Workplace 3.0 – Mob Inspire Achieves Another Milestone

Mob Inspire relocates its Islamabad workplace as part of a larger plan to expand teams and improve culture

Islamabad, PakistanThe platform innovation and enterprise development company currently employs over 70 human resources for seven teams spread across two workplaces in Palo Alto, CA and Islamabad, Pakistan.

“We are striving to ensure that employees remain motivated to promote innovations. Each member of our teams put highest amount of effort toward client satisfaction. They are as passionate to assist businesses with tech solutions as individuals in the senior management.” – Ahmed Abdullah, CEO of Mob Inspire

The development is aimed at further improving organizational culture with interactive environment and opportunities for employees to enhance productivity.

“We are trying to put as much emphasis on building exemplary organizational culture as we put in instilling stability in software industry.” Ahmed added

Please note the updated location:

About Mob Inspire

Mob Inspire is an innovation platform and an enterprise development company based in Palo Alto, California. We are developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining industry leading software and mobile application products for over a decade. Our core services include enterprise mobility management, Cloud and mBaaS, big data analytics, IoT integration, extended reality development, and blockchain development.

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