If you’ve never heard of the term big data, it is a good time to get yourself acquainted with it. The future holds many applications and needs for it, and the relevance of big data cannot be emphasized enough. Simply put, it is a term used in computing. It stands for large sets of data, collected from a variety of sources. The data is then processed and analyzed into order to highlight developing trends, patterns and interactions between different data points. A particular point of interest here is how human behavior can be predicted with the help of big data.

This data has become important in our lives because it delivers on three key points.


The sheer volume of data is unprecedented and it continues to grow each year. More and more sources are coming up, all of which can help researchers and analysts understand patterns in human interactions and behavior. It also applies to other large systems that behave equally erratically.


Big data is sourced from many different locations. This means that each data set is taken from unique circumstances. This allows easier proof for hypothesis, as none of the data can be pegged to a common source. It is also found in a variety of formats, ensuring that the data is real and not a result of any interference in the system.


The data is collected in short spans of time and can be worked upon within hours of collection. Speed wise, this data will be able to provide quick answers and point out worrisome patterns much faster than other data sets. Applications for this includes real time monitoring and development of strategy.

As a startup or a growing company, having a handle on big data can be the difference between your quick technological development or a slow growth period. At Mob Inspire Inc., we genuinely believe that there is a lot to be learnt from big data. We design and construct applications that allow for quick assessment and in-depth analysis, and we provide these services to our clients as well.