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In previous times, the world communicated via SMS. Then WhatsApp offered real-time messaging on mobile. A bit later, various other platforms for quick chat introduced that made communication faster. From that time on, communication has become fast and efficient.

The growth of real-time technologies has introduced a variety of real-time features such as live streaming, real-time chat and push notifications. Reputable mobile app development trends have introduced a wide variety of real-time features that allows instant communication.

If you want to know the real-time features for web and mobile and the way of interaction they have changed for businesses and customers. Read this article below:

Real-Time Functionality Benefit For Business And Customers:

After seeing the benefits of real-time features, many organizations have included these features in their business app. Various apps are available that offer real-time features and people use those apps daily. Airbnb, Uber, and Facebook are a few examples that offer real-time functionality.

Real-time Messaging:

Real-time messaging feature in the apps has increased the number of app users. A report shows that the number of messaging app users was around 1.82 billion in 2017 which is predicted to reach 2.48 billion by 2021.

Statistics show the number of messaging app users increase every year because of the benefits it offers to users via web and mobile apps. They allow secure communication between users and service providers.

Quick and Easy Communication:

The real-time chat feature is the core feature for matching users and enabling smooth and effective interactions among them. A lot of examples for real-time functionality in different niches is available that include Airbnb, Uber, eBay, Etsy and more.

Uber also has integrated instant messaging functionality that allows drivers to exchange messages within the app. It allows for effective communication between users and service providers.
Real-time chat is an essential feature for your business. It provides users quick and personalized answers to questions at the time of urgent need.

79% of customers prefer using chat feature as compared to customer support. The feature is essential for e-commerce as 77% of customers won’t purchase if there is no live chat support.

With the chat feature, users are now able to get help within 15 seconds, which significantly improve customer satisfaction.

Shopify has 24/7 live chat assistance to guarantee that their customers get the best-personalized support. Shopify gives the option to describe their problems so they can be redirected to the relevant page in the FAQs. If he/she does not find Shopify answer helpful, Shopify connects a user with a support specialist.


Push notifications have become a significant feature for web and mobile applications. They inform users about important events and send promos to encourage them to use it more.

Encouraging users to come back to an application:

A recent study by localytics presents that 21% of users leave an app after one use. With the push notifications, you can get customers to return to your application by providing relevant information that may stimulate their curiosity. But, choose the right frequency of push notifications.

Engaging and notifying users about significant events:

Airbnb users can subscribe to their preferred area of interest and get push notifications when new features or products are listed in this area.

HotelTonight’s Track-It feature lets users choose a hotel or city and tap to track it. The app notifies about changes in price or the availability of the new rooms in the selected city. Many hotel and flight booking apps inform users regarding the hottest deals to attract them towards booking.

Uber sends push notifications to inform passengers that drivers are arriving soon. It also uses push notifications to match passengers with drivers by providing car numbers to let passengers recognize their rides.

Real-Time Feeds:

Real-time feeds are a must for all social networking apps. A real-time feed makes your app sticky, as users get the latest information immediately.

The jet journal is a social travel platform to plan or document trips. Its real-time feed feature is a core value unit.

Live Data Streaming:

Live data streaming is widely used in many business spheres, allowing delivering data to end users. More companies are adopting live streaming as brands can use it to engage with audiences authentically.

Logistics industry can get benefit from the real-time features as it provides instant help in case of any difficulty in logistics.

Uber uses real-time monitoring to manage rides. Location tracking allows monitoring of a truck’s location or vehicle location. With the geolocation feature, the app analyzes the data to find nearby drivers. The app sends information about the user’s location to a driver to pick up the user.

Order Status Updates:

The feature of order status is particularly crucial for on-demand delivery and shipping companies. With order status updates, users get updates about their ordered product. Order status updates with location tracking and push notifications are essential features for all companies for transparent and robust customer relationships.

Statistics show that customer care about transparent shipping. The MyCustomer survey shows that 82% of customers want retailers to communicate at every stage proactively.

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