What Is A Mobile Enterprise Application Platform?

The mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) was developed as a suite, providing a range of services and products. These are generally utilized in the development of mobile applications. Created as a means of addressing the issues that crop up during multi-platform development, it is of great help to development and design teams alike. The suite is used to handle the variety of networks, user groups and devices that are involved during the creation of an application.

New businesses and startups

Mob Inspire Inc. works closely with new businesses and startups to help them address their MEAP needs.
The mobile enterprise application platform is considered to be a major help in creating applications that can be deployed across platforms. This allows a single development cycle to be used for smartphones, notebooks and tablets alike. At the same time, it can help in creating a standard core that can be then adapted to different mobile operating systems.
Without the MEAP, teams often have to work on each platform, OS and device separately, adding to the cost and time required to get an app up and running. Many such MEAPs come with standardised templates, meaning that the coding and language are assembled and changes can be done on top of the frame. This helps in saving many hours and human capital that would otherwise be overused and wasted.
An MEAP provides many different features and functions. The industry that supports development of apps and the mobile enterprise application platform is growing in leaps and bounds, spurred on by the constant need in the market. As of now, MEAPs provide both back-end services and data storage services to allow apps to run successfully. The popularity of the platform as a middleware is responsible for the growth, and it is fast being adapted to corporate software needs.
At Mob Inspire Inc., the team helps others grow around the plan provided by this platform. Our team is dedicated in bringing out the very best for any company and this is our go-to for most solutions.