Apple never fails to deliver and it has pulled out many more rabbits from the hat at the WWDC 2016. For the fans of Apple and users alike, the content was both refreshing and made an impact on the way the products are to be used. In this WWDC 2016 complete summary, Mob Inspire explains how the future of digital technology will change in the months to come.


OS X will now be marketed as macOS, and the new name that has been chosen is Sierra. This addition allows all Apple devices to stay connected without using external apps. The Universal Clipboard update allows for a copy and paste across devices as well.

Siri has been updated to a desktop version, where she provides the same services as the mobile app.

Apple Pay now joins in on the action, and can be accessed from the desktop. It will also be synced to Apple Maps, to allow immediate payments and reservations at a restaurant.


As demanded by the audience, iMessage brings in new emojis, the ability to share a song.

The hottest new feature is Invisible Ink, keeping a text message private till it is swiped. Ideally, it will allow the iMessage app to become a three-in-one Whatsapp, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.

Apple Music recevied a playlist discovery feature and curated music as well.

iOS 10 also gets transcription abilities, meaning you can read your voicemails instead of listening to them.


The iOS will be updated by creating redesigned Maps. Navigation will now be a part of Maps, as will sync to reserve a ride to local areas.

WWDC 2016 complete summary has truly excited us at Mob Inspire. We look forward to working with the new designs and changes and rolling out great content for the iOS 10 and macOS Sierra soon.