What are the Expected IT Industry trends for 2019?

In this article, we are going to look to the future and examine the key industry trends for 2019. So in this post, we will explore 5 emerging trends that we foresee impacting the mobile app development market in 2019.

  1. The Beginning of Chatbots
  2. Chatbots lead the 2019 technology trends. Statista report shows that the global chatbot market is expected to grow to $1.25 billion by 2025; a massive 500% increase from 2016. Now, chatbots are presenting various exciting business solutions. It involves shopping mechanization, personalized customer service acknowledgments, and improved customer response rates. According to their growing capability and ease of implementation, chatbots are expected to become increasingly blended into mobile applications.

  3. The Evolution of 5G Wireless
  4. In the preceding few weeks, Samsung and Verizon launched their plan to release a 5G smartphone during the first half of 2019. Additionally, AT&T’s gave their plan to roll out its 5G network to 19 cities in early 2019.

    Why does this matter?

    It matters because 5G wireless connections are likely to introduce many new capabilities to smartphone users to enjoy. It comprises:

    • 25% – 50% quicker network speeds than 4G LTE
    • Lower latency
    • Better connectivity
    • This administration is mainly expected to increase the IOT (“Internet of Things”) market by increasing connectivity opportunity between devices.
    • Additionally, 5G is bound to affect various areas of IoT mobile app development, such as security systems, home appliances, and education.

  5. Enhanced Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Integration
  6. The forecast on new tech coming out in 2019 indicates that the market for AR and VR technology is supposed to increase more than 7 times from 1.6 billion in 2018 to 8.2 billion in 2023. There have also been many outstanding successes and advancements among mobile apps.

    Instagram and Snapchat have continued to enhance their AR qualities through new cameras effects. It has assisted in new opportunities to engage with users and expand the platform’s promotional offerings for businesses, celebrities, and events.

    Given these predictions and success by great players, AR and VR is a growing area of app design by mobile app developers.

  7. IoT Gaining Traction:
  8. The Internet of Things (IoT) has continued to boosts business operations and the consumer market in 2018. IoT has brought tremendous change in the form of remarkable solutions for a variety of industries such as healthcare, education, and transportation and continued to grow its scope.

    Primarily, for mobile app developers, the cellular IoT market is projected to grow to over 1 billion U.S. dollars by 2021. Moreover, look out for the increasing effect of IoT ecosystems and their applications on the mobile app development market.

  9. More Instant Apps:
  10. Apps have become increasingly popular since 2016. Instant apps allow users to open and preview apps easily.

    Smart technology can simplify our lives and can make them more useful. Smart technology is focussing home security systems and bringing smart technology and can make it easier to save time.

    Businesses are certainly looking into investing a smart technology in the familiar 2019. If there is any benefit of adding IOT technology to a consumer device, someone is likely to offer it for sale.

A Focus on Artificial Intelligence:

Users have been adopting a more hybridized approach to IoT technologies. IoT devices and infrastructure transformation is possible in low cost. Therefore, many organizations are taking artificial intelligence and building their networks exceeding the process, and AI helps in collecting the data and making the most of it.

Furthermore, AI is empowering far better image processing, and video analytics are creating many new uses and business possibilities.

Many organizations – considering mobile app future trends – prefer investing in artificial intelligence rather than to spend on sensors, and organizations can derive excellent value by making better use of the data they’re already collecting.

Educational institutions are providing degrees with a focus on IoT technology, and students that are considering tech have been giving time increasing their IoT skillsets.

Demand for IoT expertise will continue to boost talent, and organizations that are capable of paying high salaries will be able to hire experienced individuals.

As data analysis becomes more complex and more powerful, organizations are increasingly seeing the need to ensure data analysis and management efficiency.

Connecting users to the IoT in the year 2017 has mostly been done through desktop applications. In 2018, approach to IoT networks from mobile devices rose significantly, and this trend will continually increase in 2019.

The IoT is the current technology, and it is no longer the technology of the future. The development of the IoT focuses more on technologies that make better use of data gathered.