Transforming Industries with Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies

The innovation of virtual and augmented reality technologies and the corresponding gadgets have taken the digital world by storm. These inventions enable the mobile app developers to make application for various industries including, but not limited to gaming and health. It also allows scientists to make precise predictions about interstellar and solar entities. VR assists the astronauts to adapt to the forthcoming environment.

Initially, the VR and AR technologies were reserved for the scientists, health practitioners, and military commands. However, the commercialization of these revolutionary innovations proved a remarkable step as users and developers warmly welcomed it. Before listing the kinds of popular applications, it is essential to briefly state some of the features that every VR and AR application should incorporate.

  • The application should be independent of the underlying platform. It should be compatible with every mobile device regardless of its operating system.
  • The application should ensure efficient use of the device’s memory.
  • The application should provide a flawless virtual or augmented environment.

Following are some in-demand applications of VR and AR which can provide an overwhelming user response if the applications incorporate the above-mentioned performance features.

1. Gaming

The gaming industry is one of the pioneers and most successful in utilizing the Virtual and Augmented Reality applications after their commercialization. The highly addictive AR game Pokémon GO grabbed revenue of over $1.8 billion in 2017 whereas VR game Arizona Sunshine collected $1.4 million in the first month alone of its release.

The reason for massive success of AR and VR in the gaming industry is the environment which is closest to reality for the player. Unlike the traditional 3D games, the players immerse in VR and AR powered games as if the events happening during the game were real. The headsets are sufficiently intelligent to sense the motion of human eyes and head. This intelligence allows the Virtual and augmented mobile application developers to create a virtual game environment.

2. Cinema and Theatre

The dropping of cannon balls or a stabbing by a serial killer would not hurt the observer only if one were observing in a virtual or augmented environment. The devices with such applications provide a situation where the fantasy is incredibly close to reality.

Directors are already working on VR enabled movies which will take the movie industry to new heights. Some small budget movies have already been released and received a fantastic response. However, there is a lack of appropriate mobile applications which provide a VR or AR environment to the viewers. There is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to fill this deficit and grab the significant market share in process.

3. Real estate

Time is the most precious element in the current fast-moving world. The people who are intending to purchase or rent property barely find time to move around and search one. Fortunately, the AR allows the real estate developers and property dealers to interact with their potential customers without physically meeting them. By using an augmented reality VR application, the dealers can have the customers pay a virtual visit.

This virtual visit technique can also be used to provide high school and college graduates a way to visit their prospective campus for subsequent studies. AR and VR also enable the military personnel to assess their potential target before launching an offensive.

4. Traveling

The tourism industry has seen a remarkable development since the introduction of VR. Travelers and tourists often want to look around their desired visiting place. VR allows them to wisely plan their trips by virtually visiting hotels, tourist destinations, and hiking terrains. VR also provides an unprecedented opportunity to experience a place to the ones who are unable to travel owing to the lack of time or money.

The 360 degrees view enables the users to explore a place as if one is traveling. VR is playing such a pivotal role that the tourism agencies incorporating this technology in their business architecture are outperforming their counterparts by a considerable margin.

5. Mental Health

It is very common for an urban inhabitant to develop anxiety and depression. The stress of work and the concerns of developing a better future develop mental health issues in people. An astonishing 40 million people in the US alone suffer from an anxiety disorder which constitutes over 18% of the total population.

Developing anxiety is common, but the primary reason for its prevalence and growing intensity is the fact that only a fraction of these millions of patients finds time to consult a mental health expert. Their already busy schedule disallows them to acquire treatment. By using VR and AR applications, people can treat themselves by virtually performing meditation. An efficiently developed application enables the patients to experience an environment which is appropriate for meditation practices while sitting in their homes or workplaces.

6. Advertisement and Marketing

Marketing of products and services is revolutionized with the introduction of VR advertising market. Customers can observe the intended products very closely and through every angle as if physically seeing them. The technology offers a distant but careful evaluation of a product before purchasing it. The companies can also offer a virtual tour to have their services evaluated by the prospective customer.

Customers trust this practice because it enables them to prevent dropping in the hands of fraudulent businesses. The combination of Virtual Reality with Artificial Intelligence allows the service-providers to assess the consumer behavior and, thus, refine their services.

Grab the Opportunity

Virtual and Augmented Reality has become one of the chief reasons for job creation. It is a massive yet little-explored arena for entrepreneurs which can lift their businesses in a relatively shorter period. Since a tiny number of companies incorporate Virtual Reality as yet, the industry is benefiting only a fraction of the actual potential. Although the entire upcoming decade would see exponential growth in the VR business, yet the startups with efficiently-built applications in the two years coming would reap the most.

If you are interested in starting your dream business with an immaculate VR or AR application built by an expert team, please contact us today.