning and data science to accommodate the life of the average consumer holistically.
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